Sunday, May 23, 2010

End of my Leash!

Content 21?
Everything is fine, no worries. At least so far.....

It has been such a busy weekend.

"There never has been a better wing man, when things get dang". One of my skill-sets, is an ability to negotiate. Nothing scares me, business wise. I knew a legitimate Chinese gangster. He used to tell me stories. I also used to deal with nefarious types, regularly. One might even suppose that I was a nefarious type... One may even think I am a nefarious type. Most of that doesn't happen anymore.

I could tell you a story about how I heard the voices of a few people who, last I knew were talking about Kicking my ass, in my flat. I went right up and confronted them. Everything worked out fine. There is nothing like wondering if there are 4 guys in your apartment, ready to kick your ass... and being willing to go straight into the lions mouth.

I swear to god, if I gave you details. You would think I was lying, if you don't already.

SO..... suit and tie... it's all good, i'm happy to throw down. All my life, I've had people call me and say "This is a nasty meeting, and I want you to go.", I didn't realize until recently, but it's all game theory... I know how to play a game. That is a negotiation, a game.

One of my friends called me, "I have to go to a dinner, you want to be my wingman"
"who is going?"
The list was as long as my arm of people who very much dislike my friend. Catty awful people. Half of them, can't stand me either. I on the other hand, unlike my friend, can be openly hostile.
"No problem", I replied. off I went to what one would expect to be the worst possible evening.

Nothing like a challenge!

Most people won't be rude, especially people who are Catty. They want to slit your neck, after you leave, they don't have the balls to do it to your face. The fun is to look them straight in the eye, and even make snide remarks about how shallow they are.

It all went off, without a hitch. Everyone else uncomfortable and bitter, me and my friend, having a wicked good time...

Seems like at one point "you just have to throw down". Like I said, they were no Chinese gangsters.

Well, I'm still trying to give the house that deep Cleaning... trying to get all the ... All the things we put off over they years, completed... all the little things we skip and get them sorted out. I said that I was going to make some changes, or I was going to start breaking shit.

I was at Home Depo today, looking at Tile... in the middle of it... I started weeping... Ya.. there are a ton of cleaning chemicals in my system, and I skipped the bike on saturday, and I haven't done a "Big Ride" in a week.... But there I am, tears welling up in the Home Depo, I'm trying to keep the tears at bay, and am not going to let the 18 year old plumbing kid, see me welling up over a marble finish. Ya.. it wasn't about the tile... I know what it was about, but... that is between me and the Tile.

They were no Chinese gangsters..... but sometimes the Tile Section at HomeDepo, Gets to me.... I may be at the end of my Leash.... time to pull it in a bit.

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