Friday, March 30, 2007


You know the only reason I blog, is ... Well, I am still having these fitful sleep episodes. For the life of me I can't figure out the reason, I'm guessing stress. I do great on the weekend, so lucky only about 12 hours till I can sleep. ... This is what it is, I'm getting 1-2 hour naps. Maybe 4 hours during the night. They say Einstein did cat naps, but like 15 minutes. I think it may explain how he did all his best work before 25, and deteriorated into trying to prove that god existed in his waining years(ya, I'm oversimplifying, there was some bullshit about a unified theory).
So, worst part is that I'm so fatigued that it's hard to work. I spend most my time thinking about how the Markets will move, and how that will affect the stock prices in a 5day, 4 week, 3 month and year price range.

Dell has accounting errors, and the words misconduct are used.... Dell will dump 10 percent over the next few days... Y'all don't know me but I hate Dell, Fascinating to me is that in a billion dollar company you can re-arrange things so that you can be losing millions and still pretend your growing.

Take Two interactive, the makers of the Grand Theft Auto video game series, which I'm a huge fan of(but I don't play vid games anymore). Well some investors, showed up at the quarterly meeting and booted the Board of directors and the CEO. The board had been.... Well behaving like the characters in the game, and besides that they couldn't provide any other decent games. My concern with Take Two, is that.... Well maybe without the "Edgy" management, they won't be able to build "edgy" games. I mean, why not have a video game where you can pay a hooker to give you a Hummer, And I'm not talking about a car.
The Video Game Sector is HUGE in the stock market, That and Apple, Apple can do no wrong, and launched some Lame Apple TV thing, well Microsoft just launched a new Xbox which does the same thing as the apple Tv thing. So, buy a $600 Apple TV, or Buy an Xbox that does the same thing And Plays games. Hate to say it but apple is beat, they should team up with activision. Why I hate the Ipod, Well I like to Lose, Break, Have Stolen, Wash, Throw in a fit of rage, A $100 Item, and not a $200-$300 item. As far as investments are concerned, I get to be a bit of a contrarien, so its time to sell apple and activision. Activision still has some legs, but it's way to hot these days.
Fill your gas tanks, 8 days of increased oil prices, limited supply and this Iranian thing. Like I've said "We Are At Peak Oil" so, the only question is how long will it be hidden from the public. Seemed obvious to me last few years as supply and refining became limited *wink Wink* *nod nod* when they won't expand to produce more, they know something we don't... Like that soon we won't be able to find enough oil to refine if we expand capacity. That and they want to get every dime out of what is left. Seriously Oil went from $20 to $60 in the past few years.

Crop report is coming out today, saying how all the farmers are going to grow corn for ethanol, which means not enough corn to stuff in your McQuaterpounders, and all the other things that have corn sugar in them. Which means More expensive food. So, more expensive food, and more expensive Gas....... Beets!!!! I can't imaging that beets aren't a better option.

Oh, on a more local issue, fill your car with gas.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

WTF is up with the snow, I had to go out with a broom and clear "The Dish" out 3 times to keep the T.V. Running.......

It's fucking April.....

I'm on one..

I decided to go riding a little yesterday, and as I pulled the bike out I had a flat, didn't want to fix it. Turned around and stayed home..... So I didn't even try today, should have gone for a run but fuck it....

My mood sucks.... time for a long shower and some reading in bed....... Reboot and try again tomorrow.
We are going to continue to show our limp dick in Iran. Ya' I'm a peace of shit liberal pussy peace-nic, but you have to hit people back... The problem here is we are to impotent to do anything.... But in a way we have to...
So, show our Limp dick or
Escalate toward WW3......
It's a Lose Lose........
So, we moved a second carrier group in in the past 24 hours. if we move a third in we are sure to strike..... Tomorrow Tony Blair will escalate things.
The white house said today that they weren't escalating things, and yet they launched escalated maneuvers, which by accident could easily escalate the whole thing into actual conflict.. and with the Rumor of a missile shot at one of our ships it was sounding like the way we started Vietnam. Hopefully our navy is better trained to not get so rattled.
I need a beer.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

on politics markets and world events.

So, that Jackass President of ours, is calling for reduced oil dependence, and he isn't talking about drilling in the arctic reserve. He wants some huge cuts in the next 10 years.... Nice of him to call for this in the last year of his 8 year term. I liken this to when your usual asshat walks up to you and says... "You know what you should do..... All my work for me. Don't worry if it goes bad, I'll just blame you.".

George Bush leads the US toward a policy of unilateral, pre-emptive 
counterproliferation warfighting strategy.

Oh, and the car industry is trying to pull the average wage of auto workers(yes, there are still some auto workers) from the low $20 an hour, in half to the mid teens). For those of you who don't know. When Henry Ford created the auto industry, the middle class was born. Providing jobs for the average American that payed a wage that meant you would live comfortably for the rest of your life. A $25 an hour job means $50K a year.... a $15 an hour means $31K.

For those of you who thought Halliburton was moving to the middle east to avoid taxes or some other such nonsense... the truth was found out last week when they had to account for tremendous losses from trying to explore for oil in north America.... Let me just translate, It's to expensive to explore for oil in north America... Cause there ain't any more. But Exxon says we arn't at "peak oil".

Y'all know what a POS dove fucking liberal I am. Here is where it gets sticky. We have been calling out Iran for years now, and sure enough they smartly get the British mixed up into it. And sure enough we pull out or limp dick and show it to the world. The only option here is to give them a warning then hit them hard if they don't release them. But that could start a war??? I'm thinking the Iranians arn't actually afraid. Since we couldn't get into a war without starting a Draft.......

On other things

CNBC needs more Titty

Microsoft says sales of their new Operating system Vista has been brisk.... They aren't saying profitable, since they have been virtually giving them away for the past months..... Honestly this is showing some desperation on their part, hopefully the I.T. industry will keep showing them who is boss, since the O.S. doesn't really do anything new. Hopefully this goes down the same way Millennium Edition did. After M.E. Microsoft went!!! Oh, maybe we should build a software set that works, maybe that will get people to buy....

Sunday, March 25, 2007

5.5 hours on the bike today

So, the first week of this good weather, I went out on my 4th ride completely over dressed with no water bottles and put in what was a grueling 30 miles.. And I was to stupid to not stop for water. So I fought dehydration for about 3 days after that. Now every time my lips are chapped I think I'm dehydrated, so I over hydrate and end up in the bathroom, and peeing out all the salt from my system.
Then I tripled my mileage in a week, went from a little over 100+ miles in a week to 300+. and just didn't recover, took a few days off, and tried to make sure I was eating enough.

This is what I ate on my 5.5 hours today.
2 bottles water
2 bottles power aid(or some like crap)
1 cliff bar(200c)
1 package of granola bites.(90c)
2 packs Gu(200c)
(this is where it gets ugly)
1 crazy peanut butter crisp candy bar(this fucker is like 500 calories)
1 krispy cream doughnut(300c)
1 package zingers(600calories)

I've never eaten so much on the bike, and it was good...... Cept my teeth still hurt.

I'm going to start trying to eat hamburgers on base rides, I also may try and stop for potato's at Wendie's... I probably should just try and do the potato with salt thing, but it's not as fun as lining up to the trough with all the regular folk at the convenience store.

The kids and their new hair cuts make them look like "Wet Cats"

Oh, and you can't remake "Escape from New York"

Somone reads Variety, and it's not me. Oh, and this freaky Snake Plissken playground

Ok, Mop Get to bed.


That's a good picture. This was my ride today. Home to nebo... Ugh, it was a lot of miles. The crazy notion of that ride with the climb up Nebo........ um, seems impossible. I've been fighting some over training, y'all know what a freak I am. I tripled my weekly mileage and paid for it, But for a guy who doesn't feel good about his weight, and is suffering near constant heavy legs. I have yet to be dropped.... Knock on wood. I'm going to see how few miles I can do tomorrow. Yesterday I did Grandeur Peak-afoot, almost getting dropped by some trail runner... GD Trail runners. Grandeur is much better this year than last, much less snow. Go!!! Global Warming!!!! if you check my Flicker site, you will get all the pictures.

So, 2 nights of very good sleep. Then I fell asleep at 9 woke up at 9:30 now here I am. Worst thing was I got up and started paying bills, I'm not actually leveraged right now, but I'm completely Up to my Neck in Money tied up everywhere, I could cash some money out but, I'd rather not do that. I have about 4 checks coming in the next few weeks, but I'm going to have to shift money from here to there to get all the bills payed this month. I'm going to have to watch things closer from now on and give myself a little better cushion. another problem this month was I went out to dinner a few more times than I had intended, and I also never noticed how many people don't like to pay their share of the bill. So, you drink $8 glasses of wine(cause your stupid like that) and you drink twice as many drinks as I do, and relative to my $4 beers.... Oh, that's how I end up with a $35 dollar dinner... On my birthday.... Oh, so you didn't bring your purse. You want a $4 MoLatte and a piece of cake $3. All I wanted was a cup of coffee $1.50... My now $9 cup of coffee, Fucking hell(I hope she is putting out) . Didn't I just take you to dinner? If I wasn't such an asshole, I think I'd have better friends.

So, stressed, exhausted, Got to get some work done in the morning.....

Ok, I hate Bravo(yes the station), Sure I hate TV. But I'm watching law and order reruns or something, and I have to put up with all the crappy commercials for their Reality shows. They are all the same. Top Haircut, Best Design, Super Chef. Maybe I'm getting old, but I look at some of these people and go, I'd never let you touch my hair... Look at what is on their head, some combination of Wet Head or Spikey Do. Or some of the worst designed rooms I've ever seen.... And the fact they are on high rotation on Bravo, I have to hear 3 commercials for the same 2 shows every 15 minutes..... KILL YOUR TV!!! ok, that is all the rant space I have.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Speaking of beer....

I slept 3 hours last night and settled into bed at 8pm tonight. woke back up at 9:30pm. This sucks!! All work no play makes homer go Something something.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

All the food news that's fit to print.

So, Bacon Cheese burger.... Don't doubt it's a Bacon Cheeze Burger... Served on a Crispy Cream

Ballpark burger2007_02_krispyburger.jpg

Seriously, this makes my heart slow just thinking about it. And yet Compelling.........

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Corned beef and cabbage aint Cycling food.

I donn't realy know why I'm blogging, Cept that it's 11pm and I cant sleep since after putting in my miles today I just crashed at 6pm and slept till 8pm..... so now I'm up..... What to blog about. Well, Got a phone call last night.

friend,"hey what are you up to."
"I was trying to go to bed"
"come out and drink for st. Patricks day"

after all that, I licked my wounds all morning. got out and road the marina... so the construction workers have the road cut off at the industrial park.... I just hoofed it through all of it, but alot of people got turned back. One I imagin could hop on the freeway and ride to the next exit, I imagin. I don't think it's that far. But if your looking for an excuse to derail a ride, that construction is a good excuse. .... Let me just get to the joke.... Wow!!!! the stuff comming out of my butt after cornd beef and cabbage, Wow!!! on my ride I actually had to check my chamois....Wheeeeewwww. Once I got home, I then finished the Corned beef.... I've been wondering why I'm not quite feeling right. I think I've figured it out.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Un-Fucking Real!!!

Seriously, the weather is like this the rest of the year??? Till November??? No wonder I feel like such crap January and most of feb. ...

So, conversation with my bike riding brother... my ms 150 riding brother. He called me and asked to borrow something(no contact is made in my family unless we want something).
Me, "hey, when are we going bike riding."

Bro, "um, not till the weather get's better."

Looking out the window on a clear sunny 70 degree day " Looks prity good to me, is there a storm coming in?"

.......................................(sorry I just got sucked into about 30 seconds of "real housewives of orange county". jimmy, who is in college, has all his friends over to get drunk before the college football game. When.... his mother shows up as a surprise, and she wants to get drunk with her son and his friends. But Jimmy then shows mom the Heisman. Jimmy then turns back to his friends for support, and they go... "You fucking loser, be nice to your mom, She is hot, and she is your mom...... Like I said I digress.........)..................................................

"ya, a storm then the weather will improve, and maybe I'll ride."my brother says.

So I just checked the weather it's 70's till Thursday when it goes down to 50.... Damn I may have to wear tights that day........

So, I had a bout of "Heavy Legs" this week with a ton of napping. So I have been easing up a bit, and just trying to get some time in the saddle, drop more winter weight. I'm still working on my Salt lake to mt. nebo route... I may just be crazy enough to put that on my regular schedule.

Tragic Scheduling difficulties

Well not really. I'm doing a recap of the current state of affairs in my head(the place where that squirrel keeps doing the Laps in that cage.)
Tragic Scheduling difficulties, I guess this is definatly an overstatement. and it's not on my end. I understand keeping a schedual is not easy, and when you fall off of schedaul it's best just to roll with it and keep things flexable.
Last weekend I had day after day of planned schedualed clear things, Of all the things on the callender, I went one for 3. The reschedualing of the other things has drug out an entire week, well Here I am again, and those things were reschedauled, and now 2 of 3 things reschedualed, have to be re-reschedualed.

So here I am, with free time, typing out my frustrations. I'm getting tired of the reschedualing, seems inefficient with my time to spend 2-3 hours a day reschedualing shit with a bunch of slackers.

I'm trying to read more. Cranked out an entire book this week, It was good. There was a part where this guy was like "I'm a work-aholic" then listed off all the things he did in the day. I was like? is that all?

alright that's enough of my scattered thoughts....

Friday, March 16, 2007

Who wants to hear about my new maladies??

The big one is that I'm low on salt almost always, I've taken to just putting it in my hand and eating it. I'm going to try a new variation on sports drinks on my rides since I tend to just drink water.
I bet I need to just switch to a more comprehensive suplement program,
besides some minor aches and pains, thats about it. one seems to involve my thumb.

I road to lehi in a base ride today, Lehi is cool. I was looking for a nice burger place but didn't quite see the right place.

So, I have a new cell phone and today I got 5 phone calls I didn't want. 3 of which were from this woman who...... Well, there is a longer story. But I probably have to break up with her. I took her looking at sporting goods, and she kept scoffing at the backpacking gear. I was like, well when I'm not on my bike, or working, I'll be in the mountains this summer. The idea that I'll be eating Pie or watching TV is kind of slim, I'm thinking she just isn't going to fit into the schedual. Even worse, was after I didn't want to go to lunch, she called 2 times till I picked up assuming it was an emergency. She was like "oh, I just wanted to chat." Y'all don't know me but, the last thing I want to do in life is sit on the phone with you. I'm happy to drink a beer, or ride a bike, cups of coffee, fix your computer, weed your garden, But the last thing I want in the world is to spend hours on the phone with somone............ dial tone........

Poetry friday

Stay tuned, I'm going to ride, then come back and come up with something....

Oh, my god.......
Is it a Dream.
Yes it seems like a Fraud.
It's so sore I want to Scream.
So much time in the saddle, but I'm a nimrod.

Sure it sounds like Praddle, But I definatly need to use more Cream...

hey!!!!! it's something.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Damn!! I like riding a bike....

Last we spoke.... There was somthing about "The Street"... It's out of control in a way only I can pull off. And I dont' want to curse it.

But Look!!!!!!
Antelope Island this weekend.....

This is today, Up butterfield canyon.
This is the rapidly melting snow line, There is only about 4 miles of butterfield open.

And the Mop needs a good Clean and Tune of the bike.

Saturday, March 03, 2007


Back to the Barly Pops. I could have sworn my trouble sleeping was because of my 8pm naps. I skiped the nap tonight and still...... 1:19. I even got up at 7am. I usually atribute insomnia to a building of Glycogyn in my blood stream and I need to work out more. But the Butt ass Cold ride I did in sub 30's today, Should have taken care of that ... Did you know that trying to caugh up a pre ride meal of cornbread and tomato soup....... Well it's kind of nasty...... I have no plans this weekend, Maybe some work on the greenhouse. Some reading... I'm going to try and see if I can lose 1 grand next week on "The Street". If you don't know what I'm talking about, I guess you just arn't in "The Know" of course I know even less about that than I do about Bikes.... So hang on......... *plonk* I just tossed a beer bottle cap in what was left of my afternoon cup of coffee......... Maybe I should clean up a bit.......

Thursday, March 01, 2007

And further more...

What is the deal with no nutritional information a bottles of beer...... Before the legislature gets finished..... Opps missed it by 4 minutes...... Well in the special session or next year, I want nutritional info on the bottles. This here bottle of full suspension could be anywhere from 130-200 calories.................. Killed another one.