Saturday, May 01, 2010

I'm not giving up on you!


It makes me so ANGRY!!!!! Don't you Fucking Quit!!! You can't play, if you Don't show up to the game!!

I don't know what is actually going on, but I can tell you are pulling away! I suspect it's not just me, you are pulling away from. You need a wider support system, and not a Smaller one. You need more people to lean on, Not Less!

Sure... I'm a fucking lunatic... Sure, you aren't sure You can trust me. But Honestly, I don't want anything, I want you to be Whatever it is you can become, To do whatever it is you can and to help you move on to whatever, you are moving on to.

Honestly, My best guess is... I'm just a passing muse in your life, Just a pitstop as you move from 'the now', into 'your future'.
It's Scary, I know,
It's Hard, I know,
It's difficult, I know....
But its all worse, if it's just you!

People in our lives, can be absolutely Magic, they can be absolutely Amazing.... But you have to give them a chance!! Sometimes you even need to give them a chance to make mistakes...

Every day, I hope it's just me, you are pulling away from.... And that is great, no problem.... But my worry is, it's everyone...

The real truth is, the hard truth; 'Nobody can save you...' You can only do it yourself... and if you give up... if you give up on yourself YOU ARE FUCKED!!!

You have to Fight! and you have to ask for help!... or you are fucked!

Seriously.... I'm a LUNATIC... who would I be to Pass Judgement!!! Who am I to .... Throw Stones..... I'm the safest person in the world..... But there is nothing I can do... Nothing anyone can do... Unless you open the door, a little!


(written to no one in particular)

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