Friday, March 27, 2009

Is that the Gold Coast?

Report 22 from interzone.

Funny how the mind works, I'm not sure what the catalist is. That I downloaded the most recent U2 Album, or something I saw on C-Span.

I was watching C-Span today.... Ya, I'm addicted to it these days. And worse i'm watching 4-5 hours of Other news a day. Let us just add the rest of the day reading newspapers and my unhealthy dose of TV buisness news. I'm watching C-span, and I see the charming woman standing down the press corps talking about Afghanistan.
Which reminds me of this charming woman from my youth. What do we do when hit with a fit of nostalga, well we cyberstalk. Dr. charming Young lady, is a professor at an eastern university.... Well that is going to kick off a few hours of Nostalga and imagining how my life could have been. BTW... she was my mother's favorite.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

3 mistakes of the great depression

It's very clear to every economist on the planet. I know that economists are borderline on actually being Scientists. But.... There are 3 classic behavioral mistakes.... and these are mistakes driven by our Lizard brains, in this time of crisis. A time when we need to do what is hard, not what is easy. It's like eating your vegetables, though they seem unappealing... they are very good for us.
  1. It a time when the Velocity of money is contracting, Worrying more about the national debt than getting money/blood circulating in the economy.
  2. Allowing large institutions to fail, Sure it feels good. Problem is it causes a crisis in confidence in the economy. Our financial system is a confidence game... No confidence, No game. Though that sounds like fun.... It won't be. It's how you get guys wandering around the country in box cars looking for work.
  3. Protectionism. which has a tenancy to set off trade wars and further constrict global trade.
There is this very stupid argument about "what we are doing is going to create a stagnant economy." Unfortunately there is some truth here, my issue is the Tense being used. WHAT WE DID, IS GOING TO CAUSE A PERIOD OF STAGNATION. But economic consolidations are NORMAL. The idea that the economy can just go straight up all the time, is the thesis of a child.

Then there is this thesis of china, and currency. I'm not sure who is tracking what is going on in Europe, but besides Germany, there is limited economic stregnth in europe. The lack of central economic focus in Europe, is the weakness in the EURO. creating a global currency is silly, it will cause the same weakness in curency. the stregth of the dollar is stability of government, and central economic focus.

Our biggest worries are about Social stability, and global social stability.

If you get a chance check out the newest episode of Frontline on the national Debt. It's a concern... but you also have to understand that Debt to GDP was highest just before one of the largest economic expansions in US history, Post WW2. High Debt=bad economy is not a reasonable corollary.

or go to PBS

The Unquiet mind

Report 21

My Twisted Mojo.

It's 3am... I've decided that I need to accelerate the news flow into my brain. I was laying down thinking how slow television is as a data delivery advice. I started having visions of some kind of plug in to stream it straight into my brain.

Just some in-site into my unquiet mind right now. Let us just admit it... the 70 degree temperatures were like dating a Mormon girl.... she almost started to put out.. Then she went to church on Sunday, and changed her mind...

It was like a spine breaker, I was getting back to the old patterns, then suddenly it was cold and I refused to break all the cold weather gear back out.

In the other part of my brain. I just started listening to Joshua tree again. It's like being in highschool.... it's nice...

Ok... I'm about to just explode with random fleeting ebb and tide going through my head.... I don't know this is like a Writing and mental exercise... so bare with it.

... Every body is so FUCKING CRAZY right now.... 3 weeks ago everybody convinced we were sliding into some kind of Marxist.... bla bla bla... Now everybody is convinced everybody is in the bag for Illuminati/goldman sachs.
It's going to take a few weeks for people to regain their senses... but it's like post traumatic stress, we are going to have to slowly work it off, realize our irrational fears were getting the best of us... Our lizard brains, throwing us off the Merry-Go-Round.
Both sides of the debated deeply deeply disturbed, convinced the revolution is coming... of course they will be ready to revolt as soon as the reruns of "Friends" is over. Or they are happy to get involved as long as their favorite sitcom isn't on... Moreover.. people more willing to type it out on a computer than actually take to the streets.... YA... I'M SAYING ALL YOU ASSHOLES ARE MORE LIKELY TO SIT ON YOUR PIEHOLE THAN DO ANYTHING ABOUT 'IT' WHATEVER 'IT' IS.

so, seems like in the ebb and flow, normality is returning.... but still there is the memory of what was, and the images that flew through our brains about what 'might have been'....

you have to remember, it's not like broad swaths of the population is starving, and they have many options in a country with so much cheep food, and with such broad resources...

and don't get me started about how crazy all you people are about the chines... it's like we are still working off the cold war boogyman....

Hang on everybody........ it may not be the change you envisioned... but it is change, and change is the only constant, and change is almost universally good.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Planting schedual

SO.... Planting time.

I was asked about planting....

here is a proper vegitable planting schedule from the USU extention... the usu extention office has quite a few resources for planting and gardening... In fact I believe you can actually call them, and they will answer just about any question you have... they also have seminars.

BUT... Mid march the first things can go in... you can push some stuff in on the break of Indian summer we get in Late Feb... My chives are already going, and I have some chamomile comminb back from last year... but...cold season vegies can go in right now.

and turnips

all can go in now.. but roughly mid march

Now late march early april you can put in

early may you can put in things that will freeze but that you plant by seed.
first round of corn beans cucumber squash...

many greens can be put in all spring long, but greens get woody as the year heats up.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Report 20


Today is Heart Rate -1 day. Exciting.. I'm fortunate, I don't believe in any particular universal order, but it seems like on birthdays when I'm grumpy enough. One of my computers fails, and it takes my mind off it.

But, I'd still rather do something else this weekend besides rebuild a computer...

Well Jesus... that is all I have.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Wrestler

well, I saw when this came out, If I had known it was this good I would have gone and seen it...

It's good stuff

Monday, March 02, 2009

Famous last words

Well Pluss or minus....I am not afraid to hold equites here.
Banks for a bounce.
and looking for developing breakouts in Retail.

Cramer says BUY GOLD


seems like discouragement to me..

still need everyone to abandon all hope.

people do seem to have worked past anger