Saturday, March 01, 2008

I thought this was a mop wothy story.....

ckI remembered this story…. And thought of you…….. or thought maybe you would appreciate this story of vicersocity(Ya, I made the word up).

I’m starting on spring cleaning… I am organizing all my cycling clothing and exercise clothing. I ran across a couple of Athletic supporters.. I have 2 medium and one large… Before you thing this represents… anything… They aren’t like braziers, the cup size isn’t variable for the most part.. it references waist size and how they fit…

SO… I remember purchasing 2 of them.. and I got one medium and one large,

I go to the front register, and To start off with.. the woman at the register realizes that I purchased two different sizes… I guess she was “sizing” me up.. quiet literally… So…. She says to me “You know these aren’t returnable”… I guess, she figured I got two sizes because I was going to try them and then return the $5 item that didn’t fit. I assume.

Let me just say….. To start off with.. I dispute this… I don’t care if I had to go to the Corporate HQ… I bet there is no Caveat on the purchase of Jock-Straps… that they aren’t returnable… and Let me just say… it would be fun to have a judge mediate the dispute.

I had no idea how they would fit.. and Figured either would probably work, and maybe a tighter or looser one would be good.. depending on the clothing etc…. I also… get very utilitarian when I shop… there is no fucking way I’m going to buy an athletic supporter then have to come back and get one that is a different size.. when they cost all of $5… the gas and time are more expensive than buying an ill-fitting extra.

It’s funny that I would probably be ok with having a dispute with “Sports Authority” over if I can or cannot return an athletic supporter…. But the idea that I would subject myself to walking up to one of those snotty little bitches who work the front desk at “Sports Authority”, to return a Jock-Strap… and when I say this… Know when I say “Snotty Little Bitches” I mean both the men and woman who work that register.

I guess I decided to post to this blog, to celebrate spring..... and the coming cycling year.