Monday, May 10, 2010


I guess this is how I'm posting these...."Notes"... These are just my Ramblings...

It was a funny sort of day, and I don't know where it went....

Forward I guess. My new thing is, "What is Next?" and I keep asking myself this question.

To be honest, I was a little irritated at people today... it's a bit of a self fulfilling prophecy. I'm irritated, because everybody is miserable about the weather. Besides, the weather being bad, and that being "Gloomy" Does every one have to be gloomy too? It's like the frosting on the Gloomy Cake. Yet, weather is making people gloomy, and gloomy people make me Gloomy/irritated. Well, to hell with all you miserable people, I'm going to be content!!! and Irritated....

My Ex, she was upset on mother's day. She emailed me, to talk about it or to "Puke" or "ramble" about it.

I tell people there is a process, to a down cycle. We all have up and down cycles. But on the down cycle,

you are too "down" to do anything.(this is the actual bottom
Then you are, Sad that you can't do anything about it.
Then you get MAD!!! Angry!!!
Then you do something about it.

There is another part of the process.

you are Too overwhelmed by all the things you need to do.(so you organize, your 'To Do' list).
Then the next day, ... That is when you start doing them.
It's best to recognize that "overwhelmed" is Planning day... because next comes the energy to do these things.

this stuff is genetically programed, into us.... It's just the way we work....

Couldn't be any other way.

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