Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I've got the funk

Everybody has been posting about the funk...

I just realized I have it right now..... I'm so inactive.

But .... Australian open.

Roddick beat Djokovic... Good for him, Sure Djokovic retired.... but that is also what he does instead of being beaten.

120 degrees at the open.. putting the hurt on all of them. mon petit lion, Alize Cornet... who I pointed out last year, managed 2 match points on Safina... Let me also point out that many people are finaly getting into better shape.... Roddick being one of them.

So.... Ya, that is about all I have... Let's all hope for Federer.... I want to see Nadal get schooled this year...

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Some musings for a Saturday Afternoon

I umn.... Felt the Muse... I'm hoping this turns out well.

I was Laying down and had some thoughts.... I was thinking they were worth banging out..l.(I've escalated to 4 periods....).

Australian open starts tomorrow, That will be nice.

I was watching "Cross Creek", It's a good story though a sort of half assed movie. It's about Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings, who wrote "The yearling"... Roughly it's a Movie about a woman coming of age, Writing a story about a Girl coming of age in the context of a Deer coming of age. If that is enough Context for you.

She moves to Florida in 1928, from new york. This made me wonder what would have happened if she had waited a year and been caught up in the stock market crash. Of course I bet she did get caught up in the commodities crash that went with it, with her orange harvest and all.

I'm always reminded when I sit down at this blog... about how you can't go home again.... I swear I'm working on some kind of point. The story just reminded me that I should work on honing my .... Writing skills. I wish I would write short stories and publish them here. It's very strange how difficult I find it to write these days. I was just pondering if it had to do with an inability to focus on it. There are so many distractions, so many other things that my mind is contemplating.
The inauguration is on tuesday, It's very exciting... We all have so much hope. I was joking a few months ago. I'm a huge fan of not drinking the Koolaid, so to speak. I had this huge rant at the time of the Olympics about The Dalai Lama, When I saw some hippies do some lame protest in china. I don't want to argue this, but as far as Americans are concerned he is a "Cult of Personality", and for some Lame ass hippies to put up banners and "protest"... you ask yourself 'Why doesn't the Dalai lama do it. And you realize that it's not the way of the Buddha... and then you have to acknowledge that whoever this "hippy" is who is protesting in Tienanmen square, is so out of touch with what he actually believes. When in fact one can suggest based on Buddhism being kicked out of Tibet was the best thing that could have happened. Understanding that is part of the Enlightenment Buddhism allows. But... Had this Hippy lit himself on fire... That would have been something.
Jus to get to my point, having Blasted some Buddhist hippy, and the Lama for being part of a Cast system, and that selfishly Of course he and all his people would want to go back to a place where they were kings... But... I just figured it was only a matter of time before I started Badmouthing Obama.

Marx says that every age only asks the questions that it can answer. One might extrapelate from that every age elects leaders that reflect that time... Or maybe; what they want from that time.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Insomnia 3

I would pay good money for some nice sleep from say 10pm to 6am...

But nope.. Just bad T.V.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Insomnia 2

Well happy new year

You know how wild and crazy I am these days, fell asleep at about 5pm, Woke up at 9:30...

Yep sleep disturbance.... that is what they call it...

Every year I try and make it through all my holiday movies, Bad Santa, christmas vacation, scrooged, the ref.... The classics... I'd say Love actually, but you would think less of me...

I've managed this year to sleep through all of them, started every one, I wake up 3 or 4 hours later and it's over... or I wake up in the last 10 minutes or the credits....

kind of a jip...

I'm going to try "Trading places".... I'm hoping it puts me to sleep.

So... Julie was talking about Ruth's.....

I umn There was a time when I went on this date and we went to ruth's. This is just a great example of how charming I am.

So, we sit down... and the date is going badly... It's one of those dates where you just know that for some reason she agreed to go, but somehow had decided it was over before it had even begun. She was kind of snobby and uninteresting.

We are outside at ruth's and the appetizer showed up After a few minutes she noticed a bug had landed on the appetizer, I saw that look in her eyes and she was going to make a scene.

I looked her straight in the eyes, Looked down at the bug Grabbed it and threw it in my mouth, and washed it down with my Beer.

I kid you not, We didn't say one more word... ate dinner, and I took her home.