Monday, March 26, 2012

New bed.

It is springtime here on woody creek farm.  Dang I miss HST. If you don't get the reference I wont fault you. You should have heard the Gary oldman joke I made. It took 5 min to tell and 10 to explain.

I have the seed for the birds out. Camping gear is being organized. New pair of trail runners, no idea when I will run again and if you saw my girth..... you would laugh ... we all start somewhere.

I spent most my weekend moving furniture. I scored a full king bed-set its impressive. In love with the comforter. It is making me want that 1000 thread count set of sheets. (Did I just say that?).

I think my point was.... I am exhausted. And we still haven't gotten the planting done.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Up late

I was completely exhausted today, not sure why i'm up late. I seem to be haunted a bit. Not sure by what, some past history. Odd, not sure ... sometimes I feel like I'm picking up where I left off after high school.

One of those nights where you spend hours on the computer wondering about people you used to know. Yet, not exactly wanting to find out.

Wish I knew what kicked off this fit of nostalgia.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


I have a friend who is doing 366 days of photos. this is day 80 or something maybe 82, I'm proud of her. She tried to get me to write something every day. I have been trying. Not very well, we all remember 30 days of blogging. Well, I won... but 366 days is a .. Well it's impressive.

I intend to do better about writing, I miss the old blog.

I want to write something.... I'm not sure what. I'm a huge fan of The walking dead, it and doctor who are about all I watch. Seems like it is going to get more comic book like soon. Not sure if I like that. I both liked and disliked shane... but I both like and dislike many of the characters.

Monday, March 12, 2012

The cusp of 40

As I remember it, I started this blog at 34. Here I am on the cusp of 40... I know you are fucking sick of hearing about it. I just figured it was appropriate to do a blog post.
I have to renew my driver's license, apparently its like applying for CIA clearance. I am not getting into missile silos. This is honestly Big brother... seriously it's just ID to drive a fucking car. Person owns this, may drive a car, person in picture needs to "kind of match" the person in the photo... and you have a small chance it is the same person. But sure enough I need to bring 9 documents that could easily be forged to prove i'm able to fucking drive a car. TELL ME WHAT THE HELL I NEED ID FOR!! SOME FUCKER CAN CHARGE THE SHIT OUT OF MY BANK ACCOUNT AND GET LOANS IN MY FUCKING NAME.... WITH NO FUCKING ID... but... drink a beer or some smokes.... I need Valid 9 verifiable versions of who I am... with a fingerprint blood and retinal match. But to steal my money... NO FUCKING PROBLEM.

That is what is wrong with this world.... everyone is shooting the wrong fucking target. How about a bank fucking ID... that one has all the shit.... and I have to use it to spend my money....

Since I was 18 I have thought about fake ID and how to have and get it.... THE PROBLEM IS IT ISN'T FUCKING USEFULL. Hey... I'm not me.... I'm roger williams... oh... thank god... cause we are after you, not roger williams. Like I say... I dont' even know who I am.... how the fuck could I be someone else...

Let me let you in on a secret... if you were getting into missile silos... there would be special ID... Missile Silo ID. I had a special ID to get into a building I used to work at.... seriously, I needed a different ID just to work somewhere.. My drivers license is good for one thing... to drive.

ok Shane is fucking dead. and if fucking whats her name... hadn't said "the baby may be yours" he would be alive... Ok how fucking days of our lives. they did do an ok job of him going nuts though. .. and I just don't know what I'll do without shane on that show...

40 here I come.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Ride 10

I just ate the most ridiculous thing.... sort of chex mix with jelly beans and M&M... with a cream filled doughnut on top. Ugh... it's one of those things that sound good sort of tastes good... but when you are done.... You feel nasty. Maybe that is why some people puke that stuff up.

I miss the time when I ate soup and veggies and soup for 6 months.... that was nice.... Somehow I am struggling to get back there.

I kind of want to hide right now, the big B-day is coming... I think I'm dealing with it, I don't have any plans... not sure I want any... not sure I don't...

You know what I want... I want to build a Tent fort... One of those ones with blankets... I want to hide and read for a few days... That is what I want for my birthday. Maybe with my bike kit all setup outside so I can just grab it and go for a ride...

all of this I want in southern utah.

Right now I feel like... I have one of those moments where... I don't seem to know where life is taking me... or hell if I'm even on the path... Obviously I'm only where I am... and obviously I'm on the only path around. Somehow I was sitting there asking myself, not only if I'm going in the right direction... if i'm even in the right place in the universe.

I have been feeling like I don't know Like the Universe is barely talking to me... and that I'm just in the wrong parking lot, looking for a car that i'm not even sure I like driving.

Thursday, March 08, 2012

ride 8

I would like to start by asking.... "what ever happened to good Oliver Stone movies?" It all went downhill at JFK and that damn born on the fourth of july. Platoon discussed a very interesting Duality.... Somehow he convinced the studio into a 3quil of 1960's movies... ok 4 with "the doors".

But I digress.

Ya, today was a ride like any other ride. I'm happy to be out... unhappy about my life. Just going to say that turning 40.... little to show for it... besides some squirly blog and some squirly friends.

I'm eating like... well ... I'd eat the Oder eater out of a shoe right now... if it was covered in sugar. Bottomless hole I think...

Not the good dreams

I want to remember the Yesterday nights dream.

In my dream I was living in a house every time they fix it it was done substandard... and the house would constantly drip. Sometimes the drip would become a flood.

There was a tiger in the house. The tiger used to drink the dripping water, but the tiger was removed. Now the drip becomes a leak, and it becomes a flood.

I stopped the workmen and insisted that the work be done to reasonable standards.... but it is a long process.

Some day I will put some images to my posts.

Meaning: Well my guess is that it is about poor coping strategies. House being a metaphor for the person. Removing the old ways of "getting along" and building a strong and decent 'Home' ... The dripping is probably crying.

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Ride 7

31 days of cycling.

Well this isn't' all that interesting

Ride six I forgot to blog about... because well it was like every other ride.... because it was.

I did decide that it's not particularly cycling fatigue, it't more laundry fatigue. 2-3 layers in the washer and dryer every day.

Monday, March 05, 2012

ride that almost was

Ride number 5

I was hoping for an hour and a half. I turned into the headwind and rode 1 mile and almost turned back... I said... "this sucks but I can at least go out two and a half".

It is an amazing day out there... but I'm effing tired.

Mop Mopinator, Getting chicked for 2 decades.

Ride 4 31 days of cycling.

I went out on sunday, I was just doing my Usual run. What I like to call the Mopinator Crit. Which goes near Eborn's house. 2 miles from home I saw Nancy on her bike, and whipped around and caught on. Of course her and two other serious woman cyclists.

Chatting with them I realized that everyone makes jokes on the bike, especially about the other cyclists. When I caught them they were putting the hurt on 3 super Clydesdales and some other guy had apparently caught their wheel, who didn't bother to chat with them. It's funny, I had no problem holding their wheel, but that guy ended up pulling right off. It's interesting how it's hard to gauge people's fitness.

As the girls joked.... ."the problem is, no men like to get 'chicked' on a bike". It's probably part of my character, but i'm not as competitive as most cyclists. Probably why I don't race... getting beat is probably just another day for me... won't exactly upset me or inspire me to do better.

Friday, March 02, 2012

30 days of hell. oops 31

Well, I decided that my poor fitness was going to require 30 days of fitness. I did this on a lark 2 years ago. I liked it a lot. One thing that you do learn is how important that rest day is. Even that coffee ride is just a little too much.

I think this is about 2 weeks of regular riding. It's all starting to blur together. My head is still in a terrible place. Just ... Too much. If there is this line where you are dealing with too much crazy bullshit. I have no margin of error, if one(additional) tiny thing starts to go wrong, I start spiraling out of control.

Ride one I was going to just spin around the block. There was a ton of snow and I was nervous, but the weather felt fine and I started and decided to give it some miles.

Ride two was the same thing. I did look out and decide the weather was nice enough to do a real ride. It was nice to get out, but I am exhausted, its been a nasty week.