Tuesday, May 04, 2010


Sandy, had some questions. It required some clarification.

"Days of our Lives"
, is a reference to a Woman, or a Specific Subplot in My life. This is the woman, who has been tormenting me since Jan, or so Or more; that I have been tormenting Myself with, as an archetype in my life.
If you want to get deep, I managed to "pull the Veil", off of the archetype, and now it seems as though I can deal with her less emotionaly, as a "Real Person" in my life. Also, she is a members of the financial community, that I deal with on a regular basis. She is the woman who told me "She was Busy", and blew me off. a month or so ago.

"Woman of the Barista"
, Is a woman I have been seeing, since "Days of our lives" blew me off. It's been hit and miss, She is a charming Teacher with a Masters Degree. But, she is not very 'Alive'. Also, Kind of boring.

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