Friday, May 21, 2010


It was so ... Yesterday. Not sure I care to bore anyone with "THIS IS MY TAKE" best, I love the game. Lance is trying not to say anything that can be "quantified". I also loved "Ask me any questions, we have nothing to hide, unless you ask specifics."

He knows the sound bite, you also know, he had Months to think about it, and plan for this. They have been talking about it since Floyd got nailed. I'd even bet Lance encouraged him to take money from people for his defense, so it painted him in a corner.

What people don't realize is lance is a step ahead of them. The suggestion that he would do anything "Rash" is Laughable. The only curious thing, would be if they are setting a trap for lance, but he probably has too many bribes and is too ahead of them for them to pull anything sneaky. Too many people in cycling want to do lance a favor!

Huge numbers of the international guys are doing some form of blood doping, or drug training enhancement. Do I know who? nope....

I think I said it yesterday..... To me it wasn't Surprise another drug scandal... just another Thursday in International cycling.

Bla bla bla bla..... Now it's friday.

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