Sunday, August 22, 2010


I had another encounter this morning... Like many people, I was able to access beverages on the Tour of utah's hospitality, this weekend.

This morning.... it was seriously a "Race start" which means... Nothing is going on; but a sign in warm ups and a little parade. At Race starts, it's one place where you will guarantee yourself the inability to see any "Racing"..

But... It was early, and I was out late, I went for a cup of TOFU coffee, and got hand slapped... Ok.... sure I deserve a good hand slap... for many things... I'll admit it. But... It's rare that I get one for getting a cup of shitty coffee.

There was some woman "Cock Blocking" the coffee.
me, "I just want a cup of coffee"
her, "Do you have a pass"
me, "Yes"

ok at this point my cup of coffee was full.

Her, "that pass was for yesterday"

Me, "Nope, its for today and yesterday, that is how they broke them down." Both Park City events for my pass, are the same one.

Her, "Really, they don't tell me anything"

Me, "sure, read it.... bla bla bla sunday morning"

Her, "ya, they dont' tell me anything"

me, "if you don't know anything, why did you stop me? I mean sure.....But All you have is coffee and some shitty day old Danish. Seriously... nobody important is coming this morning, they are tired, and are going to snowbird. Only the True believers are here at the start. AND SERIOUSLY... ITS A CUP OF GOD DAMN COFFEE i DRINK 40 OF THEM A DAY... SURE STARBUCKS SELLS THEM LIKE THEY ARE MADE OF GOLD.... BUT FUCK.... i DRINK TWO POTS A DAY..... AND IF YOU DON'T GET OUT OF MY WAY... I'LL CHEW YOUR FUCKING ARM OFF!!!!"

(OK, i'm embellishing here... I just wanted to kill her for Cock Blocking me from the coffee... and from the look of her... she needed to stop with the cock blocking and let a few in!!!)

after this incident, I had watched and I didn't see anyone else able to get coffee. I do suspect that the coffee at the start of the event was ..... ornamental only.

Quest for Status

For the most part I've grown up here. I have never been a big fan of Park City... The problem is 'I don't get it'.

Me, 'What are you up to?'

Them, 'i'm going to park city'

me, 'why what are you going to do?'

them, (there are two options here)
Either; 'Going to the outlet stores'
'Going to the bar'

"why would you do that? are the outlet stores a good deal?"
"But if you drink up there, it's another hour to get home?"

"Not really a good deal"
"well, if we need to we can stay"

me, "Well why would you do that?"

Them, "Well it's fun!"

me, "you can shop on the internet and get a better deal" or "But there are better bars here"

them, "But that isn't as much fun."

So, i've been to both these activities.... and seriously it's the same shit both places.

This reminds me of the old "Condo at Snowbird" trick.

Me, "Hey, what are you doing this weekend."
them, "oh, me and the family have a 'Condo at Snowbird' "
When I was young this sounded impressive. Until you get invited up to visit the "Condo". I realized that "Condo" meant Time share on a hotel room. Worse, sitting in the "Hotel Room" you can browse the Pricing for "Condo at Snowbird" and when I was 16 it was a few grand for maybe a couple weekends over the summer.... and NO weekends over the winter.
Knowing me, I'm an asshole so there I am sitting in the "Condo at Snowbird".

I say, "But this is like a Hotel Room"
them, "But it's at snowbird."
me, "but there is just a pool, and a bad one at that, and some overpriced food."
Them, "But it's up in the cool air"
Me, "but I could get a hotel room in Salt lake for $30 and drive up here... and still go to a better pool, not paying $500 per weekend"
Them, "you just don't get it"
Me, "nope"

See to me its paying in order to say "Condo At Snowbird".

Last night after the crit, some bozo was trying to get me to get some rooms in Park city for $40, which isn't that bad a deal. I imagine I could pull off a weekend for $60 or something. I imagine there could have been a catch. Truth is, they were trying to sell me the opertunity to say "Spending the weekend in Park City"

So, the start of Stage 5 was at the "Newpark Hotel" in "Park City" or "Deer Vally" whichever you wanted to say. As I sat there, watching the race stage, It occurred to me that the Newpark hotel, which I'm sure is one of the places I could have stayed for my "Deal to stay in parkcity"... is more a Hotel on the interstate, attached to a strip-mall/Outlet mall(with american-Bistro-like-synthetic coffee shops). than it was "Staying in Park City".

It must be me.... cause I just don't get it... I guess from a couple's standpoint.... it's hotter to have sex in a new place, than the old one.... maybe that is the point. But seriously... I think I can stay at a hotel on just about any interstate... I mean... I'd like one near something Awesome, like The world's largest Ball of Twine, or The largest Bowling ally in the world.... now that would be Awesome.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Please let the Bear/Bull/Hammer Return!!!

For those that follow, it's been an aggressive year for El Mopo. It's very important for me to be making progress and being Productive. So far it's been a good year.

The last few weeks have been a different story. In fact i'm not sure if it's been Two bad weeks or Three, that is how bad it's been. Sure I could try and look back and figure it out... but What if it's been three... I'm trying not to think about it.

It now seems like I have either some kind of cold or allergies or The dust in my bedroom seems to be getting to me. It's hard to figure out which... I just know it sucks, and is hard to breath, but not here in the room seems to feel better.

It all started with a project I didn't want to do. Some Nitwit said "Lets do this"...
I said, "no, Bad Idea"
they said "No Really!! this is a great idea"
I said, "No Seriously You don't have it in you to do what you need to do. I have enough crap going on I can't bail you out of it if it goes bad."
they said, "But it's important."
I said, "That doesn't mean that it's not Impossible."
They said, "No Really, we can do it."
I said, " I think the We... is Heavily Dependant on ME! I don't think it can be done."
They said, "I insist."

Well that project has gone sideways ever since, and worse there is almost no profit potential for me, and plenty of Emotional Loss involved. Which was my reservation... High Risk, No Reward.... It's called FUCKING STUPID!

To top it all off On tuesday My GF's bike went south. Of course this is all very similar, a few weeks ago she said "I think I'm going to do the maintenance on my own bike." Which sounded suspiciously like "You should fix my bike for me.".
She says "Can we look at my bike."
Me, "When?"
Her "I'm very busy! You take it, I'll come over later."
Me, "Right"

The front of the drive train is wonky, the front chainrings want to follow the Rear. Big cogs it wants to be in the Small Chainring, Middle Cogs it wants to be in the middle, Small Cogs it wants to be in the Big Chainring. and if it's not it skips. I know my bike doesn't do that. It makes the most sense that it's the Chain, and that it's warn out. But it could be the Front Rings....
Right, The Front Dérailleurs are for CHANGING not holding it in Gear?
Maybe a fresh look in the morning....

But seriously, it's taking too much time and it's just punting the replacement of most of the drivetrane which is all a mix of shimano 9 components. Tiagra, Ultegra, 105, and a SRAM cassette... anyone spell KLUDGE?.

And all of this..... and what I really need... what the Heavens need to open up for me... is about 4 weeks of Really good work.

Welll *cough cough cough Sneeze Snot Hack Phlem*

It's hard to get Psyched about TOFU.... Sorry Kids.... I am following...

Go T-mac!!!! I think about him all the time... and he was a ton of fun last year at TOFU... He is missed...

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Today was a nasty day. I'm not psyched about whining about it. Some days I feel like I have no ability to accomplish anything, of course my horrible sinuses didn't help.

I took a few naps, called it a sick day. Bla Bla bla......

I do seem to be feeling better. I'm at that point where I can't stand the idea of laying down and watching a movie.....

Ya.... Well HTFU... Or whining about it is all I have...

Here is to a better tomorrow.

Monday, August 16, 2010

HTFU. Sometimes you are a Super Hero, Sometimes

You are just a dork in tight clothing and a stupid hat. After a month of trying to make it over the north side of Suncrest then up Alpine loop. I finally made the journey last saturday. That was nice, but after getting dropped on the climb up suncrest by 100 yards, and having some SkiUtah Couple smoke me up Alpine, I didn't exactly feel like the hammer.

It's been a long few weeks.... Seriously Long. Like I've been saying, shit is going to change or Something is going to break. Well, things are close to the breaking point. I tell you what, there is nothing like an understanding Girlfriend, who says "Listen Buster!!! Don't you Withdraw from me! Tell me about it, so I can help! or at least give you a hug!"

Of course none of that makes things .... easy, right now. It does help. I guess it is time to do what I can to create a more Stable life, or a more stable.... day to day existence. hmmm... I guess I'm going to try and get in a pattern of writing every day. I'm not sure i've said it, but I want to try and write something and get it published. I'd at least like to start by writing something that I'd like to "Submit" for publication. I guess that is the first step. Sure it will get rejected or whatever, but it sounds like fun. Quite a few people tell me that though i'm almost functionally illiterate, with my writing, I can turn a phrase from time to time.

I may have a sinus infection.... See how well I write!!!

Tour of utah starts tomorrow. Ya... I don't have much planned, I'm not even sure how much i'll manage to watch. Kill it guys!!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Leap into uncertainty

Well, I've been enjoying this 'leap into uncertainty' thing.

I rode Big Cottonwood tuesday night, and I'm not sure I ate enough. It's taken a ton of feeding to recover. Of course blowing through 2k calories in addition to ones usual daily burn. It's kind of a big ride and I'm not sure I realize it yet.

shit..... this is all I have....

I'm trying.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Compression socks

I was against them as cyclist Hokum.... but I'm starting to warm up to them

Friday, August 06, 2010

Hello Blog

I'm not sure what I'm going to write. A little insomnia, I'm completely worked. Sore legs... the whole bit. I took a few more Ibuprofen hopefully that will help. Either that or there is an impending Crap. Sure, there is always an impending crap... I just mean one in the next hour.

I wish I knew what was keeping me up. There were thoughts about old jobs... Old projects. Usually there is some thread some "Unresolved thing". This was about turkeys. It was thanksgiving and they gave us frozen turkeys. They had them in the Break room in the refrigerator or freezer. I didn't grab mine because... well if it was sitting in my car it wouldn't be refrigerated. I left it and some schumuck grabbed it(Probably the Supervisor). So they ordered some more, and said "Well if we don't eat them, we will donate them to the shelter."... When the new ones showed up I said "Ya, I'm good with mine going to a shelter." At thanksgiving the grocery stores just about give away turkeys. $3 for a whole bird. Well some schumuck grabbed all of them again(Probably the supervisor). Suddenly they wanted to get more(probably the supervisor). So I'm sure he had 12 of them in his trunk. I hope they made him sick, not being refrigerated for the rest of the shift.

And that was keeping me awake...... There were some other things.. but just about as lame.

Umn... I made a comment about how I wanted my life to be different. I guess all the blog readers know this. It's certainly more than having a Great Girlfriend... Which I have BTW... and I'm not just sucking up because she reads this.... I promise.

I don't.... WANT.... I gave that up years ago. I know that what ever we get... is going to be different than what we want. So why bother.... I don't know... seems like at one point... at this point I gave up... just a bit. It seems like that "Wanting" is what drives most people. I just think it's pointless.

Well, I'm going to try and go back to bed... or take that crap I was talking about. The Gardie Jackson thing was super funny... Great that it was so important for him to keep saying "This is all a Joke"... I mean seriously... we( or someone else) show him all that love... and he thinks it's a joke... (see, now this is a joke). And seriously Sandy... Put some conditioner in your hair, get some Color in there... and you could be brothers.

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

The Blog

Here I am... no sleep at 1:30am. It's something I ate. I fell asleep at 10 and woke up at 11:30. That didn't help. With the indigestion, it's some of the old worries. Like I say, "No matter where you go, there you are.".

My Girlfriend is nice.... I keep calling her The Girlfriend, that is kind of disconnected and fucked up but appropriate for the blog not for Real life.

I'm not sure where the blog is going, I'm not psyched about Killing it or anything. I'm not sure I've said it but I still want to try and write something and get it published. My Girlfriend Knows about the blog... so it's hard to write anything.... I can't write my personal feelings, she wouldn't appreciate my writing my/our Intimate stuff down and sharing it with you people. Worse, if I write something I'll get an early morning phone call.
I know I am not comfortable with it. Point being, i'm not sure where the blog is going... It's going somewhere, Just not sure where.
It's still a good place to write my flights of fancy, when I have them.... about Meeting porn stars riding up Big Cottonwood.... If it truly did happen or not.... or maybe I just remembered some dude from College or High School... and decided to suspect the reason I was familiar with them... was because they were a porn star and not someone who sat across the room in math class....

I've been playing with Wow... you think Twitter or facebook are messed up.... imagine people trying to socially network using music... it's madness.

But You know.....

Well, I have a big morning...
I need to lay down and ....
pretend I can sleep..

Maybe this time