Thursday, May 20, 2010

No idea what to call this.

#30daysofcontent #18 or something

Yesterday, a 14 year old nerdy girl looked at me like I was on the menu.

Which is good.... and bad.

It's strange about cars, then there was a gaggle of girls in another car, and they were giggling, it involved me.... but I mean, for hells sakes... i'm in lykra. It's when the soccer moms in the suv's give me the look, that I know I'm golden.

Today, some woman asked directions, I think I went to Jr. Highschool with her... or it was my dick talking.(did I just write that?). It was an odd conversation, and she was a little discombobulated. I'm not sure if it was my ass, or the snot hanging from my nose.

Out here we have that hill up winchester, and we can talk Wasatch, all you want, but out here... we like to kick each other's ass on winchester. I kicked it very hard in the big ring up the first half, then finished it off. But when I got to the top... I'm not sure if it was Windex or Bleach that my lungs and system wanted to Vomit! It was one of the two. Time to open some windows, and this may be why I'm not feeling up to much riding, of late.

Point is, I'm not exactly feeling like wolverine, More like Mrs Doubfire or Mr Mom!...

It's all good!

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