Sunday, May 30, 2010

Never watch a cyclist eat a dogunut

30 days of babble... day number Eight Million Three Hundred Sixty Five.

I put in a few miles today. Marina and home. First time out there this year. It was nice, nobody was out there, lots of 'Civilians'. I've been trying to rethink my eating plans. With the bonking training, I've been trying to time it so that I eat early, and if I want to run into the Wall the last 30 minutes, I can time it.

I rolled out without the Chamois Cream! I needed it on suncrest. My rule is anything over 40 miles. Strangely.... and to be perfectly honest. I went to get it, and found myself Facebooking... etc.. Out there, I totally waved at everyone. Chatted with everyone. Hopefully we all know how important it is for cyclists that are starting to get a little recognition from the more veteran riders... A little acceptance. It may keep them in the Super Suit, and not give up. Especially when we aren't sure that we look like dumb asses in our Kit.... Seriously... we all look like dumb asses in our kit... And have you seen those Helmets! I think the only thing dumber would be to stand at the bike shop, Look in the mirror and say "Does this look dorky?"

With my food management, I pulled one cliff bar and ate it on the way. then at the marina I drank a coke. On the way back before I hit the hill on 5600 or the first gas station I hit. I went in and picked up a doughnut... Oh! my weakness for doughnuts!!! As I got out of the store, I shoved it in my mouth... the Creamy Filling dripping down my chin. I got to my bike, wiping up the filling from my chin. I look up. There is one woman in a Jeep staring at me. A woman putting gas in her car, and a third woman who rolled in on a bullet bike with her boy!.... All of them staring at me.

"Never Watch a Cyclist Eat a Doughnut!", I bellowed and shoved the rest of it in my Pie Hole. All three laughed.

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Sandy Perrins said...

Good for you for getting out there and keeping the wave going. My efforts in VT are all for Naught. Epic levels of unfriendly riders on the most popular road out of town. I just don't get it.

Oh well. I'm glad others realize the importance of riders sticking together and making sure to wave and kepp other cyclists from running stop signs/lights. (That last one is HARD to do...not sure why, cause I'd think people would NOT want to be hit by a 2700lb piece of metal...)