Sunday, May 16, 2010

Well now! Pulled a little darkness didn't I

#30DaysofContent #15- monday

Pulling a little darkness, this evening. No worries, it will be processed soon. Not enough bike time! I love to work on the yard but... The weekend is a whirlwind, it's always strange to wonder where it went, Also... I can ride tomorrow if I really want to, and probably will. I'm lucky enough to be able to let the weekend folks bang into each other, then I can have the roads back to myself.

Half way there! Ok, lets get to the content.

Finally, spring has sprung and many people... (Damn... I just wrote it out, and it's impressive my little meditation on darkness. I'm going to have to try again. I seem to have swore, and cussed.)

I decided to start singing "I'm just a little black raincloud" for some of you.

I think, it's one thing to be a miserable dark angry bitter.... vibrating Flesh bag.
It's another, when you run around trying to infect other people, or try and shit on them, to make you feel better. (Trying to cut me down, doesn't make you any taller)

(just deleted another paragraph, I have the yucks!!!)

Yep, here it is midnight... Seems like I'm working through it.... Tired and exhausted.... More "me" time.

Moving on.... Allons-y!!!

Hopefully it's just a quick dark front, Doesn't seem like any fun to me.... I want pleasant things in my life. Seems easy to get rid of the bad stuff, it's easy to identify.

Keep your Blood pumping!.... Umn.. I hope this was interesting!

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