Saturday, May 29, 2010

Memorial day

30 days of content... day 9342.65

I'm exhausted, I need better sleep. Memorial Weekend, time to remember the fallen. Strange the rituals we come up with. I saw a family who put out a basketball hoop and a teddy bear.. the whole bit. Elaborate flowers, built into an entire bed to cover a grave. People who go out and trim the lawn around the marker. Rinse and soap it down, a nice polish of wax.... etc...

I gave a nice smile to a woman who was headed out to a grave... She wasn't happy... I guess some people see it as indentured servitude to the dead. I like to look at the dates that they died, and remember what was going on on those dates. "Oh! this person died when Nixon was in office. " This child never even saw the Stock market crash of 1929"... I also think that many people are opting to be Cremated these days. Maybe we will have a new ritual, Put out a picture of the person on memorial day. Either that or we will just start to forget the dead.

(Quick note... I want to work up some good posts, and I'm exhausted. Maybe with some time to reflect.)

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