Wednesday, May 18, 2011

long time no update

So much to not blog. There are tons of things going on for me. Like I have covered many moons ago. One of the problems with knowing a few people and having people I now know reading the blog. Well I tend to have a ton of secrets.


I honestly wish the blog was anonymous again. I'd love to share some details of my life, all the things going on Good and bad.

I want a cookie...

I guess I'm kind of upset. There are a few things to be upset about. Honestly, i'm upset at how unfair the world is to so many people.

I guess there is a bike race going on out there. I'm in miserable shape. of course I told that to someone, they said "you are crazy... you are in great shape"

ugh.... well I tried to post. I guess we have seen these posts in the past.