Tuesday, May 04, 2010

"The Date" 2.0

#30DaysOfContent #2

I didn't put this in, the date story. We went for Coffee and a muffin, after the movie. We ordered, and the Batista, started putting my apple spice muffin, in a bag.

I said, "Oh, we aren't going anywhere, we were going to sit down."

he said, "Ya, but we are closing! "

I Said, "Oh, I guess we are going somewhere. That is fine, we can go to the park or something."

He said, "We have to do some cleaning, so feel welcome to sit around for 'A Bit' ".

The Date said, "Oh! What he is saying, is that they are Closing up, And that is why he is putting my CheeseCake in a box, but we can stick around for a few minutes, while they clean up."

Now she said this to me, Like she was explaining "E=MC^2", And the entire time, I nodded like I was fascinated. Just a Quick note, never fall for the vegetarian/Vegan Cheese Cake. I have known this since I was 16. Vegetarians; Good with muffins, bad with dairy products.

I said, in response to the date, "I know that!" This BTW is where internal dialog, which accidental becomes external, Goes Bad. "And let me tell you Why 'I knew that', You see, the conversation that you learned these vital bits of information; 'They were Closing' and they were putting our goodies, in a bag. You picked up on all this important information, in a conversation I was integral to. In fact it was, My Conversation. In fact, I'm so on top of our situation, that I am ready to move on to the 'problem solving stage' where we figure out, where we want to go, to drink our coffee, which is not here! "

(Just a note on, "Being Present", Me Very Present, Her "Living about 1 minute behind"


Yep, nothing says, you are not getting laid, like mocking you'r date in front of the Barista.

P.S. I'm always tempted to call the "Male" Baristas, Baristas... but I don't think I could do it without Snickering, and then they will screw up my coffee, or spit in it.

P.P.S. I don't believe in "magic" or Psudo Science or New age, anything. But for some reason, this was one of those times where I had massive Deja Vu. usually it indicates something important is going to happen, or may happen. But it's a brain condition, and not a psychic condition.


Sandy Perrins said...

Having been both on a date and "Barista" I feel your pain. Personally if I were the coffee server I woulda been a bit less confusing in answering the question so that you didn't have to both listen to your date's reasoning and explain your ontopedness of the situation. Irregardless, it is a great peace of writing, showing that you do a good job of mastering engrish. Oh, and how the hell do you get so many dates??

The Mop said...


"On-Top-ed-ness", "Barista" "Irregardless". "Engrish".
Great Comment!

All I can say, is that I think I'm giving off "The Vibe"; Smile, Joke, be Vulnerable, and remember... Woman love "The Chase".
And Everyone, enjoys being flirted with.

Remember, she cared enough to hit me, if it was really bad, she would have just ignored it, and rolled her eyes.

65% she will call in the next 2 weeks, and invite me to dinner at her home.

Sandy Perrins said...

Skillz I ain't got...but wish I had. At least my internet-blog-comment-humor is firing on all cylinders! Do they find that as irresistible as "the chase" or vulnerability?

The Mop said...

... Remember it's; The Game, of the chase, the back and fourth, the teasing, the flirting. The On again Off again. It's a "Dance", A "Play".. Enjoy it for "The Game" that it is. Winners Just like to "Run", for the joy of it.

They don't want to be "Chased into a bathroom", Or Drooled on!... They want A dance, they want a courting ritual. It's an Opera.

Just take some joy in it, Enjoy the Game, Enjoy the dance, for what it is.... JUST A DANCE!

And Everybody, loves a complement. Worst thing that will happen to you, is some woman, you aren't interested in, will cop a feel.(and that ain't so bad.)

And remember, you can choose to stop at any time. And, you loose 100% of the Games, you don't play!