Sunday, May 16, 2010

Second Till

#30daysofcontent #14

This is the unhealthy soil Above. Filled with Clay, but broken up. Not enough compost in this soil

The above is after a fast till.

First I do a nice deep Till. Then... I do a shallow fast till to turn the soil into a nice powder. Above is nice healthy soil, Tons of organic material.

Now.... Time to start building beds... Once this till is completed. I WILL NOT STAND ON THE SOIL.Here I dig both a trench for irrigation. and a pathway to walk. This is about 12-16 inches deep. I dig down to the compaction layer.. and that is where I can start walking. This will be the path between my planting beds. On each side will be potatoes, One bed on the right, one on the left.

Every time you stomp on your soil, it makes it harder for your plants to get their roots in there. Especially on the remains of a lake bed(Lake Bonneville), like the Wasatch front.... Thousands of years ago, there was 40 feet of water above this spot, and that is some odd... 2 tons of pressure per square inch... Our soil is PACKED!... if you want good healthy plants... do not run around like cattle on your soil. Never stip on it, and if you have to, put some kind of large flat brick to help to disperse the pressure.

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