Wednesday, May 12, 2010

How to speak Pig Latin

Post #8 #30daysofcontent.... For Ryan, to help him catch up.

There has been some concern around the Barrett household, about the kids learning well... they can spell...

So... a new trick... I'm suggesting Pig Latin.

Here is a Primer:

Pig Latin is a twist of English for people who want to be silly, or for kids who don't want their parents to know what they're talking about. There are different ways in which people speak pig Latin. I only know a few ways. Here are the ways I have learned:
For words which begin with a single consonant take the consonant off the front of the word and add it to the end of the word. Then add ay after the consonant. Here are some examples:

simply = implysay
noise = oisnay
For words which began with double or multiple consonants take the group of consonants off the front of the word and add them to the end, adding ay at the very end of the word. Here are some examples:

scratch = atchscray
thick = ickthay
flight = ightflay
grime = imegray

For words that begin with a vowel, just add yay at the end. For example:

is = isyay
apple =appleyay
under = underyay
octopus = octopusyay

Seems good for the peloton too:

Reakbay Ownay

Hetay Opmay Isayay Idiotyay

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Nancy said...

I learn new things on the Internet all the time. Didn't know how to pig latinize "the". Now I do. Ownay??