Saturday, May 15, 2010

Yep... I ride this hard.

#30daysofcontent 13? shouldn't this be 14? oh.. its Saturday.. ok... Right on schedule

This one may not endear me to my readers, Warts and all. Long day... Coffee... Cadel won! Clean. work on the yard.

I Now have Cleanser in my blood stream, it will take days for it to clear.

Out on the bike, I think I skipped my ride yesterday... and cleaning was the workout. I have retired my short route... it's just my fall back 9 mile route which I love and still love.

I have now extended that route out to 17 miles, and its the same route with a bootleg.

It's Saturday and I decided that I'd take a short section on the Parkway. For those who know, I dislike riding the parkway. It's slow and dangerous, for me and for kids and adults.

At one of the parks... it's the usual fiasco. Party of 20 family members wandering the path, taking up the whole thing, Hitting a Spur, and standing there like they don't know what to do. Then a flow of bike riders, Rollerblades, joggers and cyclists trying to manage their way through them.

I pass the party of 20 walkers, without uncliping. Sure enough... there is "The Boy" on his bmx, not older than 10 years old. Weaving right and left in his lane... and I have to pass. I slow to 3 miles per hour, and work my way around him. I know better than to say anything or it will guarantee he will suddenly swerve into the passing lane.

The minute I get near Parallel with him or 4 feet behind him... Here he comes.. Right into me. I slow down, say "oops... somebody trying to pass you." he looks over and all he can see is my front wheel... it startles him, and he swerves harder into me. I reach over, grab his handle bars and straighten them out. "What!!!" he says.. his bike, without him knowing starts going back into his lane..... FOR SOME REASON... The kid LEANS INTO ME, trying to prop himself up on me and my bike to keep himself upright.... I push him forward trying to keep him upright.. Keep in mind... he is Crashing into me, at any moment his handle bars or pedals will make contact with my wheels.

He makes it forward another 3 feet, and falls over as I pass.

I shake my head and give him a backwards glance... All of this happening at about 2 mph

I just dumped an 8 year old on a BMX bike...

On his Ass!.....

yep... I'm that hard... Good hell...

Please, keep in mind this is just that unbelievable situation... where there is Just no win.

and the parents I'm sure had no idea what he would expect, on the parkway, on his BMX bike at the park..."Hey son, throw your bike in the back of the truck" and could not explain how on the parkway you have to stay in your lane and be careful .....on the parkway, or you hit people.


I booked it.. because... I didn't what to get into a 30 minute discussion with his parents about how "Their perfect Golden Child" was a disaster waiting to happen....

and he just managed to "Spill" onto me.

Ok... No more weekend parkway for me.

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