Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Lingering demons

   I'm trying to get to sleep. I ate a whole pizza today, I don't know why. I just decided to. Not that I've been starving myself and that was the binge. I just said Fuck it... I'm eating a whole pizza because I can. I don't exactly feel good now.....

Well that is a great post Mop... How if I recount my bowel movements. I don't know if it's that or that I continue to shake off the demons from the past 2 years. Regardless they have for me this evening. I forget what I tell myself about demons. They have to be faced, more than just looked at... they have to be faced.

I don't even know what that means right now. I had a good day, I'm just exhausted. I'm not used to that at 8pm. I want sweet sleep to take me.... Too exhausted to fight the demons right now.... and a little too bloated.  I'd fight them but I don't remember how.....

Some soda and some Gin my have to do....

More tomorrow....

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


As twilight breaks on this day, I am struck by a wonderful euphoria. I have nestled in for the winter it seams. My Vinyl albums playing in the background. A Dirty Gin Martini at my side. Sitting on my Futon reading a book. I picked up 'God is not Great' by Christopher Hitchens. I'm Slowly draining the martini.

Hitchens writes of Marx, Restating the often misquoted statement "religion is the Opiate of the masses"

Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, and the soul of soulless conditions. It is the opium of the people.
The abolition of religion as the illusory happiness of the people is the demand for their real happiness. To call on them to give up their illusions about their condition is to call on them to give up a condition that requires illusions.
To summarize the theme. Religion is the Suckling of a child, the continuation of which prevents the child from grow up. The infantilization of the child.

When I was in college I asked one of my professors "Is there somewhere that this is done better, is there a place where higher ideas happen and are discussed?". He had no answers for me, where was Hitchens at that time?

Some brilliant moments as I continue to indulge in such wonderful ideas. Not bad for a drunk.

Saturday, December 08, 2012

Thoughts on snacking.

.... We all know the drill. I have been horrible for the past 2 months. I told someone I went and got a "Whopper" from Burger King, they were horrified. Those things are as large as your head. 8 inches across, and easily enough to give you heartburn for 2 days. In my defence, I do have to avoid it being 'the forbidden fruit'. It was Nasty.

I remember a time when I used to eat soup, vegetables, and Fruit. I remember having "Snacks" that were insanely reasonable... I also remember drinking tea and tons more water all the time. Those were the days! I also remember passing out and waking up on the kitchen floor... Those were the supplements though, I think.

I was watching a documentary on Evolution. I wonder if separate species of humans may develop, those adapted to eat a Burger the size of your head, and those who are not.


Being and Writingness

   I would very much like to get back to writing some stuff..... Some stuff. It's the holidays  I guess the last time you caught up with our Anti-superhero I was trying to date more. Well that has gone super well. Just to let you know that is sarcastic. As I like to tell Julie, "what are you talking about, it never goes well, I only date crazy."
  Well, here I sit weeks left till Christmas and it is me and a Martini. I have finally declared that Gin has finally done me in.... Superman has kryptonite, The mop has a Dirty Martini.

Hey, I wrote something.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

I may be an Alcaholic

   I was emptying a bottle of something... could have been olives in my defense... or denial, placing the empty bottle with my pile of bottles at the bottom of the bar made me think, I probably need to hide those empty bottles lest someone think I am an Alcoholic.
   As a student of Irony, you should realize.... well maybe you are not a student of irony... but you should realize this is exactly what an alcoholic does. Maybe I can tell you that I'm not because I realize my behavior is alcoholic like.... Maybe I can tell myself the same thing.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

call evil good, and good evil

Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter! -Isaiah 5:20

Oh! you are going to love this one.

Myth: Only gay men sexually assault other men.
Reality: Most men who sexually assault other men identify themselves as heterosexual. This fact helps to highlight another reality that sexual assault is about violence, anger and control over another person, not lust or sexual attraction.

Myth: Erection or ejaculation during sexual assault means you "really wanted it" or consented to it.
Reality: Erection or ejaculation are physiological responses that may result from mere physical contact or even extreme stress. These responses do not imply that you wanted or enjoyed the assault and do not indicate anything about your sexual orientation. Some rapists are aware how erections and ejaculations can confuse a victim of sexual assault this motivates them to manipulate their victims to the point of erections or ejaculation to increase their feelings of control and to discourage reporting of the crime.

Want to hear a tale of a Rapist...

   Woman with serious emotional damage from a Pervert Step father at 5 years old and then follows that up with 18 years of a pervert Sado-masochistic husband. Not the "regular kind" that uses safe words and is into freaky roll play. The kind that drags his wife to a basement and ties her up in the dark spending a manic night performing object rape and trying to see if he can manage an erection.

   Well she decides to go out on a date with 'some dude' he takes her to a movie where some 1930's guy is some kind of dominance rapist of prostitutes and the requisite scenes in the movie. She is 'triggered'/terrified by the experience, tries to hide the fact she is freaking out horrified and crying through the whole movie. She runs from the movie, spends a terrified night shaking and crying. A week later the guy calls her and asks her out again. she says no. he convinces her to have a drink and tell her why she doesn't want to date him. She goes for a beer with him. She tries to tell him about how the movie affected her. She cries, he convinces her to go out the the car. In the car she continues to try and tell him about it. In the middle of it, He says " It's just a movie baby!" Then he grabs her and Tries to Rape her. He puts two gigantic bruises on her thigh. She does escape, or so she says.

These people do exist... and they move through you life every day. You work with them. You know them... You think "They are ok". I spent most of my life not understanding why woman don't trust being alone with men. It didn't make sense to me. These days I get it. I honestly don't know what is wrong with many men. Honestly, in my teens I poked a but or two. Stupidly I just thought that was part of the seduction ritual. In my 20's I spent many an hour alone with woman, keeping my hands to myself. If I got a kiss I asked for it. I would hope for your sake that you find this as strange as I do, yet if you are a woman it's a dirty little secret that woman suffer with. Not to mention the numerous date rapes many woman suffer through, looking for mr. Right. And how many of them just accept it as somehow normal and marry them.

How about police who for the most part don't give a shit about rapes, discourage woman by telling them that "It will just be a lot of, he said she said" And the dirt little police secret, I'll almost guarantee that every cop in this country has performed a date rape... sure, it just some denial and rationalization "oh! it wasn't really rape... bla bla bla", She said no, that should have ended it.

Wither the humanity, This world We have created...... How do we do better?

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

What to write.

Today was actually a nice day. I made a nice soup, thought I think it doesn't have enough salt. I really struggle with that. for some reason I think I don't let it sit or stir it enough as I'm adding salt. I also think I make such large batches that it has a hard time mixing in or something. But... Not enough salt.

Having a martini... I'm digging these things.

Oh! So today I decided to just gut it up Winchester. Some of it was that I had been screwed by a little head wind on one of my descents, so I thought. Maybe I will get a tail wind up winchester. So I just drilled it. Half way up I decided to mentaly tell the pain to stop... then I decided to actually shout "Shut UP!" at my body. It worked.. the pain built back up and I screamed it again at the top of my very spent lungs. Holy Shit! it worked... I couldn't believe it. I do believe the mind is a powerful thing, more that my mind is trying to get me to stop and I just need to tell it to fuck off.

I felt good today, I don't know why. It was nice. Maybe it's because I'm watching documentaries, and it makes me feel smart, or worthwhile. something.

Well that is my story and I'm sticking too it.

well you know, Martini...

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Gin drunk and more.

(I've read almost every Hunter S Thompson book ever written, in addition to tons of Bukowsky. This post will be more like HST. Don't get me started on Burroughs... and fuck that kerouac... you have him to blame for all the hipsters)

Gin drunk... Feel like i'm gin drunk and on some speed. I don't know why. I should be laying in bed vegging out, but no, upset stomach and crawling the walls. I don't know why. Seriously feel like i'm on a meth binge trying to come down with gin... but it isn't working. What the fuck.....

Honest to god I don't know what the hell is going on. Part of it is my fault.... Leap into uncertainty... ya, leap into crazy. Why the hell is it so hard to find love. Saw 'End of watch', they said "Find someone you feel you can't live without"... I'd take someone I can live with... Live without, what the hell does that mean, I shit you not... I can leave it, in just about all cases. I've been thinking recently that is probably what is wrong with me. Hard to find someone that doesn't make me want to chew my arm off... I think that must be love....

ya... Gin drunk.. maybe if I lay down.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Where was I.

I need to accept that It's ok to not be verbose in my posts. I can write something simple and leave it at that.

It's 6am... I don't know what I want to write. I'd love to be asleep but that isn't going to happen. Would you believe there is not one god damn good thing going on in my life. I guess my fitness, but where is that going? I'm probably riding too much to compensate for the crappy stuff going on. Or should I say for the Lack of good stuff going on.

Yep... Not one good thing going on in my life. I'm having a couple of good ongoing conversations. I guess that is something. It's not exactly making it so that I'm rip roaring and ready to go in the mornings....

Sigh... It is what it is.

2 readers... I know you are the only ones... but I also know that if I write more other people who don't have news feeds will start reading this. If I write it, they will come.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sleep, Food, Bike rides

The last week has been the beginning of actual training. Training for what? Life of course. (I'm madly in love with West Wing right now it inspires me to take writing and talking more seriously. Which is why I now reflect on what needs to be a summary paragraph. Summary on a page yet to be written.). It's been a tough month. So tough I managed to finish nearly a gallon of cheep scotch. During all of this, I have managed to hit the bike every day. With the exception of one of the first days when I strained my back riding and needed a day off.

I remember all of this; I remember eating sensibly, I remember being hungry, I remember trying to find foods that were super filling. I remember Long days on the bike. Long rides with white line fever. Bonking with 7 miles to go, and dragging my ass home. Protein shakes. Being exhausted. Being irritable
 I was thrilled today when I put on my comfy pants and they have become comfy again. There were a few weeks where I had to start thinking about buying a whole bigger size of comfy pants.

Fuck.... seriously .... The Drama... The Drama has messaged me.... now instead of writing this... I get to deal with the drama.... This is my life.... this is what has been going on for a month... or a year. The Drama. It pukes up all over you, and you spend hours trying to clean up and sort it all out. As a.... Homage to my life as it is right now. This is the perfect representation. A few nice thoughts and an attempt to accomplish something.... with a sudden interruption from "the drama".

Monday, September 10, 2012

Some updates... lets get our groove on.

... Here I sit... I'm suffering some late night insomnia. I'm not sure how my actual sleep is since I'm taking a nap during the day. This is one of those times in my life where I just like the night better. It's quiet.

   I am trying to... well with my riding I now feel like I miss the blog. I had some great thoughts a few days ago, but they are fleeting. Most of my thoughts are on "Rape culture" surprise how I think nobody wants to hear my thoughts.
   Currently there are only two people who have this blog on their regular feed... I'm hoping to come up with some better thoughts and write them down. Something besides "rape culture", records, Strava, or my fatigue.

Stay tuned.

Monday, September 03, 2012

quest for the .25 rootbeer

I took the cruser out for a drunken quest for a .25 cent rootbeer. strange....

I have been drinking quite a bit these past few weeks. I'm enjoying it.... getting to know what it would be like to be a drunk. I've been here before.

what i thought was strange ... My .25 cent rootbeer was gone. Somehow I couldn't get another rootbeer for under $2.00... very odd. what has this world come to ... the little pleasure of a rootbeer ... $2.000

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Snazy post on Being emotional and death

For some reason, I was very emotional yesterday. I spent a ton of money on vinyl, it was most of the things I really really wanted.... but I paid for them... crazy money if you ask me.

After that, I felt like I emotionally crashed. I guess I have been hoping to find that vinyl for so long... and it feels like an anti-climax. Like winning the Olympics and then saying "what is next" and then I guess you have to learn how to live again, or find a new obsession ;).

One of my sisters died when I was about 8 or 9 Years old. For some reason my thoughts went to her. She was the forgotten member of the family, the one who didn't get the attention. Now in retrospect, It is so clear how much she loved me. Strange to wonder about how the loss of that love has affected me. In my imagination, I think about all the times in my life when I would have liked to show up at her house and cry, or get her advice about life or love. She should have been 'That sister'... but because she died, I didn't get that... and a hole was created in my life... in my soul.

In my car... I wept and thought about how much I missed her.... 32 years later. I wonder if this is the anniversary of her death. It feels like it... and it's just about the right time.

Monday, June 11, 2012

The dream

I'm still tripping on the idea of "the dream" that "H.I." had in Razing Arizona.

  In my dream, I always thought I would make the best floor sweeper at a telescope. I guess what would be fun  is for it to be in the high mountains then I could cycle to it. In the back of my mind... I've always felt as though I could fall back on my sweeping skills. There is a documentary on Hulu about the janitors at some of the major universities. It's interesting... the idea of the garage mechanic philosopher... but what other types of philosophers are there?

In the better dream... I'm remodeling a house. I work in either astro-physics or theoretical physics. I like the idea I work in Theoretical physics, but then help someone else with their observations from a telescope. I imagine that nobody goes to telescopes anymore. I'm sure it's all available to look at from a laptop, images downloaded from the observatory. I think I hold onto the romantic notion of the long trek to the top of a mountain, not that I would smoke a pipe... but sitting there pipe in hand looking through the viewer... Imagining life in the far reaches of the universe.  Like the image of Norman Rockwell... in his self portrait... but me kicked back, feet up, filled with imagination.... alone in the solitude at the top of a mountain.

I continue to remodel my house, contemplating the interaction of various magical waves trying to understand the  cross relationship between our tactile understanding of the world, and the strange and wondrous magic that is our attempts to understand and struggle with the actual mechanics. One of my great contributions being the misunderstanding of the physics community by referring to gravity as a weak force... showing the ignorance and lack of multi-dimensional understanding of the effects, and proving it to be the single greatest and most important force in existence. Then I have moved off to some theories about how dark matter ties is linked to what one could refer to as the fabric of the universe.

My wife loves me, she is busy with her life we see each other regularly... but always miss each other, time together is cherished and we can quickly catch up, in a few moments of conversation and affection. We find time together to work on the house and the garden. Everything in our home is well organized, and we both do a great job of teasing each other in well natured ways... about where the best place for the hand tools need to be. We had considered a divorce when, an argument over if the garden gloves needed to be in a crate and shelf out side, or a drawer in the workshop.... but we worked it out.... things are much happier now, that this has been resolved by having them in both places.

And real life goes on...

Thursday, June 07, 2012

I like to call it "Emotional Instability". I was watching Donnie Darko, he says "Emotional problems, I have those. What kind does your father have?"

   A tale of 2 people... a legacy of physical and sexual abuse, passed on from generation to generation. They were both born into it, they didn't make the choice to be born to those parents. Everyone just trying to survive from day to day.... just trying to make it through their day. Everyone scared by it, The walking Wounded so to speak. They talk about the emotional trauma of War, the Trauma of killing or being killed. People around you, here today gone tomorrow. There is nothing like the Truama of a father Betraying a child, The person who is suppposed to protect you, to love you. Taking advantage of you. Either by Hitting you, or by committing the most narcissistic of crimes, using ones child for their own pleasure... sadistic or not. Violated in the one place a child should feel safest. I imagine most would rather be dead, rather be in war.

The tragedy in the tale... as is in that cycle... the tragedy is the children.  Having both parents struggle with being lucid, not sure what reality anyone is in. Dad the loving father reading christmas books or the father terrorizing his children in their beds. A mother unsure of what is going on, too afraid to find out, to ask or to look. A mother also sliding from reality to reality... struggling with her history of abuse. "Is this what love is? Is this what Sex is supposed to be? Dutiful submission. Masochistic toil? If I do these things... will it satisfy him, will he stop hurting the kids?

I have never understood religion, I don't need redemption. I haven't done anything. I live by the rules, I have a momentary laps and J-walk. I have trespassed. I once stole a candybar, but only for the thrill. This is not the same thing most people go to church for. It frightens me, to be in that place. To be in a place where people NEED salvation from the things they have done. Maybe I will go to hell for my candybar theft without confession, I doubt it. If there is Heaven I don't want to be there with those that sit in church. I will say, I don't want to sit in church with someone who needs salvation. I know it is judgemental, I get that in many ways they are powerless... so are the victims. There are many victims that never lift a finger, never lift a hand to their children... but who suffered none the less. I can decide to not sit in the same room with those that do need salvation. I would also add that salvation will never come by shoving your hands together and hoping. Like they say, even a miracle needs a hand. The worst part, when the religious Zellot decides... well if god isn't answering, then it must be what he intends. God must want it to happen, or he would stop it/me.

Imagine growing up in a household created by two very desperate emotionally unstable people, both hoping that god will provide and help to created a decent life for their kids. Children growing up with two parents who lack any form of lucidity or consistency, both who struggle with reality. Those children struggling in these realities, just trying to get the food/warmth/love that they so disparately need... in a place where those things are in short supply.

To quote Joseph Conrad ""The Horror! The Horror!," 

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Inability to self sooth.

what is self soothing.... it's a relief from anxiety. there is a source of anxiety... and you can't resolve it. So... you have to find a way to relieve... temporarily... the anxiety. Bike rides tend to be useful, it's not quite working for me. some people take hot showers, some people eat, some people cut into their arms or self hurt....

Inability to self sooth

Saturday, June 02, 2012


... suffering some. My brain is trying to sort out the things that have happened over the past year. It's like the librarian grabbing half the stuff on the shelves and trying to resort it. It takes a while.

It isn't that I'm not sleeping, its that i'm not sleeping at the correct times. I have been sleeping most of the morning away. What, as everyone says you must do is force yourself to be awake. The problem is that the dysfunction that comes with the insomnia, is a lack of productivity. One starts falling behind. I did manage to get a ton of work done from noon to 9pm at night, with my sleep schedule. At least I was getting stuff done. Yesterday, it was irrigation day. I stayed up most of the day and managed a couple short naps, but I was worthless for most of the day in any real terms. I hoped that I would fall asleep tonight and wake up at something nice like 5-7am.... but no dice... my body stuck to the schedule it knows... I woke up at midnight and have been up ever since. now as dawn breaks... fatigue is taking me.... ugh... maybe 2 more hours of sleep will do the trick.

and why do I tell you about this.... Ya... I don't know. The worst part is laying in the dark... having the thoughts I haven't allowed myself in a year. I'm also thinking about what my life is going to look like from now on. These are some heavy thoughts. For reasons I can't remember, I knew I was holding back on this stuff and had been not processing these thoughts for a few months. It was driving me up a wall. I will probably spend the next 3 months going through it all. I just wish I could do it on a few more hours of sleep.... I need to get some stuff done.

Filling the void

... I have mentioned that it has been a tough year and a little bit.

In what has been a tough time, there is this hole in me that has needed to be filled. I made some mistakes by giving up my comfort to try and sort out and focus on accomplishing some things. In this period of time there has been a void inside me. I have spent tons of time trying to fill it. Some call it, self soothing. Tonight i found myself eating a bowl of ice cream. Would you believe that I chased it down with some tuna and some fresh peas from my garden. Such is life.
   It's hard to know that what I'm doing... eating the ice cream is only a stop-gap and that I need to deal with my life in a more... relevant way. Some people drink beer. some people self harm. I know I actually need to face my problems and do something about them... not to feed my pie hole... until I feel better. The root cause... that is what needs to be dealt with.

of course... sometimes you just need some ice cream..

Friday, June 01, 2012

More... but less

I said I was going to post more. I thought the previous post about duck suffocation was ok, it wasn't great... but it felt good.

I'm trying to be honest. That seems to be helping my writing. I used to have this blog and I could just post anything I felt. It's more difficult now... I can't be as honest because I get phone calls... or messages. Then I spend half of my day explaining things

I'm trying to remember what my decent thoughts today were. My garden is finally in, It's funny it is so stressful. I wonder how farmers used to do it. Probably beat their wives... My head is so full of thoughts on how we bully and hurt and disrupt the growth of our children. I can't get away from it.

This blog post sucks...

Oh.... Ok HTFU.. and Nobody is there for me.

Ok, So... I'm in one of those things right now, Where I feel like nobody is there for me... Like i have burned out all my "Support system". It is that feeling where I feel abandoned. I actually know I'm not... In a way it's that the right people are not there. I joked with a dear friend of mine that she should tell me when i'm supposed to fall back in love with her. She is this very amazing woman, so few know how amazing. Much smarter than I. She lives this quiet peaceful life. I think that was learned, she realized how quiet and peaceful she liked things. I like to imagine that she wakes up as the sun hits her Dawn facing window. In rays of sunlight she wakes up in the morning... rejuvenated cuttled and caressed by the Night. Dawn bringing a perfect morning to her life. There is no room for anyone in that life, or in that perfect morning. She is satisfied by her life... wants nor needs nothing else. She lives Self Satisfied. I love those thoughts.
   One of my Ex Girlfriends said to me "who do you trust"... which was a challenge to me, to ask me... when the chips are down... who is my "Go To"... and more specifically who is the woman I go to in those moments of weakness. Well, she certainly is one of them. But she has this perfect life and morning. I also think that, like my mother... she sort of has this saying.... My mother says..."well, at one point... mamma is all out of milk". There is something we say in cycling... or among us.... it's HTFU... You need to dig in and harden up and move on. ... Mamma is all out of milk.
    Since I like to deal in dichotomies... One of the signs of the Borderline personality disorder, is an inability to "self help". Part of that is being unable to ask for help, or to say something is wrong. My dear Nancy and I  have talked about this. Regardless of what is wrong or if someone can do anything. The thing is, You have to Say it. You have to verbalize it. This is part of making the problem real. So when someone stays to you, Shut up... stop whining about it... We have to remember that it is important to have a kind ear to listen to our problems, regardless of how large or small. There is something about saying it. There is also something to the   unhealthy nature of repressing it. Thinking nobody cares. Yet... sometimes we have to dig in and do something about it. HTFU....
   This balance between HTFU... and being vulnerable to talking about our problems... openly... well it's interesting... at what point do people become frustrated because we have whined about our lack of a decent job or significant relationship for long enough... when we continue to sit on our asses and ride bikes and watch TV... Sit and do nothing about it for too many years. At what point is it worthless whining and not a genuine struggle with our psyche... what point are we an Eeyore who constantly struggles with imposed worthlessness, no point in even listening to anymore. But for most... if they knew any other or any better way... They really would do it. It's like blaming the victim. They don't like being who they are... They just don't know any other way.... They didn't ask for it... nor are they Lazy. They just don't know the way.... And ask... Do you? Are you the pinnacle of a good life? I just saw a thing with Maurice Sendak. He said as he was getting to the end of his life "All artists Get to the end of their life and say 'Is this it? is this all that there was?" I'm not sure I know anyone who has it all figured out, I know a few people who are truly happy. Satisfied in their current life. I have been satisfied in my life. I'm satisfied in my garden, in my work which is how I lead my life. I think, though happy... I still think that the people who are happy still want more. We have learned to be happy with what we have... but... I think we know there is a more complete life. Similar to what "H.I." the Nicholas Cage character in razing Arizona was hoping for of course maybe it is one fence post too high for us... and it's our nature to reach to the limit of our abilities and then constantly bash our heads against the Immovable rock.

Ok, that is all I have... I wish I had the energy to re-read and re-edit this... maybe if I keep my streak of insomnia going... I'll edit it.... anyways... there are only 4 or you reading this anyways.

Sorry, you aren't worth a re-write.... face it.... it's called reality.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Duck suffocation

It has been quite some time since I have been able to put together some cohesive thoughts. Worst turning cohesive thoughts into a series of cohesive sentences and paragraphs. One story I rarely mention is when I was in highschool I wrote something for the literary rag. The teacher in charge of it said, "when you write you should have a theme or meaning in what you write. Unless you just want to write pulp fiction. Well I do dig me some Pulp fiction. These words have followed me the rest of my life. "Ahhhh Meaning.... good idea."

I want to watch a documentary about relationships, exploring all the strange dichotomies that relationships present us with. More Sexual relationships, than any other type. I said this this weekend, "It just seems that the single most important thing in life, finding someone and sharing a life with that person, it seems like it should be easier. The single most important thing in life, one would think it would not be so difficult. Maybe everyone else finds it easy, and I'm the only one who struggles but that is what I see out there. We have computers that think and do everything for us... but somehow I can't manage to build a life with someone and fall asleep in a bed with them and wake up the next day recharged enough to look at  the world and say... "lets go" "allonsy" or "another day world.... Let us go another round"

In these thoughts... suddenly I thought "I should do a Documentary, exploring these ideas" and yet... Ya.. mop... just what you need... another thing to do... because the other 30 things you are halfway in the middle of, just aren't enough.

with a little luck, i'm going to try and explore some of these ideas on the blog.

I was in a park about 9 months ago. I watched a male duck dunk and suffocate the female duck under the water then he mated with her. I wondered if that sadistic animal thing ... it was such anathema to how I want my life to be or to my perceptions of reality. I wondered if this was just some kind of strange element to life that I just ... that just isn't in me and I have been blind to, that this maybe was just the normal way ducks mate. Or if the male duck just wore her down... chased her all day and night until she was exhausted and raped her. Which is something we see in our human life.. some predator cornering a woman and attacking her, him even deluding himself into thinking it was just some kind of primal essence of lust. The way she dressed "made him do it" and he sees it beautiful in a Henry and June desperate depraved kind of way. I wonder what I would think of a reread of some Henry miller. The truth being, he cornered her in a parking lot and she just submitted rather than have him beat her... or suffocate her under the water. Submission is not consent.

No wonder this is all so crazy and complicated. When all I want is to wake up in the morning, make some eggs and get back to work.

No wonder woman find it so difficult and frightning. Wanting some love and affection, in a world of sexual assault and violence. Trying to suss out what is healthy from what is normal... normal in a land of duck suffocation.

Thursday, April 05, 2012


I looked down today and saw some Cycling legs. The lungs hurt,the pace was slow. Starting to feel athletic.

Very hard to say that. I am very tired. I needed some distractions tonight. I couldn't find them. I have been watching 'pump up the volume ' the ultimate poorly written teen angst movie.
Shit well beyond that I don't know what to say.

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

31 days of riding

Just remember, whatever you do this month with #30 days of riding... I did the same while it was colder and I put in an extra day.

I'm sitting here thinking, yep that gets me in trouble. I honestly wish I read more.

Have I mentioned I have the most awesome bed in the world... I mean seriously... I didn't know you could do all this to a bed. I thought it was all ruffles fill-agree and doily patterns. Of course you ask, Well why is it you are still up at 2am. .. you don't actually want to know. I had a full day, worked my ass off. I have so much to do.

I was sitting here trying to go to bed... I swore I had something to write... but it just didn't hit my fingers as I sat down...


Monday, March 26, 2012

New bed.

It is springtime here on woody creek farm.  Dang I miss HST. If you don't get the reference I wont fault you. You should have heard the Gary oldman joke I made. It took 5 min to tell and 10 to explain.

I have the seed for the birds out. Camping gear is being organized. New pair of trail runners, no idea when I will run again and if you saw my girth..... you would laugh ... we all start somewhere.

I spent most my weekend moving furniture. I scored a full king bed-set its impressive. In love with the comforter. It is making me want that 1000 thread count set of sheets. (Did I just say that?).

I think my point was.... I am exhausted. And we still haven't gotten the planting done.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Up late

I was completely exhausted today, not sure why i'm up late. I seem to be haunted a bit. Not sure by what, some past history. Odd, not sure ... sometimes I feel like I'm picking up where I left off after high school.

One of those nights where you spend hours on the computer wondering about people you used to know. Yet, not exactly wanting to find out.

Wish I knew what kicked off this fit of nostalgia.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


I have a friend who is doing 366 days of photos. this is day 80 or something maybe 82, I'm proud of her. She tried to get me to write something every day. I have been trying. Not very well, we all remember 30 days of blogging. Well, I won... but 366 days is a .. Well it's impressive.

I intend to do better about writing, I miss the old blog.

I want to write something.... I'm not sure what. I'm a huge fan of The walking dead, it and doctor who are about all I watch. Seems like it is going to get more comic book like soon. Not sure if I like that. I both liked and disliked shane... but I both like and dislike many of the characters.

Monday, March 12, 2012

The cusp of 40

As I remember it, I started this blog at 34. Here I am on the cusp of 40... I know you are fucking sick of hearing about it. I just figured it was appropriate to do a blog post.
I have to renew my driver's license, apparently its like applying for CIA clearance. I am not getting into missile silos. This is honestly Big brother... seriously it's just ID to drive a fucking car. Person owns this, may drive a car, person in picture needs to "kind of match" the person in the photo... and you have a small chance it is the same person. But sure enough I need to bring 9 documents that could easily be forged to prove i'm able to fucking drive a car. TELL ME WHAT THE HELL I NEED ID FOR!! SOME FUCKER CAN CHARGE THE SHIT OUT OF MY BANK ACCOUNT AND GET LOANS IN MY FUCKING NAME.... WITH NO FUCKING ID... but... drink a beer or some smokes.... I need Valid 9 verifiable versions of who I am... with a fingerprint blood and retinal match. But to steal my money... NO FUCKING PROBLEM.

That is what is wrong with this world.... everyone is shooting the wrong fucking target. How about a bank fucking ID... that one has all the shit.... and I have to use it to spend my money....

Since I was 18 I have thought about fake ID and how to have and get it.... THE PROBLEM IS IT ISN'T FUCKING USEFULL. Hey... I'm not me.... I'm roger williams... oh... thank god... cause we are after you, not roger williams. Like I say... I dont' even know who I am.... how the fuck could I be someone else...

Let me let you in on a secret... if you were getting into missile silos... there would be special ID... Missile Silo ID. I had a special ID to get into a building I used to work at.... seriously, I needed a different ID just to work somewhere.. My drivers license is good for one thing... to drive.

ok Shane is fucking dead. and if fucking whats her name... hadn't said "the baby may be yours" he would be alive... Ok how fucking days of our lives. they did do an ok job of him going nuts though. .. and I just don't know what I'll do without shane on that show...

40 here I come.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Ride 10

I just ate the most ridiculous thing.... sort of chex mix with jelly beans and M&M... with a cream filled doughnut on top. Ugh... it's one of those things that sound good sort of tastes good... but when you are done.... You feel nasty. Maybe that is why some people puke that stuff up.

I miss the time when I ate soup and veggies and soup for 6 months.... that was nice.... Somehow I am struggling to get back there.

I kind of want to hide right now, the big B-day is coming... I think I'm dealing with it, I don't have any plans... not sure I want any... not sure I don't...

You know what I want... I want to build a Tent fort... One of those ones with blankets... I want to hide and read for a few days... That is what I want for my birthday. Maybe with my bike kit all setup outside so I can just grab it and go for a ride...

all of this I want in southern utah.

Right now I feel like... I have one of those moments where... I don't seem to know where life is taking me... or hell if I'm even on the path... Obviously I'm only where I am... and obviously I'm on the only path around. Somehow I was sitting there asking myself, not only if I'm going in the right direction... if i'm even in the right place in the universe.

I have been feeling like I don't know Like the Universe is barely talking to me... and that I'm just in the wrong parking lot, looking for a car that i'm not even sure I like driving.

Thursday, March 08, 2012

ride 8

I would like to start by asking.... "what ever happened to good Oliver Stone movies?" It all went downhill at JFK and that damn born on the fourth of july. Platoon discussed a very interesting Duality.... Somehow he convinced the studio into a 3quil of 1960's movies... ok 4 with "the doors".

But I digress.

Ya, today was a ride like any other ride. I'm happy to be out... unhappy about my life. Just going to say that turning 40.... little to show for it... besides some squirly blog and some squirly friends.

I'm eating like... well ... I'd eat the Oder eater out of a shoe right now... if it was covered in sugar. Bottomless hole I think...

Not the good dreams

I want to remember the Yesterday nights dream.

In my dream I was living in a house every time they fix it it was done substandard... and the house would constantly drip. Sometimes the drip would become a flood.

There was a tiger in the house. The tiger used to drink the dripping water, but the tiger was removed. Now the drip becomes a leak, and it becomes a flood.

I stopped the workmen and insisted that the work be done to reasonable standards.... but it is a long process.

Some day I will put some images to my posts.

Meaning: Well my guess is that it is about poor coping strategies. House being a metaphor for the person. Removing the old ways of "getting along" and building a strong and decent 'Home' ... The dripping is probably crying.

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Ride 7

31 days of cycling.

Well this isn't' all that interesting

Ride six I forgot to blog about... because well it was like every other ride.... because it was.

I did decide that it's not particularly cycling fatigue, it't more laundry fatigue. 2-3 layers in the washer and dryer every day.

Monday, March 05, 2012

ride that almost was

Ride number 5

I was hoping for an hour and a half. I turned into the headwind and rode 1 mile and almost turned back... I said... "this sucks but I can at least go out two and a half".

It is an amazing day out there... but I'm effing tired.

Mop Mopinator, Getting chicked for 2 decades.

Ride 4 31 days of cycling.

I went out on sunday, I was just doing my Usual run. What I like to call the Mopinator Crit. Which goes near Eborn's house. 2 miles from home I saw Nancy on her bike, and whipped around and caught on. Of course her and two other serious woman cyclists.

Chatting with them I realized that everyone makes jokes on the bike, especially about the other cyclists. When I caught them they were putting the hurt on 3 super Clydesdales and some other guy had apparently caught their wheel, who didn't bother to chat with them. It's funny, I had no problem holding their wheel, but that guy ended up pulling right off. It's interesting how it's hard to gauge people's fitness.

As the girls joked.... ."the problem is, no men like to get 'chicked' on a bike". It's probably part of my character, but i'm not as competitive as most cyclists. Probably why I don't race... getting beat is probably just another day for me... won't exactly upset me or inspire me to do better.

Friday, March 02, 2012

30 days of hell. oops 31

Well, I decided that my poor fitness was going to require 30 days of fitness. I did this on a lark 2 years ago. I liked it a lot. One thing that you do learn is how important that rest day is. Even that coffee ride is just a little too much.

I think this is about 2 weeks of regular riding. It's all starting to blur together. My head is still in a terrible place. Just ... Too much. If there is this line where you are dealing with too much crazy bullshit. I have no margin of error, if one(additional) tiny thing starts to go wrong, I start spiraling out of control.

Ride one I was going to just spin around the block. There was a ton of snow and I was nervous, but the weather felt fine and I started and decided to give it some miles.

Ride two was the same thing. I did look out and decide the weather was nice enough to do a real ride. It was nice to get out, but I am exhausted, its been a nasty week.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Encounters of the third kind

3 odd years ago, I started a journey. Pardon me, I feel absolutely sick right now. Not the kind of sick where you have a cold or the flu for a few days. Sick as though I'm casting off some serious demons, sick as though i'm transitioning from one life to another. From what was to what is going to be. You may ask, "where have you been mop?". Well for the past 3 years it's been a bit of a journey, experiencing an aspect of life which most of us want to pretend doesn't exist. Some time ago I may have mentioned how I was learning about why woman didn't feel safe, why people are afraid of people or men or things around them. Over the past 3 years I have learned much about why.
Many of you have wondered why I have been so interested in the Josh Powell story. There was a point where his father came out and started talking delusional about Susan and started calling her a whore. Over the past years, I've learned that these are hallmarks of a Pervert.... a Child Molesting pervert. For the past few years, I have spent way too much time in Anti-denial about the perverts that live in our midst... and the way they talk and live, and how they get away with what they do.... and your denial helps.
So, where have I been? well I have had a few years of experiences, First hand experiences dealing with various perverts.... it's funny when you manage to see them and realize that they are real... and are around us all the time..... and what to do about them... how to deal with them and how to handle them.... and how not to handle them.

Here I sit, I feel like someone who has been off to war and has had a few days of rest and restoration/recreation. I feel more like I want to puke than .... restored.

I guess more on this later....

Feeling a bit wibily woboly

I am not sure how to start. I am feeling lousy. That big 40 is coming. It seems to be part of what has me down. Evaluating my life at 40. My lack of exercise at 40. My lack of a decent life at 40. Lack of real love at 40...... fun fun fun.... going to lay in bed for a few extra minutes ...

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Valentines duality....

I was reflecting on the possible dichotomy between Valentines and Single Awareness day.

My entire life I have always felt like Valentines should be like it was when we were kids where everyone got a valentines, and we picked through a box and tried to apply our feelings to each other from a box of pre-made valentines... giving those extra special ones to those extra special people.

As I was reflecting on it and was reading about how many people see Single Awareness day. As either a Celebration of being single or a desire to be counted on a day that points out your misery at being single( it is called SAD ). It made me realize how this holiday which should be about love, seems to have become about cards and about being in love with your significant other.

It seems like what could be a nice holiday about our affection for each other... like many holidays it's become about our feelings about our self and maybe about our own self loathing and insecurities. Maybe next year I will remember and just share that deep and innocent love and caring for each-other. Here is to next year...

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Wake at ass crack :30... what do I do at asscrack :30

That is the problem with getting up, you have to do something. I guess one of the things to do is get up and figure out, What to do.

Oh, Fun.... sit and blog this.... I'm hoping it goes somewhere.

I'll bet some coffee will help. Of course .. I made me a big breakfast; biscuits, sausage, eggs with Salt Cod.

Thursday, February 09, 2012

Posting something

I had some very important thoughts to post.... then they ran out... I want some good sleep and a calm life....

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

More commercial culture

I was watching something on Hulu... apparently i'm expected to watch all the Superbowl commercials and Pick my favorite. It's apparently what all the cool kids are doing.

If this doesn't solidly encapsulate significant portions of what is wrong with us and what passes for our culture... I don't know what does.

Monday, February 06, 2012

Late night movies

It has been a few years since, with much weighing on my mind, I have laid awake watching movies in the wee hours of the morning. I find it interesting how movies in this frame of mind seem to resonate more clearly. The music and story seem to have more depth. Maybe because its an escape ... it must be easier to suspend ones own disbelief when we want to run from the life around us.


Superbowl notes.

There are many things to comment on tonight.

I was so exhausted by my day I fell asleep at nine thirty. I thought it bode well for my night until I woke up at twelve thirty....

Pop...non culture.

I've somehow managed to catch up on all my marketing. I'm sure it has to do with watching the Superbowl. By "marketing" I mean the attempt by marketers to get me to buy more crap. It sounds like the rumor of a " Ferris Bueller part 2" was just a ruse to get me to buy a car. Charming that Matthew Broderick is unwilling to make a sequel, but still willing to cash in. Lets keep hopping for LadyHawk 2(side note; Michelle Pheifer is that old?). I'll still hang onto hope for a beloved "Square Pegs Reunion", of course that Merritt Butteric died of AIDS in the late 80's isn't helping my cause.... and that it would probably come off as more of a "Sex in the City Prequel".

I'm also a little confused... did the Price Line Negotiator die? I'm not sure I can handle this news, when added to my previous disappointmet with Ferris Bueller 2.

I guess I'm just going to have to keep my hopes alive with the idea of "War Games 2"

The Powell Family.... Either he or his father killed her. If his father killed her, he missed all the signs and did not help the police catch him.... which is a solid sign of some kind of Psycopath father with an unnatural hold on his son. If He did it, or he enabled his father to get away with it.... either way he should never have be allowed to see his kids again. As evidence of what a bad idea it was to have his kids never see him... I present the evidence that he killed himself and the two kids last night.

Unfit father, Unfit Parent, unfit grandfather.... ya... the fucker did it.

Side note: if your father in law has a hangman's noose with some kind of doll in it in his office, I'd suggest you keep your kids away. Just saying.

Saturday, February 04, 2012


I'm not thrilled by my daily ramble. I want to try and correct that.

I have a kink in my back/neck this morning. I managed to go to bed early, only to wake up after a few hours of sleep, i'm hoping to catch a late morning nap. The kink is from tension.

Ugh... now I forgot what I was going to write about.

Friday, February 03, 2012

This is going to be fun.

Well I wanted to blog something every day, I'm sure I'm failing.

I just checked web stats for this blog, either I have it set up wrong. Sorting that out will take another day. I guess it shouldn't surprise me that I have very few visitors. The ones I do have probably visit by blog feed.

What was I going to blog about..... Ops I don't quite remember. I'm still in a bit of purgatory, much of it will be over tomorrow. I'm strangely excited about that, I guess I like dealing with stuff and getting it out of the way.

I did just wonder if I outlived Jim Morrison..... who I don't think made it to 30.... google says?

he died at 28... yep older by jim morrison by 12 years.

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Direction non direction

I was reflecting tonight. As focused as I tend to be, as well as the universe tends to talk to me. The funny thing is that I have two friends who are the opposite. They both have told me about their dreams, the strange thing is the sort of reality that is developing from them both. As much as I feel I have vision, it is strange to me that they both seem to ... or might see things the way they really are, in their dreams.

I guess the thing is, they are less in touch with what is going on... but their dreams are letting them see ... what they can't with their own eyes.


and bogity boogity boogity.... Much magic mumbo-jumbo going on late at night, in the middle of winter.

Wednesday, February 01, 2012


This is insomnia

Not feeling well.

This is one of those times. My big 40 b-day is coming up. All downhill from there. Downhill... I like who I am, I like how I live... but if things go more downhill, I am in trouble.

As a quick aside, I kind of want to watch movies for a few days. I guess I want to escape....... escape what??? Damn its not even my life I want to escape. 

Back to it.... probably ten years I have been trying to live a better life. Making the worst mistake.. hoping it would just happen. Took me 3 years to realize that wouldn't happen just by hoping. As my Muse might say "just do it"

Fuck fourty and here I am.... wanted to be elsewhere.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

winter duldrums

Ugh... the mens final of the Australian open is on tv right now... I've felt awful this week, I want to say "This is the worst I have felt in 5 years" but then I wonder... is that how I feel every winter? this is the worst I have ever felt... and it is just seasonal.

I don't know.

I probably need to focus on writing about things that go on out the the world, describing real things I see and feel every day. I'm just sort of happy to be writing every day.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Some un-musings

I was watching some commercial... it was about "buy this toothpaste... or your kid will have rings in his nose"

I know it is a theme with me.... but where are all the "Marry a religious Zellot, and end up tied up by a sadist(just for Julie; in the un-consensual way)"

Where is this in our modern folklore...

Friday, January 27, 2012

The universe

I have been ... well it feels like the signal to noise ratio is getting high, in my life. I am not sure what I am being told or where to go from here.

Too much noise not enough signal.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

still trying to write

I'm still trying to write something every day, I'm hoping to get back in the hang of it. I just feel like Y'all do when we do these things like 30 days of riding or writing...

I see how it is to just get overwhelmed with life and give up.


The nominations are out for the Oscars. Two years ago I sat down and tried to watch all the nominated best pictures and as many of the other films nominated in the major categories. For those that remember, I was not impressed. As I remember there were two films I enjoyed, and the rest I found "Watchable". I just wasn't sure they were worth my time. This was the year of "Hurt Locker", "avatar" and "up in the air", both movies I thought were good...

.... With all the money tied up in these movies, I think I just expect more.

.... Either that or I'm getting old.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Sick 2.0

I slept most of the day. I'm lucky, I tend to be able to wallow in my illness, most of you go to work and suffer through it... just trying to get by. I get to spend days just .... Wallowing and complaining... thinking about how I don't feel good... how it is interfering with getting anything done... Hoping that it will pass.

I seriously watched movies and felt sick all day.... tough life... strange I am complaining... I don't know what I was trying to write here.... I'm just trying to write every day. I would hope I would try and write something of use......

I had this thought... if Romney doesn't win or doesn't win the presidency... when the Mormons roll out 2 more candidates, will america get them confused, will they say "oh, it's another mormon brunette Ken Doll, how is this one different than the last one?"

Monday, January 16, 2012


The world may be ready for: a black president, a Hispanic president, a Woman, Maybe even a gay one ... but I don't think the world is ready for an "in the closet gay Mormon" one.

Did I just say that?

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Being sick

I've been very sick this winter. Somehow I just can't escape the germs. The most probable reason is all the breeders in my life, and their Germ carrying Spawn.

Besides being debilitated, the worst part of being sick is not knowing if you just need to Nut up and Deal with being sick and move on or if you just need to lay down rest and accept that you are sick.

Around and around that thought goes through my head.

Saturday, January 14, 2012


Those that are "In the Know" realize that I am into Battlestar Galactica right now. Don't ask me why. I have been asking that for over 2 weeks now, and have no answer.

This is how bad it is; One of the Original/God Like Creator/cyborg/Organic machines/ Cylon/Skinjobs/toasters, who is sleeping with one of the Created /Rebel /cyborg/Organic machines/ Cylon/Skinjobs/toasters and having a baby with Her, decided to name his child Lliam. The Original Cylon's Ex wife then Confronted Lliam's mother with the fact She nor the child were special, whereas the father wanted to name their child Lliam Except the Original cyclon's origional cylon wife was barren. At which point Rebel/second Generation Cylon under the stress of this new information, then miscarries. As Original dad/Cylon was crying in the arms of the guy from Stand and Deliver(Edward James Olmos) AKA Loren Green... No wait Cpt Adama, they mentioned that Lliam was short for William. Clear as Mud?

William is a family name on my Father's side. My father's middle name was William, after his father. I said to myself, Oh.... If I had a kid, which will probably not happen, I could name that child William and call him Lliam, Continuing some kind of Family Legacy.

I then realized I was continuing the legacy of a Drunk Irish Wife Beating Asshole. I then said, I can then challenge my child to not live up to his Legacy. Then I thought, when he does become some kind of drunk asshole he could then blame me for naming him after his drunk ass great Grandfather......

Sweet..... only 4 episodes left... Now I wonder... are the original cyclons just glorified test tube babies.
Way more than 3 lines... or 5.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

ducks and geese and chickes better scurry

As I sat on a bridge in the park yesterday, I saw a couple of ducks mating. It seemed as though the male pushed the female's head down under the water during the act. I wondered, "How many Animal mating acts are so Sadistic?". Then I wondered if I had even seen it in the first place, or if it was just a manifestation from my brain.

(I'm trying to just write a few lines from my day, and trying to do it every day)

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Long time no blog

Ugh.... well I'm feeling bad today... new diet.... new conviction to lean down....

I believe I am as heavy as I have been in..... 4 years.

I was lamenting the year I was on a solid good diet and about christmas time I had to buy a new belt because my old one didn't have enough notches... Sure I was irritable... but

I hope I have the conviction to get things back under control.

Y'all haven't had any updates... but I have very good reason to have let things go.... Yet I will admit... there is no good reason....

Sure this post sucks... but I'm hoping to get back into the swing of things... and posting something is .... well it's something, maybe not better than nothing.