Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Guess who is back?

This is Pre 'Coffee date Woman'... the "I'm busy Woman", With Manners BTW. She is in a "I like having you around, kind of thing.

I like having me around.... I ROCK!!!

Sometimes, people don't realize when I get them all worked up, or when I get their project Rocking and Rolling! They don't realize, that is what I'm doing... they think it's organic. I'm working to generate momentum... When you do this... you have to watch for "Anchors", and you try to get them in line, or you cast them off.

This post sucks!!!

Fairly sure i'm over it. There is such a darkness with that one.

1 comment:

Sandy Perrins said...

The Mop, you do ROCK. You. Regardless of Darkness. I'll be in touch when I make it to New Mexico!