Sunday, May 31, 2009

not sure I have much to report

pulled off the 20.. my back was killing me... but that was before I even started. So... More base I guess....

Ivonovich is out...

Maybe we will see a suprise on the woman's side, Safina is the Favorite, but maybe a Serina Sharapova stand off. I just don't think sharapova is up for it.... yet.

And Nadal Folds.... Preasure too much for that 5th French... I was hoping roger would take him out.

there was a Highlight thing of Pete Sampras. I had forgotten that in 90 he went through, Lendl, McEnroe and then Agassi. There is a good reason to have hated him.... and that when you saw a match it was roughly 2 hours of sampras throwing Aces.. Not to detract him as a great Athelete, and Tennis Champ.... but I do have to say it was fucking boring..

Bagholders... Let the Daemons Chase!!

I'm still backed up... or not as clean as I'd like... four or five apples would sort it out. No chance right now to scarf them down... would you believe I've been up for 20 hours.

I did take a nap....Spawnee in the parking lot... I just toil... drank 2 beers weeks ago.. it was nice and yet not....

I don't fucking know... all these financial cocksuckers... they are real Pieces of shit... have no respect for work... but don't think that trading is easy. Traders earn.... but it aint easy.

But many fincance guys are clueless, and still pull huge premium.... premium to be a Piece of shit.... How is that part of Adam Smith's grand plan....

Paid to sucker people into being bagholders. As you play this market,
keynes wrote, :

“The actual, private object of the most skilled investment to-day is “to beat the gun”, as the Americans so well express it, to outwit the crowd, and to pass the bad, or depreciating, half-crown to the other fellow.”

Right now, there are a lot of people lined up to buy that half-crown. That is why Keynes is so hated, he pulled the veil back on the shell game.... Opened up the Bullshit Kimmono, and showed how dickless it all was... just a ton of people getting setup as bagholders...

Breaking a sweat here... I need to do 20+ miles on the bike tomorrow... that will be rough, it has to be either in the morning or in the evening, and evening is .... well that isn't the best time.... I need to shut off the MP3 and just let the daemons chase me.....but I'd need to get some sleep...Maybe that is the title of your book... Let the daemons chase!.. Maybe that is the title of my book... or my biography.... Like I said... a good Sweat.More depravity... I'm not sure, isn't there enough..... I'm not sure the depravity I'm talking about and the one you reference are the same... I agree Too much depravity...

Friday, May 29, 2009

another day another ride

I just wanted to spin the legs today, but ended up doing an entire route. Starting to feel "OK". But I need to work on a base.... so... it looks like shooting for 20-40's is going to be the goal for a while...

If only I could start into the wind... then come back by kite...

So... market want to do one more move... 94.5 on the spy, but it's been messy so... even a false break out above 93.0


Nadal/Hewitt today. Not many exciting matches today, but over the weekend we start gettin down and dirty

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Base Building

I guess that is what you call it when you drag your ass back at 7 MPH for the last 3 miles...

Then I was walking 6 types of funny, I think I need to take a crap... and I have no idea how I'm supposed to sit on my Dick for 2 hours... Let alone 4-8....

was this supposed to be fun....

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Super Carbo's

There was a story about the amount of pasta being served at a restaurant. It was ridiculous, I can't quite remember, it was like a pound. The one that gets me is that thing some of the pizza companies have which is pasta in a pizza bowl... or bread bowl...... HOLY FUCK! Then there is that Pizzone

It's the size of your head...

I pulled through one of my short regular routs, felt fine... only slightly wanted to heave. I keep thinking about some of the tougher routs I have.... Shit..... I guess I have to gear up for at least.... an attempt at something..... either that or some real miles this weekend... maybe a weak ass 40 or something..... I just don't have any weak routes at 40 miles.....

And I'm having a hard time getting that final Tweak on the bike... And I can tell I'm only a few months from a new cassette and chain.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

arg... 2.0

I was doing some research on my diet.. apparently there are some thoughts to regular carb intake all day to replenish energy.... This isn't quite how I do it, For the most part I try and reduce Carbohydrates unless its for recovery. Certainly I get away with more, during the day... I hadn't thought about having some at regular periods during the day.

My legs have felt like .... Lead. Though it's a bit deceiving since they are mostly jellow, so Lead is a step up...

Monday, May 25, 2009


What a Sack of Poo....

I fell asleep, and woke up an hour later... and my body feels so awful I want to vomit. I realized that what was sore was my entire "Core".... Holy Cow!!!....
If I wasn't so tired I'd Cry!

Bike Riding Hurts!

But my back hurts more than my ass right now.... so that is progress right?

I was short of 20, but seriously my legs are cooked at mile 3, so.... I'm not sure if its too much to get stressed about.

I have a complaint... Why the hell do they put bike lanes on the worst roads. 900 east -700 east is horrible to ride. 7800 south is a horror show. And why are construction signs built so they are perfect to hit you in the shoulder.

Maybe some of the road planners need to realize that on a bike, I don't want a Freeway.

The open

So.... Sharapova looks to last another 2 rounds, It is good to see her back.

Ivonovic is Doomed.

Safina kicked the Crap out of her first opponent 6-0 6-0

I don't even want to go into this...
a Prime reward is given to a racer AFTER THE RACE!!. A hand up is a Hand up or feed. If I win a prime.. say a Cannondale Bike at a sprint, I'm just not sure you would pick it up at the sprint point.

Let us also talk about rule 1g2

1G2. Organizers shall agree that the safety of participants and spectators is an essential consideration in organizing a cycling competition and they shall take those reasonable acts necessary to promote the safety of participants and spectators.

4H14 Feeding:

(b) Irregular feeding Rider: $15 fine Other licensee: $35 fine

They could have been hit with an irregular feed fine... Would the riders have preferred that?

(e) Illegal or dangerous tossing of an object
First offense: $20 fine Subsequent offenses: $20 to $80 (can be applied to team if rider cannot be identified)

I'm not sure if it could be defined as a Toss, but Toss does have a very Loose definition as a word.

How about

(a) Behavior dangerous to the rider or other competitors;

Now...the only defense I can think of... is that "Mostly" feeds from spectators are done at the riders own risk.

I can't see any other way to define it other than a feed and if you define it as a feed 3D6. Feeding is not allowed unless specifically authorized by the Chief Referee that is very clear.

I also wonder if there are some rules about interference.

Newt Gingrich wants you to be afraid

I just saw 30 seconds of Newt on Meet the press. I Cannot take that bullshit. Again we are arguing torture and gitmo.....

There is good old Newt... "America Should be Afraid".

Isn't the point of government to make us not afraid, and that doesn't mean Nuke every other country into submission.


These bullshit morons, like Newt and Cheney, Want you to be afraid because it keeps you under their thumb. So they can literally raid the Coffers of this country.

Newt is such a lying bastard, I've seen him so many times, Make shit up, completely distort what someone said. And when he is caught he is like this slippery worm, and just moves onto the next T.V. show and dumps the same Lies on you again.... WHY... Because to him "THE ENDS JUSTIFY THE MEANS... HE KNOWS WHAT IS GOOD FOR YOU... AND YOU SHOULD SHUT THE FUCK UP AND DO AS HE WANTS!"

Newt is an unremitting disingenuous amoral Jackass. And all these assholes have this delusion they are Jack Bauer... they may as well pretend they are Superman or Batman... These are Illusions... Fictitious Heroes from our imagination. Real Hero's do the Remarkable in places where most of us do the Unremarkable. The Remarkable thing, the Heroic thing, is to Rise above Torture and establish our country as a Moral Leader in the world, and not some Banana Republic, where Corporations place puppet dictators to keep the Bananas flowing(THAT IS WHAT A BANANA REPUBLIC MEANS, and it is the opposite of democracy, and the opposite of capitalism... since it leads to anticompetitive monopolies.)

I've spent the past 3 weeks listening to these conservative dumb asses talk about how obama is turning America into a Banana republic... and it just shows what morons they are, since that is what we have had..... and it is what we need to get away from. "The BANANA Companies running the Country.".... Where the fuck these people learned economics.... or FUCKING HISTORY!!!!! THAT IS THE SHIT THAT MAKES ME WANT TO SHUT DOWN PUBLIC SCHOOLS!!! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU PEOPLE LEARNING!!!
but that is just my opinion...

Dear Blog

.... Weirdness. I have ridiculous insomnia. Not so much insomnia, just an inability to sleep unless I'm ... unless my eyelids are like stone.

What to write... what to write... I have some great stories.

I'm still very scattered, with more time in the Saddle, I think it will correct... I wonder if I shut down the mp3... it will help.

well.... more tennis

Sunday, May 24, 2009

where was I...

I guess I have to push to 20..... It's obvious I have to put as much time in the saddle as I can. My ass only hurt today, as opposed to absolutely killing me.

Today... well it was the second day I wanted to vomit...

but when I clipped into the pedals, my heart rate was in the 90's.

Yesterday was rough, there is something about being on the bike, makes me Less satisfied with my life. I guess the rest of the time I don't have enough energy to be irritated.

I worked on a new route today, I think I need to work on some new ones.......

Well, that is a stupid post...

French Open

Mauresmo was beaten, and young American hopeful wayne odesnik... who probably will soon be referred to as hopeless(he did go 5 sets).

hewitt struggled

I'd talk about Querry, verdasco, and Gulbus but it would bore you.

Somebody pointed out how I refuse to spell peoples names correctly...

Ivononvic is cooked.... she struggled today. Returning champion. Seems like being Pretty may just be enough for her. but how many pretty tennis players that can't play, can we stand?

I'll still cheer for her.

So.... Players to watch....

Obviously the favorite is nadal in the mens, and we should see something out of Sharapova in the womans side, Jankovic will again come up short, I'd like to see something out of safina I'll say she is my favorite, but the most likly result is that again one of the williams sisters will pull it off. But as they age and struggle, I find myslef more willing to be behind them.... and don't forget Bartoli.

Federer, obvioulsy that is where I am. but Murray needs to have his day soon. But if you arn't paying attention to men's tennis. it's all about the battle between Nadal federer murray and djokovic.

Monfis, Aleze Cornet, It's always good to watch the french players at the french open...

Up and commer Bethanie mattek, goes up against Venus tomorrow... but we havn't seen much improvement out of her game from last year..

Friday, May 22, 2009

Ask then answer....

"ask then Answer. Who are we and what is the point?"

I pulled off my shortest regular rout, the old fall back when I just need to keep the legs loose.

It Pounded me.... Buried. and it's 10 miles of Rollers.

So, The Lotion.... Have you ever sat in front of the isle of the Grocery store.... and had to ask. What kind of Lotion am I.... What do I want my skin to smell like.(Ok, I would say... Ass or Saddle or ManJina... but I have standards for this blog.) .... So... Vanilla? Peaches ? Cocoa Butter (WTF is Cocoa butter?) White Tea, Raspberry.....

so, there went 20 minutes.

I umn, just barely got to the point where I could accept that I'm a Berry or Herb person for my Shampoo.... But no Fucking Fruit....


Last night when I crashed, I was barely hanging on.

I realized how much of the other shit I need that I don't have.... So a list

  1. Lotion for my sore ass... Antibacterial... Aloe
  2. Juice... Recovery has been, fucking Gatorade.
  3. ... I imagine I need more shit than this..
  4. This is a stupid list....

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Ride 3

Holy crap.... And my fucking seat is so fucking hard. I need to get.... do some reading, to make sure I let my ass heal.... Or quit being a whiner.

I think I have my HRM dialed in... is it a problem that I'm doing 10mph at 90%... JK... Uphill... But a small one.

I'm going to sit around like a bunch of bitter Queens, and tell Turbo how to lose, Right?

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Report 28.

My ass hurts, my back hurts, my nuts hurt... and after 4 miles my legs are like jello....

When clipping in my HRM showed 110...... Sweet, that goes down to 80... I'm in business... Of course getting it back to 60 would be nice....

and I have no idea how to run my HRM....

I was thinking I'd be up for a 20 miles this weekend... but I'm starting to doubt it... and I have to not push myself too much... And I should just enjoy it.....

It is supposed to be fun right?

and the Joy of turning around today, and realizing I had been riding with a tail wind ....

I forgot that feeling.

HEHEHE... I paid $7 each for some tubes today.....

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

It's like flying!!!

Report 27......

Well... chased it all down... blew the dust off my tools.... and out I went.... Damn my bike is fast. as much of a fat guy on a bike as I am, and Lack of real fitness...

suddenly I was 3 miles out....

and had my first flat.....

good stuff...

Monday, May 18, 2009

No Salvation yet...

Maybe tomorrow, but according to the shipping crap it's not even in the city... but if you have tracked a package... that doesn't mean anything.

Hey... after the fake out on friday... we got my bounce....

Joy! or not....

I just want my salvation in the form of bike parts...

Sunday, May 17, 2009


..... Well, salvation by bike kit is coming in the next couple days.... If I had known how important it was I would have hurried the shipping... Who Knew.

damn... all I have

Friday, May 15, 2009

bla bla bla

Report 26..

So, I read my Poetry friday... and realize that the theme wasn't clear... I could correct it but.

The point was, that I was seeking salvation threw an object... My bike... and the new gear coming for it.

and in the end... I then tied it into the new toilet seat I just picked up...

Point "If I'm looking for salvation through an object.... why not a toilet seat, instead of a bike..." of course that was sort of lost since most of you seek salvation from a bike and it seems reasonable to you.... as it does to me.... but it's Ironic.

my new favorite saying is "Bla bla bla"

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Follow up for art

So... I threw a 80/20 on a market top last week.

I have to hedge. There was a downswing, and now it may want to bounce. The next day or so will either throw out a new upswing, which should be a final high. or the trend will continue.

but instead of 80%... I'm more in the flip a coin, state of mind.

Poetry Friday

in honor of Flahute... who is always doing poetry Friday... and I'm just a part timer.

I bet this will be more Prose than poetry.

I feel like....
If only I can get back to the bike regularly.
things will be ok again,
things will be good again,
things will be normal again.

I imagine it's a False hope,
too much energy being put into an object,
and activity.... a Flight of Fancy.

I guess we have to have hope right,
Mine of the 2 Wheeled kind.
The get out and drop the hammer,
Suffer the fatigue,
Suffer the Pain,

Well, if the bike doesn't do it,
I do have a new Toilet Seat!

Kitchen Nightmares

I'm watching too much T.V. ...

I'm addicted to Gordon Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares...
To summarize, a restaurant is going out of business, and Gordon goes in and tries to turn it around.

It kills me every time.... The thing that is running the business into the ground is usually the thing that has to go....

Some eccentric piece of shit idea... which the owner thinks makes the business special, is usually what is driving business away..

I think what they don't understand is that eating is Utilitarian... You want good food for a good price.... Not a Prize Moose head above the bar.

But.... the failing business always tend to be to beholden to the..... Apricot Potato's... and the moose head over the bar..... if they could face the reality, they wouldn't need help.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

If there is a Wrestler..... I've always liked Jesse

VENTURA: It's drowning. It gives you the complete sensation that you are drowning. It is no good, because you -- I'll put it to you this way, you give me a waterboard, Dick Cheney and one hour, and I'll have him confess to the Sharon Tate murders.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Some Rhyme

... Ok Blog... I want to spit some Rhyme... as the rappers say....
Report 26

only I suspect.... there will be no Rhyming.
Well... I went to the grocery store, The fridge is filled with Healthy foods. Tons of fruit... Yogurt... etc.... I think My mind says we are about to get healthy again.... No more Potato chips for you.

I had Pizza all weekend... that is how my diet has been messed up... and yes... Potato chips..

You know.. not as good as one would think...

Everything is starting to line up.... Stars are Aligned... Bla Bla Bla... time to get Uber Healthy again...

It's been a tough Slog.... I know I have about 400 new grey hairs.... and Seriously My heart just isn't beating like it should.

The Pizza gave me Heartburn.... And to be honest... I'm not in horrible shape... but It isn't good... I'm sure my lungs aren't clear....

The Western stampede tickets are on sale... I need to sort that out....

All the bike gear is showing up soon.... that will make me happy....

anyone think I'll be smart enough to take my bike to a mechanic?

this is for Art

So.... that felt like the top....

Umn... We have to be careful of some kind of bull flag, then one more high... but I'm like 80%..

but I was a week out on the bottom.... *Shrug*.... Good enough for Hand Grenades.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Knot of Abandon

Report 25

What I once wrote with abandon.... you say...
why can't you just Throw some down...
What once was easy...
Well that muse is tied up in my back... it's in a knot.
It's there or in the knot in my neck.

Well... What the Fuck else can I write.

Of course I haven't been out on a 6 hour bike ride in a while....

I love movies made in Los Angeles, they put all these lame extras in cop suits, and they can't hold a gun..... and it just looks stupid....

Yep.... this is as interesting as it gets....

Saturday, May 09, 2009

No Joy

Report 24

I'm trying to give some updates.... Finally some progress in the garden... Final plantings of peas, Corn... all tilled..... I get to spend tomorrow creating a new compost pile.

This is a Horror, I'm addicted to Brittan's got Talent....

Unknown just posted something solid... I'm going to have to reach for something... just to... not be Embarrassed.... Speaking of embarrassment... have you heard of this new cycling blog.

Well, I best not just stare at this cursor flash all night. There is a lot to worry about in our economy.... "No Shit" you say. I have a great mentor these days, very amazing. The things that are worrying arn't so much what people are worried about... Most of you people need some medication. The thing that concerns me... is how Lazy you fuckers are... If you don't know what blog "The Big Picture" is... Well, Barry was bitching about how Wachovia employees couldn't post comments. There were some very slick comments... most of which were "I hate to tell you this... MR. Fake Economist" But one of the great challenges we are facing is the loss of productivity to the Internet.... as People spend their day surfing Huffington Post/ Pollitico/ Facebook etc.... instead of work. I kid you not, every company in America needs to shut down or very much control what employees can surf... and reading news.... That is what you do in the morning as you drink coffee at home.

Don't you fucking lie to me and say "I was doing it on a break", seriously people are sitting at their desks half the day, surfing. Then we have the people bitching about the United Auto workers.... Want me to tell you who isn't surfing all day? the UAW. I'm not sure if you have ever worked a "Line" or even seen a line, but I kid you not it would be tough just to watch some guy put in front Windshields all day, let alone do it. When I was a kid, I worked at a Print shop.. and the Collation machine broke. We spent 72 hours busting our asses putting together 30 page presentations. It Ain't fun, and if you work at a job where you can surf all day......

But that some of you think you can get away with this, or that your bosses aren't putting a boot on your neck to keep that from happening. Just don't kid yourself, we aren't as productive as you think. And if Americans would Buckle down and get to work... We may see some "prosperity".... But that about half the people I know waist hours everyday "Surfing"... and think they can get away with it......

So... big news... Sarah... the one I wined about for 3 months years ago... well she is getting married... There is more for me to toil about.... I don't know.. maybe I'm over it...

Solomon Burke-None of us are Free..

Free your mind and your Ass Will follow.

Sunday, May 03, 2009


Report from Interzone 23....

I want to read some William S Burroughs tonight... Funny, UnKnown... asked about me, It's not that I've been in a Funk... but defiantly today has been 'One of those days'.

I had my first minor injury of the season. I'm doing my best to get back to some form of 'superhero', Minor Calf-tendon maybe... but 2 days off... test it out... repeat till things are good.. Which mean... walks...

Sorry... this is just going to go in 30 directions... if any.

So, I was feeling some funk.... and somebody mentioned Daniel Day Lewis to me, I though... YA! I feel like watching "There Will Be Blood".... 10 minutes into it, I realize.... Yes, this is how I feel.... but that isn't a good thing, and now I'm about to wallow in that feeling for the next 2 hours.... It also reminded me of T-Bird, and Unknown.. I need to check up on Gila.... See how my brain is going everywhere.

I then put in "Stranger than Fiction".... Which was good... but I can't seem to focus long enough to get through it yet.... But it reminded me of Julie... and I wonder how she is doing, she has been quiet... I worry, she should email.

SO..... Beyond that.... Last few weeks I've just hated what I'm doing..... It's been a long and hard fought game, and I'm sick of it... Also the volitility will drop out soon... and then much of the "fun" will be over. The last few months I've sort of understood why Art is so irritable... BTW we are either going to get a small correction here, or a bounce to 9k Dow, and then we will pull back and we will see the boring come out.

The Garden.... things are comming along out there, I need to Till again, peas are in, chamomile is coming up. I'm going to start some corn soon. there are some seedlings going....
even that seems to be hard to get focused on.... you know... there are things to worry about.

I was .... Beyond all that... It just... Life should be simple... I don't know why it isn't, or why it isn't for me. some people just don't have a concern in the world and move around like a ball in a pinball game..... Seems like a way to be.... Sort of wish it were me. I was reflecting on how uneasy things are... It just seems like anything that one does, has nearly no value.....

I was... there was a point where I felt like maybe I could find a life writing some stuff, But.. even writers are getting Hosed these days.... I am hoping at one point people get bored with Ashton Kucher's facebook and Twitters..... WTF!!!
I was going to see Wolverine this weekend, but it .... I didn't make it to an early show and then the late shows were.... I'm sure filled with kids, I'd like to kill.

It's this kind of post that makes me ... You know... Not write....

1 13:26:56 0:00:00 96 Leipheimer Levi 0 Mellow Johnny's 51027
2 13:29:57 0:03:01 4 Armstrong Lance 0 Mellow Johnny's 1917
3 13:30:14 0:03:18 165 Zajicek Philip 0 Fly V Australia-Successful ENCINITAS CA 90090
4 13:30:59 0:04:03 142 Swindlehurst Burke 36 Bissell Pro Cycling salt lake city UT 51227

.... Ok... I"m about to say this.... and I mean to say (not that there is anything wrong with that).

So, here goes:

DAMN!!! BURKE, You can beat all thos Homos!!!