Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I've taken quitting, Pro!

#8 #30daysofContent for Firestar
This post in now way reflects her views... but I have a sneaking suspicion, that they do reflect Piper's... (who knew?), and you can't prove I'm wrong.

FireStare Who BTW has the total Rally Towel out!!!!!

I'm a Professional Quitter.

Yep, I said it. Seriously, I quit on Friday.
I quit about 4pm on Sunday.
I quit on Monday at 5pm.
Then I really quit at 8pm.

of course, on Friday, I went for a bike ride, took a shower, then suddenly felt like I had one more round of nonsense in me. THEN I REALLY QUIT!!!.

I went to sleep and felt much better when I got up.

On Sunday, well I watched a couple movies, and felt much Better on Monday when I got up.

On Monday, I totally Quit... took a nap, for 20 minutes while watching the Giro... Woke back up, and had another 3 hours in me.

I think the secret to Quitting... which I have turned Pro. is convincing yourself you are really done.... that way you can Really relax! Then you can Wake up, feeling refreshed... then.....Right Back at it.

HuuuuRaaaaa Allons-y!!

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