Wednesday, May 05, 2010


#30daysofcontent #3

Weary, and fatigued.

They say God Created Alcohol so that the Irish wouldn't rule the world.

Do you want to know what is interesting, in our Racially Charged world. Everybody has a chip on their shoulders; the WASPS and their "we were here first.", The Chinese, The African Americans, Jewish Americans.

Sure there are some messed up white guys, who talk about purity, and yet.... they don't actually have a National identity... They don't talk about returning to "White-ist-Stan" to reclaim the Homeland. When you look at them, they are just the underclass, fighting for some kind of .... Identity, or justification for their poverty.

Let us talk about who isn't messed up, who don't continue to "Wave the Flag" of their Genetic heritage, and a return of their Genetic Roots. It's the Irish, and the Italians. They came here, and assimilated. They just mixed in. Sure, you still have some of the old guys, bitching about the Potato famine, or Mussolini. But nobody takes them serious, Nobody is talking about Retaking Sicily, or Dublin. And even the Hispanics, don't get all worked up. I guess some of it, is still having a "homeland" and not exactly wanting to go back...
Just accepting that "No matter where you go, You are always there."

So, I dream of a day, when all the races, Jews, Asians, east Asians, do decide to "Accept there place in the universe, and start calling "This" home. It's sad, to be questing for some "Old time home", to Drag the Battle axe of "yesterday, was better than today.". It seems to get in the way of, accepting that today is a Very good day.

... and to think, we can just 'go with it'.

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Sandy Perrins said...

Excellent commentary. One of the better posts in a long while. Thanks Mop.