Friday, May 21, 2010

Eggs to omelet to Giro

Ham cheese pan eggsHam fried.
Eggs with Water then lightly mixed.
Water makes steam and makes the eggs with more fluff.
Hot pan... Very hot pan, Olive oil or butter.
Very hot pan. eggs should cook in quick light layers.
Extras..... while it's still cooking. but the pan is off, and it will finish cooking.
too much stuff, so it broke open a bit.
Dill and Yogurt on one side, Last year's salsa on the other.

Slightly messy plating...
And the Giro!


Nancy said...

What's that stuff on the left side of the plate?

The Mop said...

Yogurt plain, mixed with dill

Sandy Perrins said...

damn now I'm hungry...