Friday, October 31, 2008

It's halloween and History International is running "A history of god"

Learned something interesting. Yahweh.. Translated is roughly "I Am Who I am"... who knew god was Popeye.

What I like about it is that it's one of the first signs of "the new religion" Where it becomes "negative Theism" IE.. if you can't disprove it it must exist.

But if God Is what it is... and it's outside of Reality or existence, Then it becomes something You will never have evidence of therefore, you will never have a chance to disprove it.

but I digress.

Flahute and art are back on the economics rant again. This is what I like about Art; He likes to point out the inconsistencies about Government and our economic system.

but here is my deal, I've been charmed by this whole economic episode... Most charming is what I have heard for the past months from traders... and it's funny "The problem was we let Lehman Fail Which introduces Zero as an options for many companies, If we hadn't done that we would not be doing all this Socialism bailing out the banks. This is not the Free market when we are Bailing out the banks. Now With Zero as an option for companies there is no confidence in the system, and you can't invest."

I want to put this into a Formula

Letting Lehman Fail = Fremarket Act= The socialist Act of Rescuing Banks = Not a Fremarket System = No confidence = No investment.

But apparently the opposite would have been true.

The socialist act of rescuing Lehman = Not a Freemarket system = Not Rescuing banks = The Free market = confidence = Investment.

JUST TO BE CLEAR this isn't Art's Thesis.. this is just a Wallstreet Thesis.

The fun part for me is that at one point we are in a Very strange Alice in wonderland situation, Where just about everyone is very inconsistent with their logic.

But here is my Thesis... EVERYONE is very inconsistent with their logic, for the most part it's not logic it's just Rationalization, for their own narcissism. It's not for me to SHAKE MY FIST about how Ridiculous it all is. But to Realize how ridiculous everyone is, and figure out how to Profit from it.

Over all, if we allow the capitalist system to run like it should, it will collapse... and we will move on to a much more Socialist system. In fact you can suggest that it's a "Market solution" to the Capitalist system. If the Market collapses, and there is no confidence in Capitalism. The Socio-Economics of the market Will force a Much more socialist system.

In our Democracy the same thing is going on. We have tried Extreme Deregulation, and moving Heavily to the Supply side for the past 8 years... In fact it's been 30 years of that swing of the Pendulum. The Result of "the Free market" and it's Impressive 3 years of prosperity over the past 8 has made our citizens start to rethink "The Uber Free market."

I'm not saying right or Wrong, But that is the game.

But I'm a godless commie.... But I know the game.... It's for me to make money, regardless. Maybe I'm just Godless. ;)

I still love to vote.

maybe I'm just a Democrat.


What is this blog for if not to whine.

and if as has been reported and blogging is so 2006... or 2005. I'm all about it.

Maybe the universe is in FLUX, I hate to go into some bullshit MOJO. With the Election, and the economy... The universe is just all up in the air, and it's causing some imbalance in the fabric of "The Force"(snicker). OR that all just refers to how I feel right now.

I fell asleep at 7pm and woke up at 11. I'd love to fall asleep for a nice 3 hours or so before morning.

Sorry I'm just going to go in a few million directions.

I love to vote, I remember when I started voting and it was strange and frightening. Now it just brings a smile to my face. My polling place is walking distance, so at one point on Tuesday. I'll take a nice fall walk over to my polling place and Play the touchscreen. I did rather like having a Ballot. Apparently it's way to complicated for Regular people, so now I don't get one of those nice Crisp cards to punch my vote through. But Once I hit that door of my polling place I'm just happy and thrilled to have a chance to have a say in government.
It's a good thing.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Not that any of you care

Something in my life is so incompatible with Yoga. I'm just struggling like mad... and it's more than just the fitness and Limberness.

It is getting better, but it's crazy to me that I'm having trouble staying focused the whole time.

LOL, I've been tagged

And because ... Well, I'm bored today....

Oh and by the way... did the market countdown clock go to Zero? and after that What happened?

It's better to post about this than what I'm normally Babbling about.


Eight Favorite TV Shows: (I'm not sure if they have to be Current, Maybe I'll do it Twice)

Eight Current Favorite TV Shows.
(you are about to find out what a snob I am.)

  1. Engineering an Empire(History Channel)
  2. House-It's just an addiction at this point, It was best the first 3 seasons.
  3. Naked Archaeologist-(History Channel) Umn I don't know anything about Biblical Archeology. It's amusing to watch Archeology, of what I see as a Fiction. But it's not like it's proof of Jesus or Moses, but Proof that the places In the bible actually exist.
  4. Monk- Not as good as it's been.
  5. Nova. There was an Ok deal about Fractals
  6. Frontline... It's like news only instead of a 30 second sound bite, it goes on for an hour.
  7. Meet the Press
  8. The Daily show.
My 8 favorite of all time.

  1. ER- It was great before it became all about Carter.
  2. The Shield- first 2 seasons are Must See
  4. Law and Order-Jerry Orbach seasons
  5. "24" but the first 3 maybe 4 seasons
  6. West Wing (till the presidents daughter was Kidnapped)
  7. House
  8. Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

(this is where it gets boring)
Eight things I did yesterday
  1. took a walk
  2. Avoided yoga(it's something. I'm having a tough time these days working out.. so it's the old fall back)
  3. Obsessed about how Republicans are all about FearMongering... and how that is no way to live.
  4. Read about Bond investing.
  5. Made Coffee
  6. Took my vitamins.
  7. Watched Politics on tv
  8. Slept poorly
Eight Things I look forward too:
  1. Spring
  2. Going on vacation(when ever I decide to do it)
  3. I'm actually excited for some winter bike rides, it's actually nice some times to be cooped up then make it outside.
  4. I'm looking forward to seeing all the Big 3 car makers to have a nice Come to Jesus, and realize that the Business model they have is completely broken, and for them to come up with something new (fat chance, the Government will just cut them a check to keep them afloat)
  5. Winter Runs, after it snows.(it will be novel for a couple weeks, then I'll just be annoyed by the extra laundry)
  6. Some day Reviving this blog.
  7. A regular workout schedule
  8. Next Planting season.
Eight Favorite restaurants:
  1. Trolley wing company
  2. The Pie(fortunately they have one out here in the Burbs now, so I don't have to travel or elbow people.
  3. Tai Siam
  4. Beto's Mexican.
  5. Beyond that I don't eat out much.
Eight things on my wish list:
  1. Less Stress
  2. More time
  3. More time to read
  4. For Christmas and Thanksgiving to be over.
  5. (i'd have a more extensive list... but it just gets sad)
  6. I want a car that is Ugly, High Gas Mileage(Like 60MPG), and low maintenance.
  7. I want every insurance company on the planet to go Bankrupt. I can not believe that you can have financial trouble as a company that sells something they never intend to follow through on.
  8. World Peace
Eight people to tag....
I'm sure this ruins the chain letter quality of a tag and I'll have bad luck or something...

But ... You know who you are.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Something to this blog

Politics is in full swing... Fun stuff.

Did you know that Salt lake county is More than 50% Non-Morman. From that you can draw a high probability that it's mostly Democrat.

So, when you show up to vote, Either way it's an important vote.

The disappointing thing is when people don't realize that on these salt lake county issues, your vote is very important. One could almost say it's almost a republican advantage to have you convinced that your vote does not count.

Moreover, on say the vote for president... say you voted instead of Not voting. Thee would be a greater possibility that when the election is done and the popular vote may not be the electoral vote. If your opinion is that your vote doesn't count because of the electoral process, maybe if the popular vote was not the electoral vote more often... it would motivate our legislative branch to change the constitution.

Monday, October 20, 2008


I'm sitting here Watching a late night movie about a Vietnam vet who has post traumatic stress, I was reflecting on how all the WWII and Civil war Veterans, suffered the same thing. How many of them were expected to suffer in silence, Or who Couldn't and were Marginalized by our society. Then reflecting on how Maybe by giving it a name "post Traumatic stress Disorder"... I reflect on if Maybe it was better to suffer in silence... or maybe it wasn't.

This then reminded me of how I was today about how my life could have been different had I been encouraged by a different teacher in HighSchool. Of course To Place on a level playing field My being haunted by Highschool, and Post traumatic stress from war..... Well is stupid. It is how memory works it seems, more emotional the event more likely we are to re-experience it.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Joe the Pulmber

Not Actual Plumber, and Tax Cheat.

Of course McCain wants to give him a Tax break.

Republican way, everyone who can afford to pay taxes, shouldn't pay them

Friday, October 10, 2008

Alright It's here

I have a countdown clock to to the bottom of the stock market, it's above and I've added it.

Tuesday october 28th Just after noon based on the decay rate of the market....

somebody will be able to buy every stock on the entire market, for the price of a cup of Coffee.

I've already put in my order on all the indexes.... So don't bother trying to get ahead of me....

I will own the corporate universe in 18 days and 7 minutes 47 seconds.......


Thursday, October 09, 2008


I promised to shut up when they took action.....

What a nasty week.... Who knew in a leadership vacuum, when the president comes out talking about the great depression... that everyone would freak out, put money in the mattress. and throw their 401k's out......

What makes all this extra scary is that it's Wall Street caught in the bubble, this time....

they are all like "we went to business school, we understand business cycles.... How could it be us who contract...... We are special!!!"

"so special as to not be included in the business cycle?"

I'll try and come up with something fun to blog about.....

"the craziest life I've ever lead"

Friday, October 03, 2008

Freeloader Wallstreet California Fat Cats want another hand out.

California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, alarmed by the ongoing national financial crisis, warned Treasury Secretary Henry M. Paulson on Thursday that the state might need an emergency loan of as much as $7 billion from the federal government within weeks.

The warning comes as California is close to running out of cash to fund day-to-day government operations and is unable to access routine short-term loans that it typically relies on to remain solvent.

....payments to schools and other government entities could quickly be suspended and state employees could be laid off.

"Absent a clear resolution to this financial crisis, California and other states may be unable to obtain the necessary level of financing to maintain government operations and may be forced to turn to the federal treasury for short-term financing," Schwarzenegger wrote in the letter, according to the paper.

When Will America wake up and realize it's best for them to lose their state jobs..... What ever happens don't bail out these wall street fat cats..... we need to stand up to teachers and Pothole fillers, and public servants.... that they are off the public tit.... These fat cats are ruining america!!!! California and a few other states have destroyed their economy and need to suffer a free market death....

Keep those phone calls going.... NO FATCAT BAILOUT. Thank god for guys like Jim Matheson.... True hero's bringing america to it's Knees

Thursday, October 02, 2008

this is how crazy shit is

If your house is financed at 5%, you could loan GE that money at 6.5% and have them help you out with 1.5% of your house payment...

assuming you had access to your home equity in cash...

Credit affects manufacturing

From this story

Business at Power Curbers Inc., which makes machines that lay sidewalks and curbs, had been slow for a while, given its link to the construction business. Its domestic business fell about 35% from the first of the year through about August, says Dyke Messinger, chief executive of the family-owned business, based in Salisbury, N.C.

But as the financial situation worsened over recent weeks, customers -- who typically finance purchases -- suddenly stopped ordering and one major order was yanked. "We haven't had a domestic order in six weeks," says Mr. Messinger. "At this point, that's unprecedented."

Faced with such an abrupt drying up of business, the company on Tuesday decided to shut its assembly line for two weeks, which means temporary layoffs for most of its 100 workers.

Let me grant, that some of this is economic slowdown... But the example is valid, Credit affects buisness. Which then effects Employment, which then creates a feedback loop on the economy. Certainly credit will never flow like it has over the past 10 years, But... this only gets worse without action.

Unless you are sitting in a fallout shelter on a Big fat pile of gold with a bunch of firearms.....

ME? I don't want to live that way.....

And, I am a crack shot, and I'm fairly sure I can get you on the way out of your bunker, and take your food and gold.....

Just letting you know....Whoever you are....Damn Fat cats.... ;)

Ok... Seriously I'll be over this in a week or so..... Unless the house doesn't past the Economic rescue bailout fatcat... So... Honestly call and write in support of it... or you will get more of my countdown to economic disaster blog....

What is a day without a rant

Again... The most probable thing is that due to disastrous socio/economic climate. We push or economy off the cliff of "laissez-faire" disaster....

Then in a few years after the public decides it's done punishing the "fat cats" BTW the "Fat Cats" are in gold...

I digress, but when the public gets done punishing themselves... the fat cats will be ready to come in and clean up..... Yep... we sure will punish those fat cats....

Once they clean up, selling gold and buying all the land after you lose your job and get foreclosed on and they push everyone into tenement housing.... Don't worry then we will have "the New New Deal"... then the middle class can struggle to be land owners again over the course of a decade.

Yep..... Keep those calls going to your representatives about how you don't want an economic rescue.... cause we want to punish Bush cause he has no credibility, and we want to punish the 3000 overpaid CEO's in the country.

Again with the dead horse..... Half of the largest banks and most of wall street are gone!! Moreover, about half of those currently employed will either quit because they can't make money, or will get laid off over the next year..... I'm just thinking that Destroying the other half of the financial system... probably isn't a good idea. Much of corporate America will shrink over the next 2 years.

Somebody said "many economists disagree with the plan"... Well it's sausage making, And "most economists think instead of giving them a loan, we should take a direct stake in the banks instead.".... Hear how popular a loan is? How popular would a direct bail out of each bank going to be?

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Some correspondence

I was just firing off some email.

I absolutely think that congress needs to do more for "the people" and it's coming....

but... it's not a choice between buisness and "the people"... that is a false choice....

they go hand in hand... it would be nice to see less fudruckers and more mom and pop business

Sausage making

I watched Democracy now last night. Don't doubt, I think our economy is a disaster. Too many people working dead end jobs for not enough money and benefits.

It will take time to heal.

Here is the stupid thing that is out there. This plan, isn't great..... but

There are these people who say "We Won" by defeating the plan...... And now the stupidity comes out... Cause now they say... We can now do it MY WAY. This is the kind of "If everyone doesn't play the game my way, I'm taking my ball home".

The republicans are now saying "We need more deregulation, and tax cuts for the wealthy."
then some of the other people say:"We need the New New deal", Which is basically bread and circus. Everyone who is behind on a mortgage needs to get a work out, and yet how is that rewarding people who are suffering every day to pay it off. ... and where is the benefit for the rest of us.... Where is my hand out....

Politics is sausage making, they take some pork, and some chicken, and some beef... and keep adding, until the bill passes. that is how this works, no bill is any good, there are no utopias, and Yes Virginia, there is no Santa clause.