Thursday, May 27, 2010

Rally Mop Rally!

#30 days of content 25
Spic and Span... I wonder where that phrase comes from.

The product took the name from a common phrase meaning extremely clean, "spick and span", which was a British idiom first recorded in 1579, and used shortly afterwards in Samuel Pepys's diary. A spick was a spike or nail, a span was a very fresh wood chip, and thus the phrase meant clean and neat and all in place, as in being nailed down. The "span" in the idiom also is part of "brand span new", now more commonly rendered "brand spanking new", and has nothing to do with the words "Spanish" or "Hispanic".
I swear, I'm almost there on the Kitchen and Bathroom. I still need to fix some broken grout... etc. Seriously, Every project I've put off for years, is getting cranked out. ... I guess this is all part of the "Shit is going to change... Or it's going to get Broke"(The poor usage of the English language is intended.) I'm always playing it by the skin of my teeth. I feel like i'm ... I just don't feel like I've been as attentive to your feelings as I would like to be.... You know, I'm caught up in scrubbing and mowing and trying to get the garden sorted out and work. The bad part is all the chemicals, they keep building up in my system.. and it's messing with me. It has my mojo off kilter.

I sit down tonight and look through the blogs, and there is just some amazing stuff out there I've been so caught up in my own Cleaning Haze... and Honestly.. some Vial mojo, which I guess i can blame on the chemicals... but... I'm happy to own it. But I feel I've missed all this great work going on out there... So many hours, not enough Allons-y

I did a small ride today.. I want to puke when i'm out on the bike, I'm running 70-80% and my legs just Burn, and are empty. I did have some nice sustained 20mph uphill efforts today. I would love to put in some real miles. I think i'm done with the heavy duty stuff though. Now just need to push them to the finish line....

I have the worst attempt at a post... Honestly, if I put some work into it... It may get better... I think it has a strong finish... but I'm working on it.

Everybody is perfect, but could use a little work.

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