Sunday, May 16, 2010

Keeping Pace-Notes

Exhausting weekend... they are all exhausting... Not enough bike riding. Federer was taken out by Nadal in a Warm up to the French. My aunt called about something.. I gave her an earful of how Nadal should never win a tournament, until he buys a bigger pair of underwear(tennis joke).

Strangely, I'm kind of cranky. There are quite a few people .... I've been running up against some clueless windbags....who talk a big game, but have their thumb up their ass. WAKE THE FUCK UP! Most of them are clueless "one trick pony's". Keep talking, a big game. In life, there are those who talk, and those who act.
It doesn't make you taller to try and tear me down, and it's a laughable waist of my time.

Talk the talk.... Now walk the walk....

I've decided to start talking about "LITTLE BLACK RAINCLOUDS!" like in winnie the pooh.

And worse... the little Bullshit games they play, like I'm 8-18 years old. It's tired Bullshit... how clueless do you have to be to try and play a second order game with me, Let alone... a first....

I'd also suggest that you "Know your shit" if you are going to step up to me. Other than that...

As I say... Good luck..... ALLONS-Y.

Well, a few hours off on a Sunday... should square me up.. give me a nice recovery.

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