Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Looks Like a 30 days of content Foul.

30 days of content 29 Part 2

Nancy Just Pulled my "Yellow Card" on the "Emotional Vampire post".

I pulled it, Feels like, and even when I wrote it, it was confused and Skanky!

When I wrote it, My sort of point was, there are people who "Suck your energy". People who are in a constant state of Negativity. Our Moods spread, they act like a virus and it spreads.

It's part of "De-escalation of the negative emotions". You can suggest that her negative energy, had me, and still has me this morning.

Unfortunately as readers , I then spread that Negative Bullshit onto you. I apologize to those who read it. So, I guess by example you realize what I mean. About "Black Holes of Emotion" who just spread their Darkness to those around them.

Which is the opposite of what I'm trying to do.

Fortunate for me, Nancy was there to "Call my shit"!
and I'm thankful.


Nancy said...

I like the honesty here. You were rt when you said to me that what you're doing is anything but staying away from her. It might make for interesting reading or reality TV but it's not in your best interest and that's what we care about.

The Mop said...

Thanks nancy!

Should have stayed away entirely, and I wasn't smart enough to stick to it.

Even when she started e-mailing me.