Sunday, May 09, 2010


.... Much is going on, in the old mop's head.

I had an Email from Nancy, It was very reminiscent of something I would write; Over-thinking something. The Jist was, I was writing a "Who is the Mop" post, to remind people, about "The Mop Boundaries".

Something you all, may not realize, Sometimes I'm posting or writing something... Because I'M TRYING TO UNDERSTAND IT!.... It's an internal dialog, i'm having with myself.

The question I'm trying to answer, for myself.... is What the Hell am I Doing with this blog? Because, I'm not sure, right now. I'm doing the #30 days of Content, and posting Haphazardly, and to be honest, being a Tornado in everyone's life.

In personal Dialog, I like to talk about "The Mop Game!", for my own edification, I want to better define what that is.

There are other things this week; Externalities, that had me reflecting on the nature of "The man Behind The Mop" and his relationship, with the Internet, and with the Blog Readers.

So, if I can sit down for a few hours, and "Think about it" or "Meditate on it." as I write... Understand, a post, can be a Meditation, But if I can find 3 hours to sit and think about "Who is the Mop? What is The Mop Blog", it's something I want to do.... and I do it, because

I don't know.... and its a question I want to ponder.

If I can come up with a some Focus, for the blog, it's closer to "Clear Intent", Which I think is important.

Let me add, doing that on Mother's day.... feels offensive.

Sandy, has a great post on his blog....

I'd very much like to Reflect on that, for a while. The numerous Eternal Questions, and my current thoughts on them. And try and avoid talking about the Internal pulse of the universe, there are points where I talk about things like a "New Age-r" ... and I'm offended, by the implication... No offence to New Age-rs. It's just, I'm a person of Science.

In other notes, I'm concerned with a 'Vegetarian and/or low carb" Risotto.... Or Risotto, like Meal.

One Love, everyone!!!! One Love!

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Sandy Perrins said...

Agreed! I too enjoy the keyboard as a friend in times when I need to just reflect, or squeeze out some mental drivel.

Heme/Onc yesterday was rough. I gotta somehow pick it up...hard to motivate when you are getting flogged 8 hours daily.

As the inside of my cycling jersey once said, "The beatings shall continue until morale improves".

And tonight...the Bruins game! Photos to follow.