Thursday, May 06, 2010

"Rusted Guard Rail Fever!"

#30DaysOfContent #4

Main Entry: nem·e·sis
Pronunciation: \ˈne-mə-səs\
Function: noun
Etymology: Latin, from Greek
Date: 1561

1 capitalized : the Greek goddess of retributive justice 2 plural nem·e·ses \-ˌsēz\ a : one that inflicts retribution or vengeance b : a formidable and usually victorious rival or opponent 3 plural nem·eses a : an act or effect of retribution b : bane 2

The Suncrest Sufferfest. That is not a joy! 5 miles of a variation of "White Line Fever", Called "Rusted Guard Rail Fever!". From the Provo side, I would bet that it's more like a hard climb. From the salt lake side, it's like climbing Lone Peak, on a bike.

It started at the Gas Station, where I ran into the nicest bike rider. I needed some fuel, so I went in for a nice candy-bar. I do wonder, "What is the highest calorie, per Dollar, Candy bar". I leaned my bike up against somebody's brand new Trek Madone, and went inside. I came out, at the same time as they did, and I said, "Looks like my bike is leaning against yours.".

"It's ok.", he replied.
As I pushed a handful of change from my hand into my bike bag, I said "I think I have $8 in change in my bag.". Understand, my bike is FILTHY!! 1000 miles of Sprinter! on that bike. My bike bag is almost covered in Mud!... and I'm almost as Greasy! All of this, Leaned up against some FUCKING Attorney's Brand FUCKING new, Trek Madone. He is so scared of me, he won't even Touch my bike. That and his extra 50 pounds, fearful of the Grinder. I'm standing there, Indignant... unwrapping a Butterfinger, and taking a bite.

Him, "You know, you could leave all that Change, in the tip Jar.".

Me, Quizzical look "Why would I tip someone, for selling me a Candy bar. If she had brought it to me... Maybe."

Finally, I put half the candy bar in my mouth, and put the rest in my pocket. He grabbed his bike and scooted away, to his waiting friend. I hop on, and follow. They start to turn down the road, and head toward Frontage road.

As I pass by them, I remark. "Not going to take that nice Trek Madone up Suncrest?"

.... I didn't even wait for an answer.
Maybe I'm the one who is a dick on Wasatch.....

The first Dream was of me swerving accidentally into the guard rail, Scraping my carbon frame, and managing some kind of leg laceration, requiring a tetanus booster. I remember, the last time I was regularly, On the Endorphins, I remember every ride, when they were kicking in. I'd have Waking Dreams about the woman, at the time who was breaking my heart, almost every time.

The second dream, as I Hit the stop sign up Sun-crest, Was of my Nemesis. This is the second time this week, that I've had a dream about my old Nemesis! In fact I had it as I went into the movie, with 'The Date'. I thought, I was sure, that "My Nemesis" was going to the same movie.

There I am, Fit Strong Healthy, Literally on top of the world... Kicking ass! and there is my old nemesis, in her Shit-Mobile, Angry, bitter, and getting old.

Take that You narcissistic bitch!



gregclimbs said...

Do you know what nemesis means?

A righteous infliction of retribution manifested by an appropriate agent.

Personified in this case by her 'orrible cunt, Me.

link - in case embed doesn't work:

Nancy said...

I really like this. Yesterday’s blog didn’t connect for me but this is vintage Mop in the format you’re trying to hit. It's got the right amount of snark and Mop demons showing.

Feels like I’m there trying not to smirk while you’re freaking this guy out. He’ll be talking about the scumbag who got a little too close and congratulating himself for getting away.

Riding strong and hard is damned empowering and great for driving away whatever and whoever ails you. For a little while.

The Mop said...

Thanks Nancy,

Yesterday was political... and a little suspect, as to... theme.

I have a whole new meditation on "The demons"... I'm sure I'll get to it.

It's nice Greg keeps pushing me.
Hell, he even called me out on twitter...

I could tell it was closer to what I used to write, as it was coming out.

The original post, as I was on the ride was "I've gone Pro-vo!" I may still write that one.

Basically i'm breaking 1 very long posts into one.

And we still have "The Great red Dragon", That will keep going... it has a few episodes.