Sunday, May 09, 2010

Nailed it!!! Eggs Benedict

Eggs Benedict- no blender

If you don't realize by now, I can cook.... not only can I cook, But I CAN COOK!

The tricks with Benedict:
  1. Do not overcook the Hollandaise... keep it warm-ish and not overcooked/scrambled after making.
  2. Poaching Eggs in water. The secret is a gentile stir/swirl of the water as you put the egg in & the perfectly poached egg.
  3. Getting both things cooked at the same time.
Sorry, no details. But when one can cook, and ones mother knows that I cook better than she does. On mothers day "What do you want!" becomes "personal chef for the day". And on a Glass top!

and Worse... for the extended family... prep for the fist fight with my brother! Who thinks he can cook, but it involves boxes of things, with a chef boy-ardi

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