Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Effing Sloop, Horror story!!

#30daysofcontent #11
You read a story like this, this is bad stuff. So, if you have your good Mojo/Flow going... Realize, you are about to enter a world of hell.

So, you read it, and... Mob justice comes to mind. I am a ... I do not believe in "Mob Justice" I think there is nothing worse than when you get, 5 morons in a room and they decide to take action. Isn't that the way, most comedies start?(Right, I'm crossing a line there, Real life vs. Movies... which are certainly different things.).. that or bike rides..... LOL!

When I saw the story days ago, I though, "Obviously the parents did it! and it's most likely the man"... It's just a probability study, There weren't details, and honestly you can't dispense justice based on probability, even though we know it happens. Now, once we have the details... Holy Crap! It is un-Believable... and in the middle of it... THEY FUCKING GOT MARRIED!!! Gee honey, lets celebrate our marriage, by Killing your son.

We are all... Evolved people: but I received this message this morning:

I've always claimed to be against capital punishment and when it comes down to actual executions, they really disturb me. That said, I'm totally fine w/releasing that motherfucker into the general prison population and letting them take care of him. The mom is a piece of shit who fought for her child in court and then in effectively participated in his murder. Start w/sterilizing her and go from there. -(just to give credit, for an honest emotion, this was Nancy. Who Ok'ed getting credit. Right, its good to be honest with our emotions/selves?)

I feel the same way. In fact... The thought crossed my mind, "How can I get thrown in Jail, so I can Kick that dude's ass" or the Gas Chamber... There are broken people out there, and there is nothing you can do. Either lock them up forever, or .... In a way, I agree... and yet... maybe our society should "Own this". When you let a prisoner die, When our society does that, by Prison justice... that isn't "Owning it". Maybe that is a dialog we should have. Somehow, we should have a way to... deal with heinous crimes.

Keeping my emotions in check, Many years ago, I worked in a victims program. I realized, that the guys who victimize woman, for the most part, are these little scrawny, angry, bitter, guys. Guys with big chips on their shoulders, and Napoleon complexes(though they have no idea who that is) They are generally the guys, that get/got picked on, by every one else. They are guys who's fathers... beat them, and who everyone else... tends to pick on.

This is called the cycle of abuse, and my desire to 'Kick his ass'... is just part of that cycle. I still think, The Nathan Sloop is broken. It wasn't a mistake, it wasn't an accident, it was repeated, and he kept at it, and he will never be re-rehabilitated. Certainly not with our system. He is just broken...

Now... THE MOM... "I want custody of my kid, so that my new boyfriend/husband can kill him"... I think more accountability, should be "Dealt" by our justice system, for people who, Enable... or who... Sit back... and do nothing.... SHE KNEW WHAT WAS GOING ON... YOU CAN'T BULLSHIT ME.

And I wonder if they got married, so that they would have a loophole to not have to testify. I don't even know if that is true... or if that is just some bullshit on Law and Order, or CSI, that I or they, may have heard about. THROW AWAY THE KEY! Never, should that woman, have a child, play with a child, or talk to a child. And Prison..... Lots of Prison!

So.... I'm pissed about this... and I'm not even sure if any of this makes any sense... Hopefully in the final edit.

Of course... maybe I'm just pissed, because the kid Looked of Nerdy... and I want to defend the Nerdy kids!

sorry... this just looks like it's going to be a discombobulated gigantic rant!


Kelly said...

I was thinking of doing a post on that very's just so disturbing! I feel so bad for his biological father who didn't even want to send him to Utah, but had to because the legal system said he did. He was trying to comply with the law, even when he had a bad feeling. It's just not right!! And of course the legal system didn't care that the little boy didn't want to go to Utah either. They knew how evil she was!!

The Mop said...

There is one paragraph, or more. You are half way there.

everyone is very hot about this.