Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I had a lousy run this morning. Seems like I'm getting some Fatigue... Need to check my diet today. It's very cold at 4am, More like an Icy walk. Don't get me wrong, there was running... but it's very cold. I'd rather run in the evening, but I keep hoping to work some evening Yoga in.

I felt lousy... Felt like I run like a girl... I think that is just a psychological problem though too much time talking about goth music I guess...... LOL...

Monday, November 17, 2008


some Random Blogging.

I use a feed reader to read all my blogs... point is that when somebody posts to a blog I subscribe to, it just gets sent to me. Unfortunately, there seem to be errors and a subscription fails over time, I don't notice... I just think somebody quit blogging...

so is the case with Known Side Effects, somehow I was Trolling new cycling blogs and realized that there were a ton of new posts, that I hadn't read....



I love yogurt.... (of course give me a few more months). I'm thinking about going to plain and adding my own "Stuff" and I kind of like it all sour... Well that is an interesting post..

Sunday, November 16, 2008


So, You read your horoscope 50 times, either as a lark or cause you think it's important.


  • It inspires you to do what it says and make it happen, Or it doesn't and you dismiss it.
  • What ever it says happens and you remember the one of 50 that said something similar, and you dismiss the other 49 that didn't.
We only remember what validates us, and dismiss the remainder. If your astrology inspires you to do something, then it's a good thing, and significant and valid in your life.

If it's that, or any number of "Thousand Typing monkeys" out there. But it's important that you don't live your life by some random Tidal influence, Among the Typing monkeys it's important to discern what is important to you, and what is just Random Noise. There is also some random noise that is more "What we want to believe"....


Art of the Bauhaus

Ok, I'm about to get Super Nerdy here... Art Nerdy.

Many people don't know but at the Turn of the Century Germany(Wiemar) was at the Pinnacle of Europe. As France was in the 17th century, and England was in the 18th. As Germany felt more and more Entitled as a cultural and industrial leader. This is feeling of entitlement, and dominance is part of what Lead to WWI. Great artists like Klimt, and a little known Thinker named Einstein came out of this Era, and region of Germany(Wiemar).

Turn of the Century, artists wanted to rethink art, as Industrialization was remaking our world. The movement, inspired by the Culture of "Rebirth" prompted by what was seen to be a New age in Humanity; Acceptance of the theories of Darwin, Some of the ideas of Karl Marx, Larger Availability of books and education, progress made by fabric Looms and the printing press, and further industrial production, All of this remade our Civilization. During all of this there naturally was a move to remake art.

As life imitates art and art imitates Life. Modernism is to Art, what Industrialization is to production/business. Art of the Bauhaus, is art that came out of the Named School, Between WWI and WWII when the Nazis closed down the School. It's interesting to think about the word Modernism as always what is Now modern, but you have to realize it's the beginning of the Modern Age, Which is where you get the term Post modern art, and that reference should be used as the Christians use Jesus. There is Pre Jesus, Jesus and Post Jesus. Post modern art.

When rethinking art for the "new Age", They started with basic forms 3 Perfect Shapes.

'perfect square'
Equilateral triangle.
And ONLY BLACK AND WHITE. This is pure modernism, and rigid fundamentalist art of the Bauhaus.

As time went on this was expanded to the Primary colorshttp://www.wiu.edu/art/courses/design/color.gif

Proper Bauhaus is a combination of these shapes and colors,http://ils.unc.edu/courses/2007_spring/inls261_001/images/logos/starters.interest.klee.bauhaus.jpg
Like the Cradle Below
Another element is the use of new manufacturing Methods and materials(this isn't unique to Modernism, apply the newest techniques and materials is common to most art movements). Examples are bent Plywood, and Tube steel.

Le Corbusier.

The above chair is a great example, and possibly similar to something you may have in your home. Great Simple Black Squares, and bent tubular(circle) steel Great example of Early Bauhaus.

Ludwig mies Van der rohe

Now using a Partial Circular form for the frame of this chair, some Great red Squares for cushions. Unfortunately the Liberal use of the curve in the other leg of the chair, and both legs of the footstool, Is a NO NO to purists. Of course the use of color, also points to a later period in the form.

As time progressed broader interpretations, and just the use of Generic Geometric forms became acceptable.
Sometimes with Creativity, the secret is to have confines, and to still be able to express yourself within them.... Feels like some kind of Life lesson there.

Yep... Too many art Classes..... And I can do math. Like being locked in hell. And I can't stand Fractals BTW. I knew this engineer once who though He could "Do art" using Fractals. Grrrr One could use Fractals to express art, but a Fractal is not art. Only an engineer would think a fractal was art, just as every 4 year old thinks that Mountain with a deer out of Macaroni is art... Cause they did it in art class.
Damn, I'm a snob.

Wierd Universal Vibes

Well, I managed a decent run this morning. It was one of those cold morning runs. I much prefer to run in the morning. But It's getting Icy... Seems a little colder this year than last. Things are going well with the diet, not quite as strict As I'd like but, it's something. I get a little sketchy about limiting carbs, since without them All I want to do is Sit on my ass and watch T.V. or Nap. I guess it's good to spread them out.

A ton of Astrology posts over the past few days. Lets see if I can make this point without getting too sidetracked. I was just watching a Nova about the new Hominid bones they found, which they colloquially call "Hobbit". My spider sense says, we don't understand them well enough yet. And how charming is it that they found them at the same time the "Lord of the Rings" movies were at their Apex. They would be more Acceptable if the scientists said "We aren't sure, but have these possibilities"...... Seems like the almost want to believe it. Not that it's impossible, undiscovered species are likely. It's some of the explanations that are far fetched. One of the Scientists Said "I Believe it"..... Personally I try not to believe in much.

Sometimes out there in the Universe we hear things that kind of make our ears perk up, and we tend to think it's significant. Our ears hear so much information, Our eyes read so much text.... that some of it has to be significant.That tends to hit what some call a harmonic Cord in our mind, it makes our ears perk up, is because it is significant..... of course sometimes the significance is just that it's something we "Want to believe".

In my life I've spent some time with the Joseph Campbell "Power of Myth". Myth provides a sort of Skeletal structure for our lives, and culture. Give us some guidelines for our "Path", For the most part we can sort of Smell and use that Harmonic cord as part of our guide for our life.... But sometimes the questing isn't "The Path" we should chose, but how to move down that path.

Life Is a Journey, not a destination...

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Word on the street was, that for a rescue package for the automakers, Our president wanted a trade deal with Columbia.

I'm not taking a side on either issue, But Does Bush want another Failure under his belt... I'll be amused if congress passes something and he veto's it.

better to burn out than to fade away I guess.

I'm logged into this blog so...

I was going to comment yesterday about my conversation with my nonexistent son, about the importance of a Classical Education.... Yep.

I use a feed reader to read all the blogs I read, and for news. I have this nasty habit, I'll read a blog thinking it's one person, then about half way through I realize.... OH!! that isn't Straight out of Provo, it's adding fuel to the fire...

Well it's not all that interesting...

Monday, November 10, 2008

witch's claw

I just had a dream that a "witch's claw" used in an idol-ic way saved me from a werewolf or a Lion or something. What is interesting about this is that I've decided at this point in my life(well Months ago), to actually become an Atheist. (If you are god folk, you are warned... I'm about to go on, and I hope not to offend... so be warned.)

For the longest time, My reservation was more that I felt like 'you couldn't Rule out god'. Then I realized that Like Unicorns, Greek gods, Witch's, Bogymen, Black Helicopters, and the usual Conspiracy's... I actually could.
Much of this started when an Atheist friend, tried to convince me that 9/11 was some kind of bush conspiracy, and there was some kind of explosive charges Planted. That a Building could never be blown down by a Plane. My easy counter argument was that I've seen buildings built, and with all the mouth breathing dopes who do it, I'm surprised they hold up to the wind.

Later I realized that he wanted to believe it, which made him susceptible to what was a very lousy documentary, that obsessed over minutia that your average brain finds curious, Until you further understand how the building was constructed, and basic physics. The point was that even very smart people, who "Want to Believe" can be convinced into the most ridiculous things.

Since this time, I've done my best to try and evaluate many of my own perceptions, especially when for one reason or another "I want to Believe.". Primarily, things I have a Vested interest in. Overall, the rough theme has been that due to our desire for "Infinite Knowledge", we tend to revert to a Delusional Groudfull Knowledge, as apposed to a More Realistic Groundless Knowledge.

Overall, since I can then apply this to Theology. I then realized that for the most part Atheism is not Anti-Theism. Which was how I precieved it. I have no desire to be Anti-God(not that Theism is god), nor am I Agnostic about god/Theism anymore. Previously I didn't have any specific theory that had Excluded God from the equation.

Excluding myself from being Anti-God, or Agnostic about god. It leaves me with the Position of believing that there are certain evolutionary reasons to be "convinced of God". This then gives me a reason, and significant Evidence... Or more Significant evidence of a "Lack of God" than the "Existence of god".

Further more, I didn't realize how liberating it was going to be to eliminate; Superstition, conspiracy theories, Spirituality, and the bogyman in life.

Bush is a Fool and not the Anti-Christ.

(I've stolen all the following Quotes)

"Don't you believe in something god-like? You don't believe in the traditional God. Don't you believe there's SOMETHING there?".

And I say, "No. There's nothing there.". And it's very difficult to get across to people who are religious, that when you are an atheist, that you mean you don't believe in anything like that whatsoever. It's not that you think nature is God, or it doesn't have personal qualities or something like that. You don't believe in anything of that type. Nothing supernatural. nothing miraculous, nothing superstitious. No ghosts, no telepathy... you know... nothing of that kind.

now it's a curious expression, as Thomas Aquinas pointed out, that nothing isn't a funny kind of something - of any kind, as he said - there isn't a kind of thing that the name "nothing" names.. I mean there are philosophers who go about as if it did, umm, but Thomas Aquinas was absolutely clear about it, he says, "look, it's a very odd sort of making that you're talking about here because the negation against the 'out of' is a making but there's no 'out of' going on here".

classical theologians say that God is not any kind of thing because if God were a kind of thing, God would just be one of the other kinds of things that there are, only a rather different one. So we're not talking about something that's on the map of creation. We're talking about something which is off the map of creation, which is why what we're talking... you know.. how we're talking now is a kind of bamboozling nonsense.

Fat Man running

On Ryan's recommendation I picked up "Run, Fat boy Run". It was good. For the most part it was sort of a retelling of a Documentary about a British guy named James Peak,Called
"Fat man running."
James knackered at track
Who in order to get ready for his wedding, and to prove to his Fiancé that he could put his mind to something and accomplish it. Starts training with 6 months to go, which soon turned to 9 weeks, during which he trained for the London marathon.

I totally sound like a snob, and the movie was funner than the documentary. But both were good. I enjoyed it...

I've seen about a zillion movies this weekend, I managed "Tropic of Thunder".. It was ok, "Enigma" which was smart and interesting. I also saw "Step Brothers" which was exactly what you expect. so it was good.

Umn.. So, I'm in my 3rd week of regular serious exercise. Finally it's getting good, the suffering is starting to pay off, The diet Sucks... What has happened to my cookies and milk, bedtime snack.. Seems Vegies and Balsamic vinegar, has replaced it..... I'm sure there are some cookies out there that are lonly for my company....
Speaking of which,
There is this woman I've been seeing on and off. It's a terrible relationship, Which is the worst part about a half assed relationship, when they won't go away...

My week is very stressful, and about Friday I can barley think. Friday I tend to have a minor melt down... usually just shake under the covers for about 14 hours. Saturday I recover, Fatigue and I try and get some stuff done. Sunday Finally I feel normal, And I just want to Feel normal, Eat, rest, Lick my wounds. So, spontaneously she calls up, and I just don't want to add her to my day, It may be one thing if I had already planned it... but I can be a stickler for my schedule.... So...

Now I'm in trouble, because I ignored her...

No wonder I'm, still single.

Back to my Carrots and Twigs... ;).... But I'll have you know, I've never been so regular.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Thought I should mention this.

Somebody was talking about how dangerous it was with on party holding house senate and presidency

Campbell Brown: For those people who have been worried about the possibility of one party controlling Congress and the White House, the last president to do that, of course, was....?

John King: Ah, that was Bill Clinton, and...

Brown: Jimmy Carter! Jimmy Carter had... Bill Clinton had Democrats in the House and in the Senate?

King: Very briefly.

Brown: Very briefly. [Crinkles her nose] Didn't go so well.

King: No it didn't.

Wrong!!!!!.... Any guesses? Try 2000-2006. Sure that didn't turn out so well either... sort of Results in "NOW".

Again, I personally think the the best form of government is when it's In GridLock, and if I had my way we would pass everything by 2/3rds majority. I'm not saying that government is bad, but that government is best when we all agree. It would probably just end up with even more pork.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Yogurt conspracy

It's been a while since Yogurt was in high rotation in my diet. There I am at the grocery store and I pick up my yogurt and it seems something is wrong.

So... I like yogurt, I can eat it plain, but I do like it like a good red blooded American, with a little fruit. I should really look up the history of yogurt, I'm curious how and when cultured milk became an option for meals.

back to the point, I hate Sweet Yogurt. Can't stand the artificially sweetened yogurt.

I bring back my yogurt, and suddenly I realize they have decided to reduce the 8 oz to a 6oz and have the same amount of fruit/jam in it.... Point is, now it's a Sweet yogurt and not the one I like.

this is going to become one of those things... I'm going to end up making my own yogurt, or mixing it at least.

Quick Movie Review

We all know I'm into bad movies:

I just watched "the Tooth Fairy"I was promised it was a good story, solid bad acting.


Hmmm, Well I was hoping for more Nudity, But it almost made up for it that, When I did get my obligatory Skin there were fortunately 2 dead bodies in the haunted house, and there was some kind of theme about how the sex was hot because of all the death, it was sort of a death/life theme. .... It was funny. The kid was much more mature than anyone else.

I'm thinking it was good, Not Great.

Some Hidden voters

There was talk this week of some voters that couldn't tell their friends who they were voting for. Seems like an interesting spot to be in. I wonder if there are groups of people who all voted for obama, and just can't tell each other. It's kind of like those pictures of Hatemongering Rednecks, who say shit like "Adam and eve not Ted and Steve" and you can tell if they would just express their love for each other, they would be happier.

I'm happy to not be working on Constructions sites because I'd be forced to punch anyone in the mouth that said "President N*$@&"

Which reminded me of this:

Maybe it's inappropriate, but it made me smile in a good way.

Friday, November 07, 2008

Super Obama World


Well Now

Sounds like Kelly has decided to do some Cross, Make sure y'all give her plenty of support. That is actually very exciting, I'm super happy for her. I hope she enjoys it.

Now more about me.... Ugh... I need to go to the grocery store and expand my fruit and vegetable supply.

Funny, I remember having my diet be soup salads and Fruit for 5 months before, I'm in day 3... and I hate it.

Every Journey a Thousand Steps.

Thursday, November 06, 2008


One would think on Bravo, it would be old shows that were good and you want to see again..... Ala "west wing"

and yet, Tim Gunns guide to style, kathy Griffin, Top Design... top model, I think Paris hilton is my BFF, Real houswives of 'Blank'....(Let me say, besides commercials, I've never seen any of these shows)

shouldn't' they call it "B grade Reality Television"... Ok, "C Grade Reality TV"

4 hours ago

I started this post, It started with Me bitching that nobody writes anything worth reading... Of course Then somebody wrote something I saw that was worth reading. I wanted more.

I went off on this long rant about how those people who are new to Politics, are about to be introduced to "The Machine". Where Nobody gets what they want, and everybody is disappointed. politics is like a Football game where the field is half as wide and 500 yards long. The defense gets 33 players and the offense only gets 11, and only 3 downs... point is, there is a lot of punting.

It can still be fun, and to be honest, it's best when nobody gets anything.

What is the song? "You don't always get what you want, but SOMETIMES you get what you need"

So, I'm not sure if I've Whined enough, but besides being out of shape, I'm back on the "Winter Diet", you know what I'm talking about. That Diet where you don't get enough exercise, and have to spend most the winter sucking your thumb, 4 cups of tea, 4 pieces of fruit, couple bowls of soup, and salads for dinner....

Oh, Joy

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

I don't know

So... I hear after the election Turbo, had some people Texting him making fun of his French Heritage..... I just want to remind people that:
  • One of the Foundations of America is Tolerance, Even for those who don't vote, or who vote for the Party of hate and Fear (this would be the Political parties). But Tolerance of both Their Childish behaviors is What makes America Great.
  • Reasons Turbo and his French Heritage are good:
  1. French Fries Are Taisty
  2. The French helped us during the Revolution(So the lame shit about how we saved them in WWII is a bunch of Ungrateful Bullshit, especialy since we didn't pay back what Ben Franklin promised for the help(I'm actually not sure of my Facts, but there was some thing that Franklin promised, that we didn't live up to)
  3. The French also Re-invented Democracy.

I also want to thank Turbo for being the Object of this ridiculous Blog post, I have no idea about his heratage, but was looking for something to blog/Jump on my soap box about today, that somehow tied into an election that still seems like a Dream.

And remember, We are stronger together than we are Apart.

Not much

I can't put how I feel into words... Hell, I'm even proud of those of you who "Choose not to Vote", I guess that is the great thing about America.