Monday, May 24, 2010

Tears in the Rain!

30 days of Content 22

There is a sound outside. I opened up my window so I could hear it ... in it's most complete splendor. It's an unfamiliar sound for these parts. It's the sound of rain. It's accompanied by the sound of cars, cutting though the water on the street. It never rains here.

I was excited when I went to the park. I made use of an umbrella. Very exciting the umbrella, its compact frame sneaking from the folds of a jacket, a few clicks and suddenly a respite from the drizzle unfolds. A warm jacket and all is right in the world. Let the music continue, let the dance begin.

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The Mop said...

Two paragraphs... I wasn't thrilled with the Flow. I dug the last paragraph, and it made the first one look weak.

then the picture was too much... I wish I had something more down tone. Then it's not about tears... tears of joy kind of ....