Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Warren Buffett is an asshole.

#30 days of content #16
(this was part of my "who is the mop post", it got away from me, and I wrote this)

the entire financial sector of the economy, is filled with narcissistic Jackasses, who are so miserable..... and Stupid:

.. THEY TALK LIKE EVERYONE WANTS TO BE WARREN BUFFET besides being rich... Ask yourself? what else has he done?? Name it... Did he cure cancer? Did he Free South Africa? Did he lead the German peasants in a revolt against, the papistry? Did he come up with Didactics? how about...The Scientific Method? Did he write about Moral Philosophy, I mean even Adam Smith did that? NO WARREN BUFFET IS A DOUCHE BAG!!!! HE HAS DONE NOTHING FOR MANKIND, AND EVERYTHING FOR HIMSELF, he should be Berated, he should be Frowned upon.. we should mourn the Warren Buffets of our society.

Ya, when he dies, his money will be donated. FUCK that Bullshit! He waisted his Brain, he waisted his time on this LAME QUEST TO .... do whatever he is doing.... DID HE NEVER ASK "WHO IS WARREN BUFFET?" and say "What is the point of all this bullshit??? What Am I doing with my life?

ya... he got rich... Fuck that Loser!

Oracle of Omaha, ... Predict something useful for mankind.

Sure... donating his money...when he dies, but if he is a fucking Genius... why didn't he decide to cure cancer?


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