Monday, June 30, 2008

Jancovich out

.... Starting to smell that all williams final

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Just Embarrassing

I'm not exactly sure what to do.

I'm actually slightly giddy about the new season.

Of all the things I've embarrassed myself about on this blog.

This is the worst.

I'm kind of hoping somebody will show up and shot me.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

You ask

..... You keep talking about Americans... and you never talk about the Williams sisters??is it a Racial thing?... I imagine that you ask...

Certainly not, and yes the Williams sisters can play. The problem is this.... I had to sit through 5 years of Dominance in the sport that had me not watching Tennis the entire time... Sure I saw the sisters come to dominance... Problem was... I just wasn't interested in watching them play each other in every slam.

I only started watching tennis again, when they started losing. As Serina would blame it on injury or whatever, and show almost no class, disrespecting the game.

For some reason I figured I needed to defend myself... Yes they are Americans, and have a great chance to win.... But I'm more excited for Bethany Mattek, who has made it to the second week for the first time in her career.

So now it's mostly about other stories.

Will Safina continue her momentum from the french....
Will Safin keep stepping it up, to keep up with little sis.
Will Murray keep English hope alive
will Jancovich ever be anything but a brides maid.
Could Venus show up her sister in a Final?
Will Kudnesova take it all the way, with all that hunger in her Gut... and I'm not talking about Cheeseburgers.

Speaking of which... I saw some talk in the British press talking about all the "Heffalumps" in the Woman's draw..... I thought that was worth a little chuckle...

Friday, June 27, 2008


Well, Ivonovic lost.... It's hard to talk about...

Matteck... took a whooping to Bartolli

I'm just going to suck my thumb and hide under the covers all day......

I'm thinking Ivan Drago or maybe it's Jancovic's time.... Seems like Drago is hungrier... wonder if that will offset that jancovich is probably the better player

Thursday, June 26, 2008

I just checked the widget

and apparently Roddick lost..... Realize the remaining Americans are nearly Unknowns... to be fair the wind did mess with many of the high level players, who don't realize they have to scale it back in the wind.... making it much easier to be someone who doesn't play with such accuracy.

And I'd like to thank ESPN who messed up the Coverage of what is the "Championships of Tennis" and cutting the Roddick match off half way through.... I think Lawn bowling was on somewhere, and they just don't have enough stations to cover the Championships of tennis... I tell you, these days as they have started doing split coverage of tennis, with 3 different stations covering the event..... It is a Real disservice to the event.... but I understand Dog Walking, or Caber Tossing, monster truck racing... definitely worth dumping something as stupid as the Tennis Championships....

So to replace the Americans.... I threw up a few other people including the brother sister safin- safina... Ya, I don't get it either.

Umn.... Crack Pipe... Just figured I'd throw that in...

How about this. I'm watching Stranger than fiction, I think ... I am Harold Crick, I'd like to think I'm Harold Crick. I'm like Harold Crick, only less organized, I'm not really Harold Crick.

Oh... Just to Cheer you folks up.... Oil hit another new high $140, it's 2x as expensive as it was last summer.... It reflects 5-6 dollar gas, it reflects 25% inflation.... did you get a 25% raise last year?... That must suck....


James Blake just went down.
Davenport went down...
Levine went down

the Americans are dwindling.

bobby Reynolds is still in....
and at this writing Roddick is still in....

Those are some slim American pickings....

I dig James... but seriously... when you realize someone is topped out, and seems to just stagnate.... you just have to let them go.... As with Roddick... Though Roddick over the past year has been trying to get his head out of his ass.... Maybe when he gets rid of that fucked up serve.

This is only the second round.. I understand Clay is hard to play on.... but WTF this is grass, and with no rain it's been fast...

GO Roddick, maybe you can make it to the third round Yippee... It's like we are British or something... or the French in Le Tour

Oh.... and sharapova went down..... That girl needs to have a little come to jesus, about her tennis focus....... that is a girl with her eye off the ball.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Reality TV

.... I'm not a fan... Here I am... My day is done... I get up at 3am... so at 4pm I'm fairly tired and exhausted, and all I really am trying to do is decompress....

Here I sit, watching "Denise Richards...I like to date Psyco's " or what ever the name of her reality TV show is....

After I saw Gene Simmons... Now that is a good Show, I figured I'd give it a shot... She is Hot...
Damn... Now I forgot what I was going to Whine about....

Oh... Now I remember... so you watch some of these, and seriously their lives are 2x as boring as anyone else's life... and there is this huge build up for nothing.... So I spend 30 minutes on the build up to nothing happening...

I give you 2 examples.
Ice Road Truckers... Hugh is driving down the ice road, and a light goes on in
his truck...... that is minute 30.... Minute 45 he decides to Call Someone on
the Radio.... Minute 55 Nobody answers, and he keeps on driving..... Minute
58... he reaches his destination....

Seriously, lights go on in my car, and I keep driving(unless it's oil, or temp).. but nobody makes a show about my life.....

Deadliest Catch... They are pulling up crab... Minute 40... Someone is
going to get hurt... Minute 45 Still Pulling up pots..... Minute 50... Edger
gets hit in the head with "something".... Minute 55 He was hit in the head with
a hook.... Minute 57... He has a bump on his head.

Seriously, A cabinet hit me in the back of the head once, I got 7 stitches. I also once got poked in the arm with a knife while working.. 5 stitches out of that.... I even tried to convince the Doctor to stitch it without Anesthetic... just for fun

3 hours long

Ivonovich match today, best match yet....

second round everyone is realizing they have to bring out their A games


The wind lets loose Havoc on Djocovich's game, and he is Crushed in straight sets, as Marat Saffin, decides to keep up with his sisters tennis success.

"if she can do it, so can I"... he was said to have commented as he left the court...

(I made up everything but that Saffin beat djocovich... and the wind oh and straight sets.. so I guess it was 70% true)

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Jesse Levine, is a young american that made it thrugh qualifires.

So ESPN has 6 stations running Wimbledon.
4 courts telivised
1 Roaming court Televised
1 espn2... with what they think is the best...

6 channels...

here is the catch.... several times, they are running say... Nadal on court station 2, then they run him on the Roaming Coverage, and on the regular ESPN... 6 stations, same thing on 3 of them..... What a waist of technology.....


Mrs Davenport just eeked out a win... well eeked isn't quite the word.. She won, but not decisively. or as decisively as a 25 should defeat an unranked player....

it doesn't bode well for her run here.... But unlike the commentators, this isn't IMO a retirement Tour.... She loves to play, and wants to give it a go.... I will be tough on the 32 year old mother, she will hurt, there will be pain... but she loves the game... and I have some hope for some better results... Maybe not now... but in the future...

GO Lindsey!!

and Roddick may just make it through the first round(do I sound bitter). Blake is about to start, and Andy murry is on court... Which sucks because I can't watch 3 matches.


Vania king wend down this morning
Odesnick retired.... I think it was an injury

Monday, June 23, 2008


Jill Craybas was just beaten in 3 sets, looked like she put up a fight

Ashley Harkleroad who is aparently going to be in playboy was pulled apart like a Lobster by Maresmo

wimbledon update

Jill Craybas (USA) still has yet to play
Robby Ginepri (USA) is OUT.
Vincent Spadia is out.

Bobby Reynolds (USA) is still playing and I don't know who he is.

4 Ladies' Singles - 1st Rnd.

Mauresmo should finish her quite swiftly... but Go Ashley... I think she is a challenger.

4 Ladies' Singles - 1st Rnd.
Marion Bartoli (FRA)[11]
Sabine Katharin Lisicki (GER)

Bartoli has yet to play, I'm still bitter because she beat my Henin last year...

2 Ladies' Singles - 1st Rnd.
Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova (RUS)
Alize Cornet (FRA)[17]

7-6(6) 7-6(4)

Wow I didnt' realize that my little french buttercup was now ranked 17, which is going to go down being beaten in the first round.... she did take both sets to the tiebreak.
2 Ladies' Singles - 1st Rnd.
Bethanie Mattek (USA) def Severine Bremond (FRA)

Bethanie Mattek made it through the first round(we are tracking her in the Widget)

She will Crush You!!!!

I'm not talking about Serina.....

I'm talking about Kuznetsova....

Who is the Ivan Drago of Women's Singles. Let me do away with tact for a moment, She isn't much to look at... I know tennis is about more than that.

What I do like..... and maybe this reflects a lot about me.... I'm starting to enjoy watching her "Crush, and dismantle" all the little Tennis ingenues .... The age of the Petite Tennis champion are over..... Good thing Ivanovic can chew nails


What is it about when I run, I want to steal my neighbors lawn chachkis and newspapers... I keep hoping someone will get the NYTimes.

I added the Wimbledon Widget. I'm not sure who I want to track with it.....

figure it out later.

Currently we have some unknowns, or hardly knowns

Summer Vacation

"Remember when we were kids and it always seemed like summer vacation went by so fast...Life goes by faster than any old summer vacation"

Well As always Thanks for reading.... Wimbledon is on, and I have to convince myself to go run this morning or something.

The 2 Correys or is it coreys

I only watched the last 2 episodes... and as a regular reader knows, my love hate relationship with TV.... It's always volatile.

Sometimes the thing with ... Blogs and Reality T.V. , Well sometimes you are just watching a Car Wreck.

I caught a few episodes of Gene Simmons Family Jewels, now that is great, it's a total put on. And makes me realize what a Genius Gene is.. Regardless of his poor performance in "RunAway"... But I will Grant a decent performance in "Wanted: dead or alive", a very unappreciated action movie.

But I digress... I figured 2 Correys was a put on too, but it's been escalated this season... Understand I grew up with them, Even had some respect for Haim back in the lucas days.. maybe even Murphy's romance, I was even learning to drive when "Licence to drive" came out(with Roller Girl BTW)... Sorry I don't want to go off on too many tangents.

Well 1990 hit as did my graduation from HighSchool, and effectively they both self destructed... and here I am Nearly 20 years later, watching the same car Wreck...

One can hope that Haim can get his shit back together, but sometimes you realize that someone was so fucked up for longer than they can remember anything else, there may not be another choice....

I guess that is the thing I hope, I hope I'm watching it to hope that the guy gets his shit together, as opposed to watching another disaster.... The guy does seem to have a desire to bang his head against the things that are holding him back..... That Is the thing about personal Daemons, You sort of have to Bang your head against them, or face them until they become manageable... worst thing is to run from them.... Cause they will get you for sure, if you run.

What a stupid thing to blog about..... And As distracted with other things, as I am... I know... it's fairly incoherent....

I guess my point is...... I hope I have the Strength to not waist my time watching this Crap.... Oh, and my liberal use of Capitalization... WTF is up with that... Hey, sorry it's all I have..

Tennis starts in 20 minutes.

Great Job

5 Burke Swindlehurst (Bissell Pro Cycling Team) 0.31

Go Burke

Sunday, June 22, 2008


so, explain to me how salmonella got on tomatoes. Unless they were being eaten by reptiles.... This is just crazy.

If they aren't Bruised, or have a bite out of them, wash them with a little bleach, or alcohol... and unless some crazy field hand is injecting them(you should be able to see needle damage), They should be fine.


It starts Monday morning....

so I guess we know what I'll be blogging about for a couple weeks

Blake Plays Roddick in the 4th round.... Assuming they both can get there.

Lindsey davenport will play dementiava in the 3rd.... Lindsey had a kid just a bit ago.... Love her to death as I say this, "good to see the old girl play"

Wayn Odesnic, our new found favorite from The French, Plays neimenen first.. Then matheiue(i've bastardized every Foreign name... only worse than I would if I actually said them). If he can get through then he will play Roddick or Blake.... Yes, all the American men are in the same quarter draw.

The Williams sisters will definitely be out for some Post French Revenge.

Some unknowns Jessie Lavine, and jonh isner, Vanja King....

Some Qualifiers...

Raquel Kops-Jones defeated in the first round of the qualifiers... that is sad.

Lilia Osterloh USA (10) Defeated in the "Second Round" of the qualifiers

Abigail Spears, out in the firs round

Hugo Armando out in the first round of the qualifiers

Kevin Kim

Jessie Lavine are both American men making it through the qualifiers.

Jill Crabas, There have been many comments in the past 5 years about the lack of American woman...

And on that note, I demand that Ryan and Kelly start both his daughters immediately with tennis rackets, Sure Swimming is good, and it will have to be fit in, but...... For woman there is more money in tennis than about any other pro sport... maybe Golf... but that is a stupid sport.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Norman Mailer

I'm reading "Tough Guys Don't dance"

Mailer is awesome, I have to share some quotes... These aren't for the faint hearted.

One of them I can't find but it went like this:

"any woman who dyes her hair, is a blond at heart"

"...., Ready to Capitalize on that carnal affinity toward black men which lives in the hearts of certain blonds like lightning and thunder."

Friday, June 20, 2008

The Great Swindle

8 Burke Swindlehurst (Bissell Pro Cycling Team) 0.20

Go Burke....

and good luck High Uintas, for everyone else.

Funny Oil joke today. Someone asked with gas as expensive as it is, if we are willing to drill in other places...

Someone said "I think we should drill in a Panda's head if we need to".

The Charming thing is that Wall street is all about Drilling..... As long as it's not off the Jersey shore or Cape Cod....... I say We Start there.... Spread down the coast, as needed.

Actually I'm all about a Tax on Oil and coal, to fund Fusion research.

Get Ready to Carpool....

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Little 500

"You know what really gets me? I mean, here I am, I have to live in this stinking town and I gotta read in the newspapers about some hotshot kid, new star of the college team. Every year it's going to be a new one. And every year it's never going to be me.
I'm just going to be Mike.
Twenty-year-old Mike.
Thirty-year-old Mike.
Old mean old man, Mike.

These college kids out here are never going to get old or out of shape. Because new ones come along every year. And they're going to keep calling us Cutters. To them it's just a dirty word. To me it's just something else I never got a chance to be."


"there's your cloth, and there's your sponge, and there's your place. Don't forget to punch the clock, shorty"

Monday, June 16, 2008

U.S. golf Open

So, I'm sitting here watching the playoff between rocco somebody, and Tiger...

I umn..... I Hate Golf...... I tried to like it...... I'm strung fairly tight, which explains why it's not something that appeals to me. It seems to be about relaxing... and I'm more likely to break my clubs..... and I refused to drop $400 on clubs.

What did Mark Twain say.... Perfectly good way to ruin a nice walk.

But this is a great play off.

I guess I do wish I could enjoy golf... seems like that would be nice. The last 2 games I played, One I took a solid beating from a guy I can't stand. The other I played with my brother, gave him a solid beating, and was miserable the whole time. I couldn't wait to get off the course. Some of that could be be because my brother picks the worst courses... Golf is like exercise, without an increased heart rate...

Saturday, June 14, 2008


I buddy calls me today, "Hey, lets go have lunch."

Me, " Sure, I'm locked in a never ending spiral of 24/7 Homage to Tim Russet Tributes."

"I'd hate to pull you away from that."

"well, I suspect that we have a few more days of it.... so, I'm guessing I still have a chance to hear how much he loved Politics and Kids."

After lunch, we decide to go see a movie.

Him, "what do you want to go see?"

Me, "I'm on a streak of loosers, so You don't want me to pick it or else we will end up spending 2.5 hours watching the boring life of some lunatic kid who decides to commit suicide by Alaska"

" How about iron man."

"sure what the hell." I whip out my handy phone, "Iron man 2:30"

"that is too late, what else... How about 'The Happening'."


Snap forward to us standing to get tickets.

Him, "I'm not sure about this movie, M Night Shymalan movies can be fairly hit or miss"

Me, "ya, Every time I go I think I'm going to see '6th sense', and I end up at some kind of 'passion of the christ/The Crucible/die hard.... Hybrid."

"we should see the Hulk"


and when did Edward Norton Sell out? Red Dragon? He can be a great actor, and that is a great book, and he phoned it in.....

Friday, June 13, 2008

Tim Russert

Tim Russert died today of a heart attack...

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Out running

I'm out running this morning. I get the charming interaction with some asshole and his 2 pit bulls... He is doing some version of running/walking the dogs... The charm of being a running target trying to pass some dumb ass with unleashed Dogs...... "hey look, someone going faster, and in what appears to be flight, let's chase him"....

and like all pit bull owners, he has, nor can he achieve any form of discipline out of his animals. I wanted to give that guy a beating.... I almost followed him home to find out where he lived so I could make a complaint to animal control.

Guys with pit bulls..... what waists of space.....

I'm sorry if you own a pit bull, but if you do, I'm very sorry your penis is so small..... Have you considered a Trans-Am and a Mullet?

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Wow....2 in a row

paul Newman has Lung Cancer.....

and... Well, who would pass up a chance to post

Plastic Jesus by Paul Newman

ooooohhhhhh oh ugh ooooohhhh

I typed up something funny today, figured I'd share with this blog..... Since I'm Rarely funny....

I found someone talking about how this article was a strike against the "buy Local" movement. and that though local produce was taistier, they didn't buy the environmental aspect.

And for many people, "food miles", the distance food travels from farm
to plate, are a simple way to gauge food's impact on climate

Weber and colleague Scott Matthews, also of Carnegie Mellon, conducted
a life-cycle assessment of greenhouse gases emitted during all stages of growing
and transporting food consumed in the U.S. They found that transportation
creates only 11% of the 8.1 metric tons (t) of greenhouse gases (in CO2
equivalents) that an average U.S. household generates annually as a result of
food consumption. The agricultural and industrial practices that go into growing
and harvesting food are responsible for most (83%) of its greenhouse gas

A relatively small dietary shift can accomplish about the same greenhouse gas reduction as eating locally, Weber adds. Replacing red meat and dairy with chicken, fish, or eggs for one day per week reduces emissions equal to 760 miles per year of driving. And switching to vegetables one day per week cuts the equivalent of driving 1160 miles per year.

This was my Comment.

Local Produce isn't picked green, like the stuff from mexico is. Though Produce "Ripens" on the trucks. Once picked, the flavor of a tomato never changes, Just it's color. Also, some Genetic modifications to food, are to make them Ship better and look "Cute", and those modifications have detracted from the Flavor.

That's why during the winter Tomato's taste more like Cardboard, than tomatoes.
I always thought the reason to buy local, was to help the local economy. Economists suggest that .75 of every dollar of your food, Goes to petroleum(this does include gas for tractors, and fertilizer) Not only does that detract from the local economy, it actually increases the trade deficit.

I think the point of the Article is that it's better to be a vegetarian than to buy local...though both help. Since the Thesis is that Eating less Cow Products, is better for the environment than eating local.

I bet it was written by a vegan.
I bet I could pose a much better argument that Canabalisum would pose a greater bennifit to the environment, than either Veganisum, or eating local.

If your trying to reduce your family Carbon footprint... Children are delicious.....

(just playing)

For the record... since you are so interested Oil is swinging $3 back and fourth again.

billy jean king

... so, I saw Billy Jean King, in keeping with my Tennis theme.
she is getting old. So, I see her on a Nutrisystem commercial... and the thought I had was... How sad is it that that is probably the last exposure she will have to the Public before her declining years... a nutrisystem commercial...
she played singles till she was 39.


Trying to be some fun. Seems like Nadal is going to win some matches this year, I umn.... I'm coming to terms with it....

Shoot.... I had some thoughts on monatary policy, but I'll spare you. It's cold this morning...

Wow!!! I'm a laugh a minute...

Monday, June 09, 2008


I um don't seem to have anything today... the open is over, and life is grinding it's way forward.

That .20 gas spike hit the pumps over the weekend in the form of a .04 cent jump...

well gas sold off .11

Regardless of my thesis that oil is coming backa(IE... getting cheeper) don't expect much out of the gas price. since gas prices never quite reflected the doubling oil has done over the past year.

That and last time I looked at how fast the refineries were working, they weren't excited to get you any gas at a cheaper price, they should be refining at 95% and last time I checked refining capacity was at 85%.....

See how much fun I am......

French open

Mens final

so much for that being competative..... That wasn't even fun to watch except about 30 minutes in the middle.....

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Back to the Open

Well... My little buttercup won yesterday. dinara Safina is a solid player.... I heard some mention of it not being competitive, but Safina was very impressive and had Ivonavich on the ropes a few times..

Well federer is going after a Career grand slam today, He really does deserve a straight grand slam...

there are 3 types of grand slams

Career, consecutive, and in a single year.

Federer really is the finest player in recent history. It would be nice to see him win a consecutive grand slam...

But that damn Nadal is always in the way at the French...

not to mention that pesky Djocavich.

Friday, June 06, 2008

Non Cycling food


this was rediculous.

be kind rewind

"How come you never got married, Mr. Fletcher"

"well the Common story is. the girl you were going to ask, you waited too long to ask. She then married someone else. Then you can't find anyone to compare to her. Then what happened? ... You get old."

I'm not much fun today

Y'all thought I was a genius because I called a top in oil a few weeks ago..... Well Guess What....
Surprise. Welcome to Armageddon.

As Oil has run $15 in 28 hours, and has a chance of going Limit up at $20.... Heating oil already hit it's limit. Commodities have trading limits, to stop trading, and slow down market panics. BTW this won't mean you can buy oil at $147, or the possible $167 it could hit on Monday. Which it could, since what has to happen is that the market has to match sellers with buyers, and will have to find a point where there are some sellers of oil.... Maybe we can just skip ahead to $200

None of this means your oil stock is going to the moon, since Just like if the financial system in the United States Collapses, Guess what... not only will your stock portfolio be worth nothing, but your dollars will be more useful to burn to heat your home.

Gas prices right now are +.20... If I were you I'd fill every car you have right now, if gas goes limit up for a few days, by sometime next week or even Monday you will see $4 at the pump.

Let me just tell you that Though I see a charming "Mad Max" scenario right now, the best part is that demand destruction will pull the price down. Because, I'm so sorry, but you can't afford this, and will start having to chose to feed the kids Mac and Cheese so that you can afford to drive to work... I think that is going to stop any "Extra" trips you take every day.

There are many reasons for this, but the catalyst is most likely the Charming Israelis, who are saying they are going to bomb Iran. Sweet! you have no idea how much I hate israelis, it's not a Semitic thing.... It's like they are the little brother that we have, and they talk this big game, mostly because they have us standing behind them. The truth is we as the big brother would be better to let them take their beating, and take the tough love they need, so they can learn to play well with others, and act like an adult. Either that or they can take over the middle east, I don't care I just want out of it.

Oh good, President Hoover is about to speak.... I'm not about to get into Dem Rep stuff, but wasn't it obvious that when you elect a guy who couldn't run his own oil company or a baseball team... to run the country, that he would run it into the ground.....

There is a lot of work to do.

If you don't know this, Your Dollars are worth 40% less than they were 4 years ago.....
Are you making 40% more?
are your assets worth 40% more?

Nope, you are just 40% poorer.

Welcome to 1970's Redux..... We never learn.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Melanie Oudin lost her Jr's semi final

Great Tennis

Lots of great tennis today... If you have a chance, French open today and tomorrow. It's Like Christmas for the next 4 days, with what should be some great matches.

who was I bad mouthing as a random russian... Dirina Safina?

Djokovich Nadal should be amazing tomorrow..

I'm not going to say what happened.... Watch it..

Wednesday, June 04, 2008


I'm completely caught up in the Kelly Vs. Haley, swimming Drama.

I mentioned my niece Learning to swim, Just a warning/cautionary tale, After 2 years of child trauma/drama. Let me mention that my parents have a pool and and she did, and could go over weekly for 3 years. After all that time, and tons of effort to get her to swim, My niece needed private lessons to learn how to swim. Private "One on One" Lessons. Finally she learned how.

Good news was she joined the local recreational Swim Team. Then Bad news, refused to race for fear of failure.

Me, I was always a quick learner, and loved the pool. Even when I couldn't touch the bottom. But Like I said, we didn't have air conditioning, so being in the cool water was great in summer.

Today's play

Dementiava Vs Safina

Kuznetsova Vs some random (kanepi)

Monfis Vs Ferrer... this should be a good match

federer vs Gonzalaz

yesterday we saw a great upstart Carla Suarez Navarro who was a challenger... Should see some good stuff out of her in the future.

There is an american Jr. Melanie Oudin from georgia but she has made it to the Quarter finals. Hopefully she is a hope for the future.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008


Surprisingly I'm a huge fan of all our candidates for president. Mccain has some great ideas about Reform of that mental EchoChamber of thoughts and ideas, we call Washington.

But.... Regardless of how the election turns out, It's Great to see that this country will Finally nominate an African American.

Sad we won't be nominating a Woman, but.... I'm not saying she wouldn't do us proud.... i just suspect sometimes it's more about her.... she just lacks a certain ....Humility.

Still, it's a good day to be a Citizen......

and Once again... Refusing to go to a polling place and do what you can... Regardless of how corrupt the system is, or how screwed up things are.... or the myriad of excuses. If you really wanted to post a protest vote, you can at lest go cast a blank ballot, or vote libertarian or something..... other than that you are just lazy.

Monday, June 02, 2008

3 days of the condor

there is a Sydney Pollack, or the late Sydney pollack, Film Fest. Who directed way to few films.

If you ever get a chance, it's a great film... Like the bourne identity, only less Hollywood kung-fu. One of the few Decent Robert Redford movies.


I loved swimming as a kid, but I think part of that was because we didn't have air conditioning.

I do remember having a tough time when my feet wouldn't touch the bottom of the pool, and had to hang out on the sidelines. or stairs.

My niece had a miserable time learning to swim, she couldn't figure out that you weren't supposed to put your head back. Of course she is the child of the woman who when hiking thinks you hold your breath.

Her, "But I think I'm hyperventilating"

Me, "What? I don't think that is possible! I think it's the opposite and your body needs oxygen."

Maria Sharapova.....

Taken to the woodshed by some random russian, AKA Dinara Safina.
Ending Maria for her first French open.

Oh, and Ginepri did not make it through his match this morning... but you have to give him credit for making the 4th round. Probably the only american to make the second week in 5 years...


Robby Ginepri, the remaining US hope .... BTW the only Male or Female, is fighting for a place in the Quarter finals..... AKA the opertunity to get his ass handed to him by Federer in the next round...

But he may be spared that humiliation, because he has already been broken

and Dementiava is playing on the other court.....

oop.... Ginepri broke back

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Ivanovic bagels cetkovska

No wonder few of the Ivanovic matches were being televised. winning almost twice as many points as her opponent.... wins in some 25 odd minutes.

Wow, she has only lost 15 games, that is 15-49, she has lost No sets.
All fighters are pig-headed some way or another: some part of them always thinks they know better than you about something.
Truth is: even if they're wrong, even if that one thing is going to be the ruin of them, if you can beat that last bad out of them... they ain't fighters at all.

some wounds are too deep or too close to the bone, and no matter how hard you work at it you just can't stop the bleeding.