Monday, May 03, 2010

Thirty days of content

I just cranked out my first post, for "Thirty days of content". I'm not sure how this is different from my usual posting, besides an attempt to write something Very readable, and not "Punt" when you are tired or stuck.

Everyone is invited, I'd be happy to read anything. Like always. I think it's good to try and "Create Content", something that may improve my writing, Though, just blogging, I think was helpful.

but "If you want to play" have at it.

2 paragraphs, and "Content" seems to be the loose rules. I'd be happy if we tormented Me and Greg and gave us scores on content 31-10. Like the special-literate Olympics. We both get metals, but there is a score.

also... some usual whining... I was working in the garden today... and tweeked my back a little.. I think I'm over dramatizing it, or over stating it.... but it fucking hurts!!!

it's going to keep me off the bike today...

My biggest concern is it's psychosomatic, and it's something going on in my head, Post #30daysofbiking. or .... it's been kicked off by some of my more recent "Nonsense"
Or what might be called in popular nomenclature as "Being a Pill!"

Ugh... On my back!!!

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