Saturday, May 08, 2010

The Dream

#30DaysOfContent #6

... There is always the Dream... The Buddhists call it, part of "Grasping". But it is there, "Dream of the Possibilities", Usually made up of Improbabilities.

Personally, I'm against them. I will admit, they hit me anyways. The dream, that I'll win the Lottery and/or live happily ever after, 2 sports cars, and 2 luxury cars, beach front, not a care in the world. Seems like a waste of energy. When I was younger, I told my Girlfriend, who I lived with, I thought it was inevitable that now that I found her, that she would die. I do have to confess, that I broke up with her anyways. Sort of a "Self-fulfilling Prophecy"

So.... The dream, It's creeping back into my life. I say this like it's a bad thing, not because I don't want it, but because I dare not dream. Nancy covered it, when she talked about, Bike Snob, not having the voice she imagined.( BTW, I have a great voice, I have a voice for radio, if I do say so myself.) The truth is, the Dream isn't real, and reality can disappoint, the Dreamer.

I'd suggest to the person trying to be "Present", which includes me... always questing to be more "in the now". I think that, you have to take joy from whatever "Life is", from whatever life presents. Then you can, "work" to make it better, And yet... I'm not sure life will ever be, "The Dream". But maybe.... Just maybe, it can be even better than we imagine, if we stop fighting "What is" and accept, whatever is developing.

It's hard to argue with "The Dreamer", since it pushes us, and drives us to quest for More. I would suggest that, maybe life can be better than the dream, if we can just appreciate "The Now" in it's Pure state, and roll with the future, however it Unfolds.


Nancy said...

A lot of writing for me to catch up on. You've been busy.

There's a little vulnerability peeking out but ultimately this feels optimistic and hopeful to me. How can something as easy as just being seem like such a challenge?

The Mop said...

True, and yet it seems to be.

I actually just re-read this. I'm not sure how fond I am of it. I like the content, just not the form.

I guess I still have #23 days to work on form.

The Mop said...

It was interesting the dichotomy of "Being Present" vs "having a dream"...
... one would think Dreams would/should be harmless... and yet are they? Maybe they are?

Nancy said...

Dreams and "the present" aren't mutually exclusive. Harmless, not sure.