Friday, May 14, 2010

Will be wearing this bizzaro hoodie thing for the remainder of the day

To prove that his 1990's attire... will never die
Who even knew I could own something, that went out of style!.. There are some very nice 80's sweaters... that will remain picture-less.


Kelly said...

So...I'm guessing you decided to clean out your closet.

Kelly said...

Oh...I just read your "Notes" post where you just said you were going to clean out your closet. Should have read that first before I posted a comment.

The Mop said...

Someone needs to let a guy know, you need to carb load before Cleaning Shower Grout!!!

That is no fun!!!

Yep.. so is the life of a rock star..

I need to do the post about my "Cleaning Mentor"