Friday, May 14, 2010


Ugh...... If Someone keeps your Mildew at bay... They need a ton of love...

Now! seriously... My shower is not bad! I did see 2 black spots today, Other than that... there are just slight discolorations. I know Mold is bad.... but... those two little spots. I'll get them, now that I see them.

I don't even want to talk about this. I have a new list of things not to talk about Politics Religion and bathroom cleaning. I kid you not... DO NOT TAKE IT LIGHTLY!!! When you come home from a hard day Where ever.... and your girlfriend is crying... SERIOUSLY... ITS PROBABLY ABOUT THE MILDEW!!! and it's because you are not clean enough in the shower.

Ok, I've known that the shitty Caulk, that the previous owners put in, has needed to be re-done for 2 years.... I'M ON IT!!! THAT IS EASY!!! this Mildew stuff is like fighting windmills.... I have no idea how many times I've scrubbed that sucker... 3 or more times today... could be as high as 6 times....

I'm about ready with the sandblaster.....

BUT... I do have a secret... You can't touch it... but DRAIN CLEANER!!! which is a diluted hydrochloric acid or sulfuric acid.... YOU CAN"T TOUCH IT... but you can wash it down the tile. And if you have any build up in the corners of the shower... It's perfect... BE FUCKING CAREFUL I tried it a scrubbing pad for a little bit, it started melting in my hand. I'm also not sure, but my fingerprints may not match anymore.

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