Tuesday, May 11, 2010


#30DaysOfContent #9

There is a book by Pema Chodron

When Things Fall Apart: Heart Advice for Difficult Times

It's about, when we become Groundless. This is very similar to when, all the "Realities" that we thought we knew, blow up in our face. When what we thought was Real, unravels. Which reflects, just how tenuous our realities are.

I'm not a big believer in, Answers. What I am a Believer in, is Questions. It's the questions we ask, that are important. I'll give you one good argument, as to why? It's because, you are probably wrong about your answer(I say you, but I know it's Me as well.(I'd say We, but this is a good aside(and a good aside in an aside, in an aside(Hope I got that right?(Damn, Another two!))))).... and I bet you can prove it. We tend to believe, just what we want to believe, and not anything based on actual evidence or reasoning. Even our reasoning, can become, Just one great big attempt to 'fool ourselves'.

There is a great quote, which I won't source. "I have, what you need to see Absolute Truth; I am Brilliant, and Unloved."

We also, want to think that we can come up with the Answer, "If I do X, it's the right thing, and everything will be fine.".But the world is Dynamic, the right answer now, could be the wrong answer in 3 days. What I am getting at is The important Skill-set, is how to deal with Uncertainty. It may not be 'how you act' but 'When you act'.
With bike racing as an analogy, you may be strong enough to win the 'Sprint', and so is another Racer. The True answer is, which one of the Racers, at the right time(in the moment), makes the best decision.

This of course is where "Being Present" comes into play. In that moment, in the Flow of Uncertainty, it's the rider who is the most lucid in his actions,(and fit enough) Who can turn the moment, into action. The rider, who enters the 'Realm of Uncertain Chaos', and in that 'Cloud of War', Can be the most aware, the most "present", and can make the best decision, he or she can.
Julie remarked about people who are asleep, and I wonder if they are the people, too afraid to enter the 'Flow of Uncertainty'?... It's just a question, I don't know. People who refuse to, enter the Fray, step into the 'Cloud of war'... people who refuse to fight.

Ryan, had a good comment, I think it was before Antelope Island race, to paraphrase (sorry I'm too lazy to source), 'I'm not sure what is going to happen tomorrow, but I'm excited to find out'

An ability to accept uncertainty,
To deal with, accept, and manage the associated risk.
In that scrum, in that fight....
to then have enough awareness of action, to walk out on top.
And if we don't, we do what we can to learn, and to grow with it,
knowing we were, the better, for trying.

We can spend our lives; wondering about the answers,
but maybe the secret is to ask the questions?
Maybe the secret is to Step into the Uncertain,
To set the Wheels in motion,
Adventure forth!!!
As Sherlock Holmes would say,
'The Game, is Afoot".

To simplify;
It's not the answer to the question;
"Am I going to win?"
The important thing, might be;
"Am I going to win? I don't know, Lets find out!"

As in bike racing, so as in life!


gregclimbs said...

wanna loan me a copy of that book?

The Mop said...

That is one of those books, you loan people, and they don't come back.

so... sam weller or the library!


Sandy Perrins said...

excellent content today good sir!

The Mop said...


There is an interesting conundrum. I wanted another couple hours to work on it, but with the deadline...

I felt it was a bit rushed. Either that or I was nervous about it.

But... if I had punted on it, "Would I have gotten it done?"

It is, what it is!... Let's find out!