Wednesday, May 12, 2010

How to Try!

#30daysofContent #10

I had a Boss, when I was 25, and I had a question about a product we had purchased. First thing he asked, "Well, call them and ask!". He had this huge, thing about not just Calling and asking. It actually made him angry, "They are there, and they know the product, and we own or sell the product... CALL THEM!!"

What I learned, is you can make up all kinds of bullshit, in your head, but the easiest thing to do. Is call and ask... You never know, and even if you think you do. Maybe they have a different product, that solves your problem. Or they have been asked the same question a few times... and know the answer.

But the best thing to do... JUST TRY! Get on the phone! Get in someone's face...and TRY! ASK!!! Don't make up the answers... Get them.

Also, in our internet age, they are swamped with Cowardly E-Mails. These days, they are much happier to just get a phone call, A phone call goes faster, and Gets you to your destination faster. Instead of a 3 day E-mail exchange.... with an e-mail switchboard.

CALL!!!! Ask!!!!

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Nancy said...

If you can find a phone # and reach a human.