Saturday, October 31, 2009


Sometimes, one wakes up in the middle of the night from a nightmare. Your heart is beating, mind running a million miles per hour. For the past half hour you have been running from Vampires or Zombies... Evil Step Sister... A thousand naked woman throwing little pickles at you(The horror here is that this is a joke from a movie I was making fun of somebody for quoting, and it's 25 years old, and ... they are trying to reclaim their lost youth).

You wake up, Heart and mind going a thousand miles per hour... Only that is how I wake up. 3am on a saturday, and no I wasn't being chased by zombies... I just woke up. I have nothing to do... but laundry...

all I really want is to get about 4 more hours of sleep... and to wake up refreshed.

Probably isn't going to happen.. but I'll probably lay back in bed and wish for some real sleep.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

This was a letter.....

I have the pork thing, the one you had such a clever name for.... PorkFlu, Porkchop Fever! I can't remember. It has my head in a Vice, sort of a confused haze. I need to rest up and get over it as quickly as possible, but Rest just gives me too much time to reflect, and wallow in misery. I can almost smell it. Does the Swine flu have a smell?

I'm watching 'To Gillian on her 37th birthday.' It seems ok, but all I can think of is that I was 20 something when it came out, and has Michelle Pfeiffer in it, and apparently she is 37, looking good but reminds me of how old I am.... "Am I that old" "Am I old enough to be a professor and live on a beach, to have had a wonderful wife die, and have a 16 year old daughter." And yet here I sit, wallowing in what it is to be me. Anyways, who can live up to these Hollywood fantasies?

Struggling with fantasies I guess. This is going to sound strange, but I just want to exist. Just want to ... be there and be a person, have a life like everyone else. But it seems like that is the fantasy, that I am what I am, Where I am. It's best probably to just let it all be.

Just keep fighting and let it all be, I guess.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

White hot Mop acton.

Beat... I'm beaten like an old mule...

Not complaining I do it to myself. I did sneak out and watch a movie. you know I can't just drive and see a movie. I have to walk 3 miles, with the mp3 player get some exercise, then I can eat some wings, and see a movie.....

That is a big Saturday night for me... ends about 7pm.

I intend to make enchiladas and chili reanos tomorrow. No idea how to do the chili things.. stuff peppers with cheese I guess..

Shit!!! I'm sorry blog.... I tried!

(seriously if you want to know why I don't write much.... this is it... this is how it comes out, and I just want to suck my thumb and watch news about Jon and Kate.. Ok I'm kidding, but not... It's more that I'd love to do something so mindless, but my mind won't let me. But in all honesty, i'm 100% up to date with jon and kate and baloonboy drama!)

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Ugh... of a week

Too much is going on...

and there is something else going on out there, that I'm too .... You know... Keep fighting buddy... Keep fighting..

Tough to keep going on about my bullshit...

I actually wrote a story, which I can't share, it's ok. I'm going to try and write more. and I'm toying with submitting them for publication.

My writing has become so broken. I need to start writing in story format.

Keep going everyone, try and keep the good Energy going.