Sunday, April 29, 2007

.... Continued number 3

We interrupt your usual post about my Miss-Training and my usual flights of Fancy...and my great hikes for Trail coffee.

Stalker Dude episode 3.

It's Skit night here on the blog........

Mr., "Honey, we should invite (Criminal Stalker) over for the BBQ."

Mrs., "hmmm, I'm not sure."

Mr., "Honey, we have been friends for a long time. and I'd like him to Meet, Your Friend Susan."

Mrs., "*sigh* Well, Unfortunately she found out that he actually Stalked, and Broke into Julies Home!!!!, Breaking and entering... Umn.... Susan is actually mad at me, for even trying to set her up with him. In Fact, she won't even come over if he is here. You have to admit it's extremely Creepy."

Mr., " Well She doesn't' have to come then!!!!"

Mrs., "Actually I've been thinking, I'm not comfortable with the kids being around him. Not only is he a poor roll model, I actually am kind of nervous having the kids in the same room with him."

Mr. "He isn't that bad."

Mrs., "Sweetheart, he broke into her home, violated her home, I can't believe that you don't realize how serious it was."

Mr. "It was just one of his "Jokes" gone Bad."

Mrs., "Well, I'm not interested in some "joke gone bad", being played on me, or any of my girlfriends, And Certainly not our KIDS. Listen up, He will not be allowed to be in our Home."

I'm not kidding here. He needs help. Think about the fact that your "Buddy" is sneaking around in the dark outside her home. This is someone you call a Friend.

Hey, I"m sorry dude. But I talked to you before about this. You said you were going to knock it off. And now this is out of hand. YOU NEED PROFESSIONAL HELP!!! Sneaking around someones house is CRIMINAL, the other things you have done are criminal. Get help!!!!!!!!!! Please Please Please!!!! There are moments, I'm sure when you realize that it was a mistake..... But you didn't spill some milk on the carpet, Your breaking into her house.........
You're not well....

Get Help Please!!!!!

This is going to get worse, unless you take that step!!!!

(801) 261-1442
It will be great fun when You all get to meet the mop when he has to "Testify" in court....
Get your friend, Help!!!!

Friday, April 27, 2007

Do we need lesson number 2?

It would be unbelievable to me, if I needed to go on another day about how attempting to "Terrorize" a woman is "UNWELL" behavior. I can't imagine that any of you can't recognize that fact. I also don't think anyone needs to be CSI to have the evidence to put it together. You have a higher responsibility to intervene if you can. This guy is self destructing. Get him help before it happens.
It's hard for me to fault this person, cause he is ill. But if you know anything or can get involved, You have to do it. Do it because you care about your friend. You also can call that mental health line if you want some advice about how to proceed. If this was someone close to me, I'd feel awful if I didn't do everything I could before this gets even more Serious.

I'm sorry dude, But your threatening a woman. This is out of control.

These are the things, in this society, that get me down, Some guy out there thinks this stuff is "funny" or "amusing" or "A Joke", and it's a Rationalization to terrorize a woman. I'll bet money that there is some friend of his, who knows about it, and is ok with it. Or dismisses it as just some of his "Eccentric" behavior. This is escalating Kids!!
If you don't know what to do, or are confused:
(801) 261-1442
They can help you, or help you to intervene before this gets even more out of hand.

Say, "Hi My buddy keeps tormenting this woman, and I'm afraid it's turning dangerous. What do I do"
"I'm really having some troubles, and I need to find a mental health professional to help me."

Get Help!!!
Get Him Help!!!

This has become Criminal and dangerous!!!

I'm doing everything I can? Are You?

Dude!!!!!! Get Help.... Please!!!!!
You're not Well!!!!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

I'm trying to keep myself calm.....

This is an open letter to the Person who has taken Julie's bikes, as well as ruined her week/Weekend. I suspect this person may, read this blog. In my best moderate tone, I suspect this is just one of those "jokes, or Humor, that got out of hand". Or that your humor or whatever is "just a little off. "

Let me be very Clear with you, You committed a Felony/Crime. This is Threatening Behavior. Regardless of the "joke" or "Humor" or how every you/he is rationalizing it. I'm pleading with you that THIS IS OUT OF HAND. I suspect some of the rest of you also know or suspect who this is. This is what concerns me. Not only is it a Crime, but it also shows a level of Danger in his/your behavior toward Julie.

"You are a Danger to those around you, and probably to yourself.". Without tipping my hand about my suspicion. I'm serious, you need to get help. Valley Mental health is a good place. You can go in and get some help. This is what they are there for. This isn't a big deal, Yet! You can get help, I swear you will be the better for it. Your relationships will improve, your ability to function. Your entire life will improve. Just get some help. You just need to go down there and ask.
Some stuff I agree can just be in "good fun" or amusing. This stuff keeps crossing the line. I know it sucks to be messed up. This is overboard!!!!!! It's not Healthy.

Get some help!!!!
You will be so much Better, and happier.
I'm so sorry to go at it this way, but Come on man. This isn't normal behavior. Just do it for yourself......
Some of you, who know this person, Please in your most empathetic way, encourage this person to get help...... understand these aren't jokes or fun, or pranks. These are crimes, if you'er at all involved you need to realized your partially responsible. Even if you just know about it. You have a responsibility to stop it. This isn't OK!. If he is a friend of yours, you have to do the "Tough Love" Thing, He isn't well. He/You need help. Please before he/You hurt someone or yourself.
When these things escalate into crimes, it crosses a line. These aren't Juvenal Pranks, your an Adult. Your friend is an Adult. He should have grown out of this stuff by now.
I'm so sorry..... I'm pleading with you to get some help, Before you hurt yourself or someone else. THIS HAS TO END!!!!!!!
You/he needs Real professional Help, it's available. Also if you know this person you have a responsibility to do what you can to not enable Him. as best you can, get him to get some help. Certainly don't enable him on this, which is what you do with your silence.
Dude, you have friends, they will only think better of you, if you take this step. I swear the ones worth keeping will rally around you......... Please man!!!!! Even you, have to realize something is wrong......... Please....
I don't know how to do this...take this seriously. It's not normal to threaten a woman.
Get Help!!! Please!!!
(801) 261-1442

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

People's most.....

Hey Everyone!!!! E.T. is People's most beautiful person...... That is just amazing.

What???? You think I'm confused somehow? No, really? she played E.T. didn't she?

ok, all fun aside... I'd totaly do her...... Especialy if she brought her special friend....

See...... I'm just having some fun......

Maybe this helps me sleep.

I'm not even vaguely enjoying blogging anymore. I did read a great blog about someone who doesn't hate onions. I actually enjoyed the hell out of it.

Oh, and if your "Pro" status comes up in the same phrase as the subject and or adjective "dude". Guess what not only are you not Pro, you're a CheezDick.

Yep, more of my positive mental outlook.......

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Superman Beware: Scientists Uncover Kryptonite


The new mineral does not contain fluorine and is white rather than green, but in all other respects the chemistry matches that for the rock containing kryptonite. We will have to be careful with it – we wouldn’t want to deprive Earth of its most famous superhero!’


Yep, even chemists and miners have a sence of humor.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Midnight Turkey Sandwich

I'm Trying to make a silk Purse out of a Sow's ear right now... My old impulse on the blog was to write as much positive stuff as I could.

Great to see Louder make that 30 minute break.

Mr. Booth, became caught up in what I like to call "You get to Freely speak on your own blog, not mine."... Point being I had total empathy for that entire episode, especially when he decided to delete The Posts.

Art has been filled with a hate that almost rivals my own, over the past weeks. I was almost tempted to bring over a few "Songbirds" over for his Earth day BBQ. Funny this whole earth day, every time I see some crap about the world coming to an end.....(Oh, and BTW cutting carbon by 2080 or what ever it was. Is a joke... Assuming we have enough coal and oil to last till 2080, we will be dead by 2030.) Fortunately we will either run out or we will have "Pearl Harbor for the Carbon cycle.".... Point Being, Fuck this planet... Wait I was trying to be positive, so in that vein. I'll leave the environmental concerns to those who care, from what I see. The fucked up environment will kill all the right people.

I've been bad about watching Cycling Results this spring. So, I was thrilled to hear the announcers mention Burke's name during the TourDeGeorga. It's funny when your looking at results and you can tell that he is working so very hard for his team. In a way it humbles me, to think about what a selfish asshat I've been for the last while. I'm trying to be better. But this is my thing right now. But it's always good to see out there.

Oh, and Gary seems to be investing a ton of effort into his cycling, which is great. and I wish I was paying more attention to.

And my Ex has gone MIA... I'm a little worried. . . . . . . .

Well.... See if I can make it to bed.

One Love everyone........

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Iggy Pop

60 and still Rocking....

Punk icon Iggy Pop turns 60, dives off stage

This is just some performance and not the actual dive

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Melt Down on wallstreet

Lades and gentleman, can we please have a moment for those brave souls that are suffering through their work day.... Without.... Their blackberries.

I Know.....
I Know .....
It will be tough....
I know we will get through this tragedy......

Let me just repeat, The blackberries are down........

I think we need a congressional investigation.....

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

This is good

I've gone quiet..... better start from the top...

I had this great post planned it was called.

I may require indoor helmet too. AKA the pleasures of creatine AKA The number of ceiling tiles in my kitchen. AKA I need to eat more.

So then I see another post which is roughly the same thing.... Hate to think I'm copying.

Point being, I started loading creatine a few days ago, and The last few days I forgot to track what I eat. Ended up running the tank dry as I stared in the cupboard figuring out what to make for dinner....
Never happened to me ever, Strange to be a strong fit dude, and find yourself unable to stay vertical for longer than about 30 seconds. I also think I gave myself a good thump the first time it happened, which I think exacerbated it. Nice to be laying on the floor figuring out where the nearest simple carbo is. Fortunately I realized I had tons of simple carbo's everywhere.

funny thing is another blog I read had a very similar post.....

The other good thing is that this means my BMI has gone up significantly... Which I'm very psyched about... I guess I'm just not going to get along with eating 800-1200 calories a day.

happens again, I'm going to see the doc, but my head still hurts.

So...... On Workout.... I swear, I'm trying to quit... But Zen Gray is kind of hot,

and the tragic interpersonal Drama's make me want to jump off a bridge.
2 people at dinner having a Cat fight, this is what the mop would do, "Alright, that is it, I will have a nice quiet dinner, You two will shut up and act like your at least 14 years old, and behave at the table. I don't care what poor manners your parents tolerated, but you will not ruin my dinner.
So, here is a stinker, in some kind of Crazy Hypoglycemic rant, the Head workout woman, says this to one of her clients "You will lose 15 pounds in 2 weeks" Someone should try to do that and then injure themselves then file a lawsuit against Bravo. Even one of her trainers almost freaked out...

Ok, if I start talking about the "Hair Cut" show... I need someone to come over and Kill me!!!! Please!!!!

Mop!!! Step away from the T.V.!!!!!!!!!

Barry Gib burned down Johnny Cash's home!!!!!!!!

You evil Bastard.

Isn't this one of the signs of the Apocalypse

Monday, April 16, 2007

Larry Kudlow.... Freeloading Asshat

This made me want to find him and punch him in the face.

"Why should the people who make over 100k pay 90% of the Taxes???...."

"Why did I get hit with the AMT(alternative minimum tax) which is 20%."

Ok, Cry me a fucking River for the fact that the dude making 300K a year Plus his investments ends up paying 60K in taxes....... Bo Ho you fucking baby!!!!!!

Let's hit that first question, if 90% of the wealth in this country is in the hands of the top 1%. then the remaining 10%, 90% of that is controlled by the next 9%.... That is 99% of the wealth is in the hands of the top 10%....

If you make 12K a year working for walmart or wherever you pay half the tax rate of someone making 500K. So, one guy is eating Beans and Rice, barely getting by.

It's not brain surgery to realize that if 99% of the wealth is held by 10% they should pay 99% of the Taxes.

I gladly pay my taxes, it's crazy and maddening, but it irritates me that this very wealthy man pays less % than I do, and has the Nut sack to be on TV Crying about it. anyone who makes over 30K is paying more than Larry....... How about a Fuck you from everyone who your Freeloading off Larry....

Fuck you Larry, I guess that bottom 90% of our country does have WalMart and no Insurance. This kind of bullshit starts making me think about the French revolution.

virginia tech

I'm not sure if I believe this....

they are saying 20 dead
20 wounded.

not to be morbid, but it's hard to get a 50% kill ratio.
I probably just don't want to believe

Grrrrrrr I hate news people.....

this is all some bitch on CNN had/has to say....

"Some people are comparing this to, Many things, But some say.... Columbine."

Ya, lady it is a school and there is a shooting...... Very similar.... Some may say......

Fucking Talking heads.... why don't they compair it to the Texas clock tower shooting.... or does it just jerk more Tears to say....... "Columbine"

Sunday, April 15, 2007


The Results are in, I made half as much as last year, and I get to pay twice as much. We have a brilliant tax system.

Oh, once I pay my tax bill and my April bills, I will have $30 in my bank account. I need to get this project done so I can bill for it. Then I will be able to pay off my credit cards and next months bills. Then I need to find a new project or I won't be able to pay June's bills, course I can go into the credit cards..... Fuck, no wonder I'm so irritable.

Work work work work work work work........ I should just start now....

Course I could cash out some stock...... See, but that is the opposite of what I'm trying to do.

Oh, just one second I do have $30 in credit limit left. Grrrrrrr......

Wish I could afford a beer.

You had me with the Zebra.....

I'm a fan of, Originally Survivor man,

which is great.... guy kicks out for 7 days of survival with 60 pounds of camera equipment.... It's like they said. "Hey do this." and he said, "ah.... That's easy, how if we add 60 pounds of camera equipment. Which he constantly uses to get some great pictures and makes it very difficult on himself.... My kind of self-destructive behavior......
So, then there is Man Vs. Wild

The difference is this, Bear(man Vs. Wild). is an ex Special services, but not the U.S. but some pussy Australian version. But he doest the things that Les(survivor man) won't do. See, les doesn't seem to like eating bugs and the nasty stuff. Bear, just knows if he can get a bit to eat here and there it will boost his energy, the he will use it to do crazy stuff like run down the mountain, or show you how to survive a Crevasse fall, or a dive into an Icy cold Lake. Also Bear has to make it out..... Question I have is how do you explain to someone that he needs to rescue you and your camera-man out of the sierra Nevada mountains... Seems a little awkward.... I also wonder how the camera guy is rigged up, does he have a full pack with a tent and all the shit... and bear just camps outside. Camera guy making up smores on his fire while Bear Starves. Like I said though, I've seen bear catch a fish with his hand, Les on the other hand is always tired from packing 60 pounds of cameras. Bear always has flint and a Great Knife, and water bottle.

I was on the fence about this and was even trending toward Les, Bear seems staged with some interesting camera work. But Bear won me over when he fought off some vultures to cut a steak out of the neck of a Zebra, and ate it raw.... Then walked off into the pride of lions that originally took the Zebra down in the first place, saying "how cool was that"!

Point being, You have to see Man Vs Wild...

That's the kind of Scout leader we all should have.

Snowline Coffee.....

This is a section of the Jordan river parkway....This was on my run, that I think I hurt myself on......

oh, no... Mill B south

Hmmm Blanch or Broads fork...... hmmmm

Looks like Broads fork.

Blurry, I'm hiking. I did this all with the cell camera. so, Y'all are getting cheated. With as much weight as I packed up, silly I didn't bring the camera too.

There is the foot bridge, I remember the first time I hit this years ago, and it took 2 quarts of water just to get here. In case you don't know this is a fairly steep hike.

Very cool ice on the logs in the river

Bound to get Epic, Ok epic minus.

De brie field..... I was hoping to not come across whatever set it off. Maybe it just happened.

Camp Coffee!!!!!!

My Cool Esbit Stove.

Sweet, about 3 pounds and I had a nice late lunch of Penne Pasta, with Vegie Sausage. Which I let heat up with the water in the coffee pot. I picked up the coffee pot and the dude at the store said...."You know that's not a percolator."

Me, "Ya, it doesn't even look like one."

Him, "ya that's one of those coffee boilers."

Me, "dude, I know all about sheepherder coffee. But thanks for asking"

So, it took about 2 minutes from trail to setup with the fire lit. 5 or so minutes later I had a warm meal and a Kick ass cup of coffee.(admittedly the coffee, relative to good coffee, kind of sucked.... But Time and place helps allot.)

Those little comforts.... Remind me that it really is the little things.

I could use a reflector...

It is not very passable to the lake up there. I tried my hardest but it was a wash.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Running Again.....

So, .... Last week someone I rode with was training for a Triathlon, and it reminded me of a goal I have, which is..... This is way down the priorities so it may not happen till next year. But a Mini-Tri.... Going to have to figure out how to swim... and as I'm about to cover my running sucks.

I haven't made it out for a run since maybe early march or and probably only 3 or 4 runs since then. Since it's been so biteing cold for the past few days, and i've been damn near suicidal on the bike, just about sobbing as the wind dug it's icy dry claws into my exposed skin. After getting through the bulk of my taxes I knew I'd never make it into the hills. So, off to run a bit, I went. Foolishly, I've run out of banana's for the past few days, so now I get strange twitches and binding in my muscles... I really need to take my supplements seriously. Even before starting I could feel my knees twitch and ache.
After a good stretch, and a short moment wondering what I was about to do to myself, reflecting on the line in my May bank statement where the dinner bill from the night I wounded my knee, sat taunting me, I set off. A good pace, my lungs are good, heart beating strong, I think about the fact I need to work on a smoother motion. I ease up and walk a bit, no reason to hurt myself. I continue to be taunted by the run that put me out of commission for the better part of 5 months. Realizing that what I needed to do was get my mind out of the running game, and into that good focused state of being.
I reminded myself that I needed to just think my way through it, visualize moving down the road for half a mile or more, without stopping. Keep my mind distracted from the aches and pains of ever step. Get my body to just relax........ Well, that lasted a quarter mile.
It's always good to recognise what your doing wrong. If I'm going to do this I'm going to have to run once if not twice a week, I also have got to work on a longer stride, I have a ridiculous short stride that I'm sure is from cycling for so long... One of these days I need to work on it.
I've never mentioned this, but one of my favorite sports is to go to the grocery store in my shorts and running shirt and see who stalks me and violates my 3 foot personal space... It's fun.

I think I need to eat more red meat.

Ok, I'm going to try and stop posting so much crap, and bile.

Damn I'm cranky

I actually am in a mood to call about every one I know and let them know what I realy think of them......Grrrrr. Nothing like reliving a year of my life through, bank statment, recepts, and milage charts.

What a fucking Year, Last year......

I ran across a purchase for cheez at an albertsons in Provo during the Tour of utah.

Yesterday I call this woman to go hiking this afternoon, she won't go. So Here I am doing taxes... what does she do.... Calls me, I'm sure she wants to change her mind.

Why The fuck can't you people make plans and Keep them........ What is wrong with you people....

Grrrrrr Fuck you people......

I'm going to end up going running as soon as I get this milage shit worked out.
I'm dying to backpack today instead of do my........"Taxes". I write a big check, So I hate doing them. For me, it takes the relief of getting them done to overwhelm the hate of writing the check.

I'm also in a foul mood.

What I realy want to do is procrastinate and test out my new coffee pot, up in them thar Hills.

hmmm, wonder how it will turn out.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Kurt Vonnegut dead at 84

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Kurt Vonnegut, whose dark, satirical vision in works including "Slaughterhouse-Five" and "Cat's Cradle" was shaped by the horrors he witnessed during World War II, has died at age 84.
Vonnegut died on Wednesday after suffering brain injuries following a fall weeks ago, said Donald Farber, Vonnegut's friend, lawyer, agent and manager.......


obsession Du Jour

Yep, I'm on free trade coffee. I'm trying to understand this.... My coffee that I buy for $7-$10 a pound. Is sold for $1.15 as a commodity. At the farm the farmers are getting .25 per pound or less. Let's put this in context.
Oil is $60 a barrel which is $1.20 per gallon
Gas is $2.something per gallon on the open market.

and your paying almost 200% markup on gas for processing and shipping.

So, Coffee. for roasting the bean and shipping. 4000% from the farmer. The money is in the roasting........

Well, I may get a roaster. even if you don't have a roaster, Millstone actually has some free trade coffee. Also you can get it through e-bay, or on the web

Ok, back to work.

You can find your favorite blend for roughly the same price, especialy when you talk about 5 pounds at a time. All we are talking about is forcing the coffee distributers to Kick another .50 to the farmers.
Maybe if I get 10 grand in cash together, I'll get some shipped

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Swore I was going to stay away from this.....

Are you fucking High!!!!!
This shit isn't fit for print. What is he excited about....

"I Fucked Anna Nichole, and now there is evidence"
"I get the windfall of the child's estate."

Good god, I didn't care, but now I'm hoping anything that kid gets goes into a trust. And that Lawer dude has to get a job.

I was thinking that he was outside this ridiculous, circus. I was hoping that he wasn't one of these white trash "having their 15 minutes" at the expense of this child.... but, I was wrong.

Please!!! everyone deserves to lose custody

why the fuck am I blogging about this.

MSNBC just suspended(permanently) Imus, from that lame "Watch him on the Radio" program they run. I really don't care, to be honest. I've never found the man funny. I was periodically amused by the moodiness of his rants. As amusing as it is to see the old man down the street Scream at the Kids walking down the road.
have you ever heard the crap on fox.....
Imus needs to accept the fact they are just using this as an excuse to fire a guy that stopped being funny years ago.

Lowering the bar-Mop Style

Lowering the Bar *and hitting my head on it*
Blog Category: BlogBlogged by: Art on April 11, 2007 at 11:04 am

(wanted to see if I could be funnier than art.... Cause I'm competitive like that)

No, uninteresting thing is that there was a trend in naming my older siblings, and my name completed the Set/Sequence. This is just proof that my Folks should have had kids. Unfortunately abortion wasn't legal until after I was born..... Condoms people!!!!!!!

When I read art's post.

I'm in lust with my handwriting, every time I see it it gives me an erection and I have to leave and "come" back in 15 minutes.

Fuck this question, My favorite Lunch bread is Marbled Rye.

None that I know of, or want to know about! I have enough trouble with my childish siblings and people I work with.

Hell no, Fuck that dude.

Only as a defence to my insecurities.

No, I Rent.

Bungee jumping reminds me of those dudes who mountain bike....... Oh Sorry, I meant, dudes who use a Ski Lift to Mountain bike.

Let me look, Nope. If they still sold Velcro on shoes I'd buy them.

I defiantly think, I'm tough. I suspect you would have to outweigh me by 75 pounds for me to back down.

13. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE ICE CREAM? I don't even think about ice cream any more. I stick to doughnuts and Pie.

There are people?.... Oh, Tit's or lack there of..... I'd say I'm being funny, but I think it's true.

Who writes these questions, Starting with the Black and white nature of things, which is bullshit. But then to escalate it to something like this. The root of this question is Saturate color or Pastel. I pick the color color. Point I'm making is that Pink is Red, Dumb ass.

Self loathing is overrated.

Hell of a question,........ Fuck them if they chose not to be in my life.

What the hell does it matter, will it mean that they don't really love me....... I figured that out.

Pants, Shoes? when you work at home these things are...... Optional.... Now let's talk about my underwear.


Recycled Crayons, because there defiantly a limited amount of Wax out there, we just have to conserve. and that shit takes days to biodegrade in the landfill.

Burning Hair.

This isn't as interesting as the conversation.
Me, "you want to go see a baseball game?"
Them, "I'm sorry, I'm busy."
Me, "Ok, catch you later."
Them, "Maybe some other time."
Me *just another person who wants me to reschedule so they can shine me later*
Me, "sure, maybe"

Art would never respect me, if I said I liked his curmudgeon-ie(is that a word).


What, are we dating?
did somone run out of decent questions.... I can't wait till we get to height.

Amazing incite, people with contatcts are assholes.


Tragic endings, I like for the dude to suffer Tragic, Blood Sweat and Tears, Bone Griding Suffering. Then He gets the girl in the end, then she gets hit by a Bus. Which reminds me of most my relationships that end with me wishing they would get hit by a bus.

32. LAST MOVIE YOU WATCHED?Batman returns. but only the first 45 minutes, the rest sucked.
are we getting into clothing again?

What are you High!!!! It's fucking cold in the winter, and there is that fucking Christmas, and new years, and thanksgiving, and Ice, and face masks, and Jesus... Fuck you for even making me think about it.
I think we can universally agree......... Handjobs!!!

Dr. Pistachio
people who don't read the blog
CCSP cisco secure PIX firewall---- It's a nail bitter, how will it end????

Mostly sweat and grease from my manage hands
It's all just Noise Really!!!!1
Alright, the Beatles are by far better than the Stones. And the tragedy is that Ringo will probably out live them all. But to be honest, I don't give a shit. I still have an open offer to anyone who can explain the popularity of "The Who"
That is some full on math, So, if your moving somewhere then that doesn't count. You have to be visiting somewhere, and still live elsewhere..... How the hell is this relevant to anything about me. Fuck you..... "the rolling Stones"
45. DO YOU HAVE A SPECIAL TALENT? The things My Bowels are capable of are "Super Exciting"

I'd like this poll to end with a *plonk*

One love!!!!

K, this is pissing me off today.... Have to blog about it

I heard about this on NPR a few weeks ago, I was hoping it would go away. This ranks up there with the idea that people should be allowed to nap at work. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr..... This shit pisses me off to no end. According to some study, people who get naps are more productive... I tell you what, I want a job, show up, and I'll just sleep through the whole shift. 8 hours, then in my off hours when I'm at home I'm going to double my productivity, Why? Because I will have 8 hours more at home, since I won't be sleeping. WHERE THE HELL IS MY JOB LIKE THIS. Me???to get paid I have to work...... I guess I'm just a sucker.
So, The New one!!!!!! The No Asshole Rule: Building a Civilized Workplace and Surviving One That Isn't..... Wholly Shit, Let me get this out of the way, I'm an asshole at work. Let me further qualify, I have a huge work ethic. I started working at 14 sweeping floors, and cutting vegetables in a deli. I then worked in a print shop from 16-19, then as a finish carpenter till 26. In that period of time, the number one thing I learned is "Keep your hands busy/when your at work. it's time to work." It is rare to find someone who is more focused and who doesn't dink around when trying to get a job done. I work all the time, 6am or earlier till 6pm then maybe 2-4 hours at night.(less bike time).
A friend of mine was complaining about how they were discouraging him from surfing the Internet at work. I said, "if I was your boss, I'd give you one warning, then fire your ass. If it were my company, the rule would be "no Internet surfing, we are monitoring your surfing, and if it's not directly work related, you will be fired."

When I see people dicking around at work, it absolutely offends me. Once I was working at a company and they did an efficiency study, and I ended up on top. But when they showed me and congratulated me, I looked at the rest of the statistics and literally 5-10% of the office were doing 70-80% of the work.
On the other hand, there defiantly is Team moral, but my point is that Lazy people kill moral, twice as much as someone being insensitive. If I work with someone and they keep their hands busy, and when they don't have something to do, they ask. When they need help, they ask. You will never see me speak an unkind word to them.
I guarantee that the ones who, sit at their desk and try and look busy while jerking off. or who want to take naps at work. or who complain about how so-and-so, is a jerk. These are the ones that aren't productive. Show up ready to work, and make it happen.

I am still looking for that job, where I get to Nap, and I don't have to do any work. Seriously if left to their own devices, employees would just suck every nickle of of the company, and then wonder why the company and their jobs went "Tits Up".

Nut Up Fuckers!!! You have to work. This bullshit about napping and no Assholes is just a good excuse to be Lazy!!!!!!

See the pile of work in his hands, I'm the one who ends up doing it, while he sleeps. And that's why I'm an asshole to him. Fat, Lazy, Fuckwhit!!! Staying up too late watching American Idol.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Insomnia persists

Here I sit again, Ya! so, what am I doing with the blog. I've kind of given up caring. I actually created a second blog but I just hated posting to it.... In fact I'm hating posting to this one, but... Well this is kind of an apology to my readers, I'm completely posting for me these days. Very few of my fun posts with either interesting thoughts or flights of amusing fancy. I imagine I will return to that:

Hmmmm, I was group riding this weekend and as people fell off the back.. Well, I wasn't the one pushing, I don't see any reason to have people fall off the back in a friendly group ride. Since the reason I would group ride is to make and have some friends. not to spend 70+ miles regretting that you came out as you end up grinding through the wind alone.... I can do that at home.

As people are coming off, I always see it like the heard of Gazelle and the pride of lions in pursuit, the weak ones falling off the back. I shed a small tear, never to see them again.

Maybe I'm not drinking enough.

Monday, April 09, 2007

you may think gas prices are high now

according to usual stats, it takes about 30 days to work through high oil prices through gas prices. (course gas goes up cause the wind blows in the middle east) Though oil has come down a little, gas will go up for a while, keep that tank filled with gas as best you can, it's not coming down for 20 days. Then there is that summer driving season.

H1B visa

I guess I need to go into some history, Late 90's with the Internet/tech boom- There were 2-3x the number of Tech workers, I couldn't go anywhere and run into some fucking "WebMaster" Or Web Editor. It almost made me sick, the massive numbers of "Dopes" in my industry.
Then the big "Tech Boom" went bust, and only the strong were left. There were tons of Really great I.T. Pro's that suffered, Tons of people took big pay cuts. Finally about 3 years ago the industry started to recover, but this is what the companies did. They hired contract workers. There are alot of ways to do this, alot of them are illegal. There are a quite a few times where I get a call and someone wants me to work 8-5 as a 1099, and I threaten to call the IRS. (let me point out that calling the IRS on a potential employer, won't get you the job). To be honest, the way I look at it, you don't want to work for companies that are either ignorant or turn a blind eye to employment law. Call me goofy.
The median starting wage for a tech worker is 50k, right now. Also there are tons of actual contractors that make Tons of money, but only work as needed. If you didn't know about 80% of the people who try and pass themselves as "Microsoft" employees are Microsoft "partners" who are contractors who work for Microsoft. Your average decent Tech worker makes 70-90K that is SQL managers, good Network managers and engineers. The problem is that that is the rate that the Managers make, the MBA's and the small time V.P.'s make. and they resent it. So, what the companies want to do is bring in Indian I.T. workers...BTW it's not Asian ones, because they won't do this. But the Indian I.T. workers will work for 30-40K which is big money to them, coming from economies that people make less than 10k a year.
The only other option that these companies have is to increase the pay and try and lure some of the old I.T. workers back from the Tech boom. This all means that they need to pay people another 10-20K a year. This is what the H1B visa's are all about. If it wasn't, you would see companies trying to recruit just about anyone who could type on a keyboard to work "High Tech"

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Ugh, Potato victory.....

So, Again it fucking Happened..... OK MOTHERFUCKERS (unfortunately I forgot my b vitamins yesterday). Seriously, if you call me or I call you. I say "Hey, you want to (ride, bike, hike, run, have dinner.... etc)". First, Say "no" if you don't want to. Remember, life requires planning. When you say yes.".
Then I go, "well I was thinking, just a nice, aerobic ride around the valley. 5,6,7 hours as long as we can stand."
And you go, well.... "why don't we just go do this ride, with a bunch of rec riders..."
"Alright, sounds cool. "

Flash forward, 2 hours before the ride.

"um, dude, it may rain."

"Nope, that system at 10am will miss that ride. it may rain in ogden and provo till noon, but the radar says it has missed us."
"that's not what weather underground says."
"Weather underground is for fools. The national weather service and their current radar and satellite images."

(so, I didn't have this conversation. my buddy left a message on my voice mail.
But seriously)

I tried to call back and then reschedule a nice calm ride, maybe a little later or whatever. But nope, to chicken to pick up the phone (I can be an overbearing Prick). But seriously, if you make plans with me, Follow through!!!!! especially if I reschedule what I'm doing to fit you in. Otherwise your going to get this message, "I'll be leaving from here, at 9am. Join or not"

So, there I am, riding with Rec. Riders. I'm ok with this, but I don't really know anyone. And this is how most of these rides go......
Some Dude, "Man, i'm wicked strong." Then they sprint until they are bonked or dehydrated. I ended up Holding a groups wheel, then forming a more elite group which then managed to Reel in the rest of the riders for the rest of the ride.

It's one thing to ride strong for an hour, it's another to do it for 4. Certainly some things vary based on environment, after 30 miles you should have emptied your bottles and have eaten a significant amount of food.

By the way, the potato's Rocked!!! um, lightly foiled and pieces no larger than 3" on any side.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Taters, and fruit punch

One would think that boiling some potato's for a bike ride would be fairly straight forward..... But NO!!!!!!!!!
  • First, do you boil them then cut them into handy bitesize pieces.
  • Second, how do you know when they are cooked, are you skrewed if you over cook them.
  • Third, How the hell do you wrap them in foil. maybe two pieces, one on each side or wrap them. and how much wrapping will be unmanageable on the bike.

Yep that will be me, the guy with 3 pounds of potato's in his pockets.

This "Health" thing, a person should drink 2 quarts of water per day. Sure I can dial in the water intake when I'm on the bike. But the question is "How much off the bike." I keep finding myself dehydrated so I've been setting a target of 3-4 quarts a day. Still, I ten to binge, and drink a quart at a time, which flushes right through me.... Point being, I've been mixing up cool-aid quite a bit. Yep, it's like being 6 years old.

Well, my lips are chapped, legs hurt, and I've eaten every carb in the house.......... 100 miles tomorrow. even worse is my hydration when My kidneys are trying to dump the Overdose of ibuprofen I try to kill myself with.

So, I don't realy post this stuff

I guess I'm happy. I keep trying to convince myslef I went top 3, but no matter what Miopic way I look at the number it's still a 4.

Umn, Sure I went to a race that excluded the utah cycling elite, since that was HOTN. I did make a promice to do this race 6 months ago, who knew the two would conflict. Like I say though I'm a man of my word and when I say I'm doing it, I do it.

Overall I went top 10 out of my group, and it realy wasn't my race. Also, I was only 20 some odd seconds off of 2nd and I could have shaved that with a little better prep and focus. But, I've been scatterd, and best not to bitch a top 4.

Also, after last years embarasing Spring drop by a member of the superior sex. I was very happy to have put on at least 20 seconds on all the woman. Not that ..... Well, I may be an asshole, But seriously who want's to get beat by a chick.... (which could be why Julie and I havn't ridden together.(I do know however that I could out drink her(cept knowhing her she would put on some kind of Indiana Jones, Nepalies-Miriam Ravenwood Drinkfest, smackdown on me.)

In other news I've gained my own nemisis, the guy who got the UNO, Just but the smackdown on me, Like I was nothing. Big up's to him, but unfortunatly he is now my nemisis. Sorry that's just the way it works. Specialy when I gave him the cold shoulder, not realizing who he was. This is obvious a sign of new found respect for him.

Funny, there are 60 some odd people that would have loved to have had the ride I did, and I bitch. now if only my knees will still feel good tomorrow.

One love everyone. sorry no pictures.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Can you be to tired for coffee?

To be honest, I'm good. Yesterday was unbelievable. Crazy how stressful it is, that you lost $50 for most the afternoon, into a solid rally in the last hour(most volatility is in the first and last hour of the market), I'm thinking Nanotech this morning. But I managed 7 hours last night and it was good.
So, I'm just blogging for me at this point. I figure I may estrange myself from most of you. But... it gives me something to do when I need to vent, or am just ..... So, fuck it. I figure blog.
Easter, damn I want some of those cream filled eggs, or just some chocolate ones, or some m&m's. My on bike feast of bad food has kicked off a sweet tooth of epic proportions, I'm going to need to stop that a bit. I'm going to boil up some potato's for this weekend, maybe some fig newtons. My legs are killing me, it takes 4 miles for them to loosen up, I'm trying to take it easy for the next few days till the weekend racing.

Time to get some work done.....

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Silly Rabbit.

Someone Shoot that damn rabbit.

Good god, I'm going to have to shut it all off soon. Rough day.... Not bad, just Rough, I ended up doubling down today, and after 3 hours of dragging that bottom I doubled into I ended up in a 2% rally, none of it is a big deal since anything I buy, I'd own for 2 years if I chose to. But no reason to hold onto a dog for 2 years......
So far I'm infamous for buying just before the very bottom, which is good cept the hour of "Wholy shit" I just lost half a point, then like I said 3 hours of I'm breaking even. From now On, I buy then shut the TV and Internet off for the rest of the day.
Do something easier on my heart like ride a bike. The broad fucked up nature of our "U.S." economy. Wow, baby boomers have roughly 100k to retire on. ....... And...
Dubya again........ Talking about the income gap between the rich and the poor. What the Fuck with this guy Again..... What an Assfuck, Damn I guess someone should do something about that, like give the upper 10% another fucking Tax Cut.
I've seen a ton of fucking rich dudes talking about the AMT tax... Ok, for those of you who don't make over 50k the AMT applies to those who do, and if you make 70K you have to pay at least some tax...... and at 100k you have to pay 10% Minimum, and at 200k you have to pay 20% and here is the Heart breaker, at 500K you have to pay 25%.... I know I know it's absolutely tragic that there is now a minimum tax for those in these tax brackets, I'm sure this is the worst thing in the world that you can't deduct your way out of paying your fair share.... Yep Life is tough on those in these brackets.... Cry your way home. The Gaul of somone making 100k to cry about how they have to pay 10k in taxes. Just shows how the rich are fucking the poor, I'll pay 10k this year easily, and I won't make 100K.


this is a great reason to not work for "The Man"

Circuit city fired employees, because they were making to much money and they could be replaced by cheaper workers..... Why were they making more money? because they were the ones making all the sales and getting the raises from good evaluations.....

Message to employees.... If you do a good job, you will lose your job.

I'm going to chuckle about that all day.

bike coffee ...

I'm sure you were all hanging on the tragedy of my coffeepot and bike fix.... Just wanted to let ya'll know that first, I found the skewer spring without going to the bike shop, or dismantling my deck. Also, the coffee pot came back online yesterday about noon. I think I'm still clearing out some of the skank from the lines but it seems to be coming along, and I've consumed a full pot of coffee before 7am :) I rock!!!!!!


Ok, I should stretch before Swifty shows up...

one of these days, pictures.

Obama.... WTF comes out and shows the dem. Hole card. Asshole what good is a bluff if they know it's coming.

When the hell did Dubya learn about ethanol..... and like I said, easy for him to say in lame duck of his term. For years we are going to hear about how his presidency was about conservation...."I was totally for conservation, I pushed ethonal, and alternative fuel cars in my term as president." forgetting how he invaded a country to secure oil for Haliburton and Exxon... And the bonus of Military contracts for KBR and Blackwater... Both being such blacksheeps even Halliburon is trying to distance themselves from them.

Monday, April 02, 2007


I am trying to be positive, Things are good.... I just have a ton of things going on. One of which is that I'm about to fall asleep. I'm tremendously disappointed of TofU cancellation. That the cycleutah blogs going down, and my lack of blogging, makes me sad that on almost all fronts Cycling in Utah is on the Wain, If it were a stock I'd Short it.

I registered for LoToJa today, guess I'm doing it. This doesn't sound very positive. It just hit me at the wrong time, the registration I'm referring to. Umn, I realized I'm doing a different event this weekend than Hell of the North, which means I can't even come out and watch. I dialed in my bike for the most part, today. She feels Rocking..... ready to roll,

Ok, time for a shower and probably bed.

Here Comes Swifty!!!

Yep, the 3am posts continue. I'd feel better about them if I was getting 6 hours of sleep before I get up, and not 3 or 4....

Ok, the bad news...
  • Lost a skewer spring under the deck(where I work on my bike). Every time I do this (yes, I lose springs and bolts and nuts, all manner of gear seems to go under my deck, which escalates into a mad dis assembly of it, plank by plank, I always say... Damn I have to stop working on my bike here. Or put something down to stop the lose parts from falling into the cracks. But as my dopie father says "those who don't learn from the past by becoming tormented and paralyzed by the Torpor of "could'a Woul'a Should'a", Are doomed to repeat it."(hmmm, I think my dad doesn't say this. Me bet is it's a play on a sort of conundrum, catch-22, we all, or at least I live in.). This time though I think I'll just go get a new spring, instead of pulling the deck apart and digging through the dirt. So, hopefully I've learned.
  • My Laptop needs a good rebuild... Bla...Bla...Bla order some fans, do some other stuff.
  • I'm so sick of the self aggrandising of the film/TV industry. I was watching "Planet Earth", I'm a huge fan of documentaries, So.....Why the Fuck do I have to put up with time talking about "How we got the Pictures." or "How we did the Effects.". You See, I don't give a shit. I want to learn some new things about the Nature of our world, "the how and why of the Lizards of Afghanistan." Not the How and why of taking pictures of the lizards of Afghanistan. You see, In my industry no one cares how I got the computers to work. They just care that they now do what they were supposed to.
  • My coffee pot is fucked up. I did a thorough cleaning. I think I got some moldy beans, and they skankafied my pot. So, I did a full on cleaning, and some of the circuitry seems wet. Till it dries out, I guess I'm here suffering. and maybe I'm in the market for a new one.

I was thinking about this today, this is one of my generic philosophies:

if you flip a coin, your going to be right half the time. Using the slightest amount of brain power you should be able to be correct 60% of the time. The Crazy thing for most people is, What the fuck, how can you be wrong all the time..... I can't imagine the amount of delusion and stupidity. To be wrong 70-80% of the time... It's almost a testament to Darwin being Wrong.... how can people do it....

Don't trade Flow!!!!!!