Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Running on empty

30 days of content 24

I'm skipping much of my cleaning today. Work, and i'm going to try and get some mojo back. When I was looking for Gardie stuff, I looked through the old blog. UGH!!! Even reading some of it... Here is some honestly, I want a nice posts. Sometimes I feel like I'm shooting the moon, and can't get them out, even when they are impressive, or at least readable.

I'm in a cleaning funk! I need to get some rest, then rally, and my schedule is packed.

This is how Scattered I am. I was listening to x96 the other day... Ugh.. I guess at nearly 40 I'm starting to hate that station. It's like reliving the early 1990's... in the 1990's when they played the same shit..... I wished they would play "Bitchen Camaro". But... I hated what they played in the 1990's, here it is 20 years later... now they play Retro! What Retro... 1990's... It's nice we have a station that hasn't purchased a new(to them) record in 20 years.

This is what I have for today... maybe something later.

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