Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Cappuccino fail

#30 days of content 3.5
#the Great Red Dragon.

Morning False Start! I had to go Cappuccino... I was going to meditate on my Failed Cappuccino." See what I could come up with, contemplating my Cappuccino Fail.

Then another phrase hit me:

"Was she Happy in the end?"

It reminded me of R-, who I call "The great Red Dragon"(hard to keep all these woman straight). She broke my heart, Just out of university. I was working a lousy job, working with my hands, but I enjoyed it. I thought R- and I would get married. Well, she 'Punted' on me. I was very angry, then I was laid off from the nasty job, Being 23 and having no family, no real bills. It's nice that corporate america, provides Anti-Rewards for being Fiscally responsible. Seems like that was one of the first points, I realized how broken our capitalist system is. Guys with 5 kids, and a car and house payment, they can't afford, get laid off last.

This is how being laid off works, You show up to work, and they go "They want to see you in the conference room!". You walk in, to see some of your co-Workers, You know what it is about. This is how "The Mop" deals with it.

He looks at the boss and goes, "We are being laid off right? "

him, "umn..... , The thing is...."

Me, " You have our slips right? So I don't have to come back here."

Him, "umn, we really did appreciate having you here. "

Me, " You also know that legally, you have to have my final check in 3 days."

him, "Umn, we do? "

Me, "Ya, take some time, and look at the employment laws."

Him, "we will take care of that."

Me, "Well, I would appreciate if you mailed it to me, so I don't have to come back here."

Him, "Ok."

Me, "You also are going to Pay me for the rest of the day, since I showed up, in good faith to work today.'

him, "ok"

Me, "You also realize, how hypocritical this is, If I quit you would want, 2 weeks notice, but you aren't extending that same regard to me. Well, it's been a Pleasure. Good Bye"

It looks like i'm going to do "The great Red Dragon" story... It will have to come in several parts.

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