Thursday, May 13, 2010

Why you're are no fun!

Somebody has been talking to me about a "Tennis Hit" the last week. Someone who sucks, but who just wants to hit a ball..... OK, Fine!

Yesterday it was bad weather... today it's nice.

I called them, at noon... "I'm going to bike ride, then come back about 3, and I'll call and see if you want to hit a tennis ball for a while."

them "Ok, call me then."

me, 3pm "Do you want to go hit a tennis ball, Now is the time?"

them in a Big Huff "I can't do that, because nobody will help me!!!!"

me, "Oh Jesus, guess you don't want to play some tennis, sorry. Catch you later".

You see, I'm not an idiot, they scheduled their melt down with my phone call, I told them when it was. And they were hoping, I would show up and fix their shit, so that I could play tennis. But I work my ass off all day. I do all of my shit, plus some shit for other people. But to hell if i'm going to trade, Tennis, for your melt down..... HELL NO!

Just a side note, this is also a person who constantly says "Nobody will go fishing with me."...

Ya, nobody will do these things with you, because you are no fun.

Why do I want to have a fishing/tennis Meltdown??


Sandy Perrins said...

Yeah, I am not a huge fan of those people either. Great post. It's happened to me all too often...Sure enough I fall for it. Am I a sucker or just too nice? Or just too stupid?

The Mop said...

Sometimes, people need help digging out of their hole.

but some people need to know how to ask for help.

It seems logical, that the person who Can't ask for help, is the person who needs it. The solution seems obvious, they need to ask.(seems like another 30daysofcontent right in that statement)