Friday, May 07, 2010


#30DaysofContent #5

Yesterday, I was Knee Deep... Revise that. Neck Deep, in Crap. Like I said, weeks ago, Greece and Europe, They are on fire! Europe in Flames! It creates, or adds to the turmoil in my life. Let alone what it does to the "Underlying Universal Strings that vibrate out what we call Reality." Those harmonic Strings that hold us all together. It Ain't good. That is just vague talk, about the nebulous nature of reality.
Most of us, have been lulled into complacency, they see it all as a video game. It's like a deep sleep, that some Never Awaken from. Events are unfolding to wake us up! This is very obvious to me, but the Realties of our past, are not the ones of our future. By obvious, what i'm saying is that The reality of tomorrow, is always different than the one of Yesteryear.
I was asked if based on, some of my suppositions, if I'm hiding in my Bunker, or filling my Garage full of food stuffs. No!!!! I'm excited. This is Our time! To those that read this, specifically. This is YOUR TIME! You are of age to make the changes, to make the new world, to Create the New Realities! These New Visions of our Future are YOURS! They are Seeds You will Sow! So, sure I'm nervous, and a little Scared. But I know, It's MY TIME!..... It's YOUR TIME!

The Brave New world...... It's Yours to build.

So, Either go back to sleep,


Start Digging, or Start to Build, Start to create.

Make that Reality, make Your Reality.

And Remember....
I am Definitely, A mad Man with a blue box!

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